Developer(s) This user
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Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogo
Genre(s) 2D platformer
Series Super Mario
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan 2021

Flag of North America 2021
Flag of Europe 2021
Flag of Australia 2021
Flag of South Korea 2021
Flag of Hong Kong 2021
Flag of Taiwan 2021

Mode(s) Single player


Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E10

Pegi 7

Media Included Digital download
Available Input Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Bowser Jr.'s Dimensional Trials is a large-scale expansion for Super Mario World Switch. It involves Bowser Jr. somehow entering a parallel universe where everything is opposite; Mario always kidnaps Princess Peach, Bowser is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, the friendly species are enemies (and vice versa), among other things. In contrast to the lighthearted nature of the main game, this expansion is supposed to have a darker and more serious story.


Like the main game, this expansion is a 2D platformer. The graphics still resemble the Super Mario 3D World theme from Super Mario Maker 2. While there are no traditional power-ups, each character has their own moveset and playstyle. Unlike the main game, there is a hub world. This hub world not only allows access to levels, but items can be bought and characters' abilities can be upgraded.

While the characters do have health meters in the main game, the characters, enemies, and bosses in this game have actual HP, and all attacks have a damage value. Although this makes the expansion comparable to Super Paper Mario, it is actually based on a scrapped concept from the main game. The expansion also has a level-up system, and each character can have a maximum level of 10. Many levels also have clear conditions. Failing a clear condition causes the player to lose a life. When a level is beaten, a Power Star is earned. Lives also work differently in this expansion; rather than having lives throughout the entire game, the player has a finite amount of lives depending on the level.


The story takes place directly after the main game. After having a lackluster birthday, Bowser Jr. is seen in his room. He wishes he could go on his own adventure. Meanwhile in an alternate universe, the Mushroom Kingdom is under attack by Mario and his airships. Mario and his minions raid the castle in search of the Power Stars. They manage to take out all of the guards, and eventually reach the throne room, where King Goomboss and Princess Peach are. Bowser; the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, jumps out of nowhere, and attempts protect the princess from Mario's minions. Mario uses a Mega Mushroom to make himself giant. He easily knocks out Bowser and Goomboss, and proceeds to kidnap Princess Peach, who exclaims Bowser's name. After getting back up, Bowser sees the airships. As soon as he gets out of the castle, Toadsworth appears and casts a spell, sending him to another dimension.

Back in Bowser Jr.'s room, a portal opens, and the other universe's Bowser flies through it. Bowser Jr. asks his "dad" what's going on, which confuses Bowser, saying that he doesn't have any kids. After Bowser explains his situation, Bowser Jr. sees this as an opportunity to kidnap the other universe's Princess Peach for himself, and decides to "help" Bowser. The two hop into the portal, and are sent to Bowser's dimension.

The two appear in front of the castle, which has fallen into disrepair. When they enter the ruined castle, Goombario informs them that Mario has kidnapped Princess Peach and scattered the Power Stars. He also tells them that the other heroes have been captured and thrown into paintings by Mario's minions. Bowser Jr. and Bowser decide to investigate, eventually collecting Power Stars and rescuing the other heroes.


Confirmed playable characters

Character Description
Bowser Jr9
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. is the main playable character of this expansion. He is able to breath fireballs, and hit enemies with his paintbrush. He is the fastest character in the game, has high jumping, but is also the weakest.
In this dimension, Bowser is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is the strongest character, but also the slowest and has the worst jumping. He can punch enemies, breathe fire, and perform a powerful ground pound.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art
Boom Boom
Boom Boom is one of Bowser's two sidekicks. He can punch enemies, spin around, and perform a shell dash attack. However, if Boom Boom uses his spin attack for too long, he becomes dizzy. He is the most balanced character.
SMP Pom Pom
Pom Pom
Pom Pom is Bowser's other sidekick. She throws shurikens, and can slow her fall with her ponytail. When Pom Pom is near enemies and certain objects while airborne, a target appears, and she can dash through them.
Army Hammer Bro.SMWWii
Army Hammer Bro.
Army Hammer Bro. is the leader of the castle's soldiers. As expected, he attacks by throwing hammers. He can also slam enemies with a sledge hammer, which causes a shockwave.
When Bowser was a baby, Boshi took him on an adventure to defeat Toadsworth, and deliver Bowser to his parents. Boshi's moveset is unsurprisingly much like that of Yoshi. He has a flutter jump, can stretch out his tongue to eat enemies, and can throw eggs.

Supporting cast

Character Description
SM3DL Peach
Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Mario once again. It is up to Bowser Jr. and company to save her.
Goomboss New Render
Goomboss is the king of the Mushroom Kingdom and (somehow) the father of Princess Peach.
240px-SMP Kamek Artwork
Kamek is an elderly Magikoopa and Princess Peach's longtime steward. He provides upgrades for characters' abilities.
While his original counterpart was also good, this Goombario is supposed to be this universe's counterpart of Toad.
While her original counterpart was also good, this Goombella is supposed to be this universe's counterpart of Toadette.
Mushroom Kingdom residents
They are minor NPCs who appear inside and outside of the castle. Some of them appear in levels where the goal is to bring them to the end of the stage.

Main antagonists

Character Description
Mario is the main antagonist and will presumably be the final boss of the expansion. He has kidnapped this universe's Princess Peach once again. He is a bigger threat than the original Bowser will ever be.

Items & objects

Block Description
? Block
Contains Star Bits, a coin, or item when hit.
Brick Block
Brick Block
Breaks, or contains Star Bits or coins when hit.
UsedBlock NSMBWii
A solid brown block that does nothing.
Star Bit
Star Bits are dropped by defeated enemies. When enough Star Bits are collected, the player's current character levels up, increasing their stats. They come in a variety of different colors, including red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white. They all have the same value, and are relatively the same in rarity.
Bronze CoinSilver Coin (WO)Coin NSMB2Red Coin SM3DBlue Coin SMN-0GreenCoinPurple CoinSMWWiiStar Coin NSMB2Platinum Coin


Coins are the currency of this game, and they are used to buy upgrades and other things. Bronze coins are worth 1, silver coins are worth 5, gold coins are worth 10, red coins are worth 20, blue coins are worth 50, green coins are worth 100, purple coins are worth 200, big gold coins are worth 500, and platinum coins are worth 1000.
Food is used to restore HP. They come in a huge variety.
Super Mushroom
Restores all HP.
1-Up Mushroom
Restores one of the player's lives.
Power Star
Power Stars are not only the collectibles of this game, but also the exits of levels.
POW Block
When thrown or hit, it causes a huge earthquake, defeating all enemies on-screen and making all coins fall.


Enemy Description HP
Toads are Mario's weakest, most common and basic minions, and the first enemy to be encountered. Whereas Goombas charge towards the player on sight, Toads run away. 10
Yoshis are Mario's second-most common minions, and the second enemy to be encountered. They can stretch out their tongues, throw eggs, and have a flutter jump. Other enemies are commonly seen riding them. 25
Yellow Luma
Lumas fly around, and they attack by spinning and shooting star-shaped projectiles. 20


Enemy Description HP
SuperMarioParty Waluigi
Waluigi is the first boss of the expansion. Despite being a boss, he is the lowest-ranked member of Mario's army. Mario does not look highly upon Waluigi, considering him on par with the Toads. While the original Waluigi is an anti-hero, this one is an anti-villain. He attacks by running and jumping around, throwing bombs, hitting the player with his tennis racket, and lobbing tennis balls at them. 150


World 1: Gamble City

Level Name Objective
World 1-1 Pinball Road Reach the end of the level.
World 1-2 Poker Tower Reach the end of the level.
World 1-3 Blackjack Subway Reach the end of the level before time runs out.
World 1-4 Silver Star Slots Collect the five Silver Stars.
World 1-5 Roulette Plaza Survive until time runs out.
World 1-6 Dice Park Defeat all the enemies.
World 1-7 Goomba Guide Bridge Bring the Goomba to the end of the level.
World 1-8 Downtown Gamble City Reach the end of the level.
World 1-Boss Waluigi's Jackpot Defeat Waluigi.
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