Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car Carnage is an umbrella mech fighting game developed by Crash Co. and released for the Nintendo Switch. The game takes place during the first ever Clown Car Tournament organized by Bowser Jr., where all of the fighters battle in their own stylized Jr. Clown Cars. The game was mostly inspired by ARMS in terms of how the game plays.


Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car Carnage sees the players take control of Jr. Clown Cars to battle each other using various customizeable weapons. The main goal of each battle is to wither the opponent's health down to 0, thus destroying their Jr. Clown Car. Players can move, swerve, sidestep, attack, and launch projectiles.

Game Modes

Clown Car Grand Prix Clown Car Grand Prix is the main single player mode, serving as the arcade mode. Players will rise the ranks as they fight and defeat other characters, culminating into a final battle against the current champion of the tournament.
Exhibition Exhibition Mode serves as the game's free play mode, where players can use any character on any stage, as well as set custom rulesets.
Tournament Tournament Mode is an option for Exhibition Mode. Here, only certain arenas are available and all custom rulesets are turned off. It serves as an easy way for players to play the game competitively.
Clown Fortress In this mode, one character rides in a giant Clown Car while three other players must team up to battle them. The giant Clown Car has significantly more health and attack power.
Gladiator Arena Gladiator Arena can be played with anywhere from one to four players. Several mechanical enemies will appear in progressively more difficult waves around the arena and try to attack. The players must survive for as long as they can.
Clown Car Live Clown Car Live serves as the game's online mode, where players can participate in battles against other players in Exhibition or Tournament mode. Players can also spectate on battles.
Clown Car Workshop In the Clown Car Workshop, players can design their own Jr. Clown Cars for them to use. A variety of paints, patterns, designs, and stickers can be used.


The roster consists of children and teens from various franchises. Each of them have their own stylized Jr. Clown Car, though any of them can be selected.

Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. BJCCC
The Commish
The spoiled son of Bowser and heir to the Koopa Throne, Bowser Jr. invited several people to participate in the first ever Clown Car Grand Prix (with his father's permission of course). Being the commissioner, he knows all the ins and outs of commanding a Jr. Clown Car, and aims to use all of his knowledge to take the gold and keep it!
Default Clown Car
Clown Car
The Classic
Lincoln Loud
Living with 10 sisters can be a little more than a bit chaotic - Lincoln Loud can tell you as much. He doesn't even mind that he's the only boy in the family, even though he does get annoyed by his sister's antics from time to time. However, spending time with a big family has taught him the skills he needs and more to get through daily life and come out on top, even when everyone's in a Clown Car. He's called "The Man with a Plan" for a reason! Lincoln BJCCC
The Man with a Plan
Default Clown Car
Clown Car
Aerial Ace
The Boot
Pile o' Socks
Lola & Lana Loud
Lola and Lana BJCCC
The Princess and the Frog
The resident twins of the Loud family. Lola is a pageant prodigy while Lana is the dirty fixer-upper. They may be totally different in personality and interests, but that's what makes them such a great team! And when they're controlling a Clown Car together, you can expect their combined forces to be a royal pain.
Default Clown Car
Clown Car
Double Trouble
Princess' Slap
Carl Wheezer
Carl has a big heart and an equally big stomach. He's usually the voice of reason in Jimmy Neutron's circle of friends... or he at least tries to be. He has a lot of really weird interests, which can come in handy sometimes. Unfortunately for him, driving Clown Cars is not one of them... Carl Wheezer BJCCC
Croissant Aborber
Default Clown Car
Clown Car
Four Eyes
Huggy Kitty



  • This game was inspired by the Crash Co.'s director's admiration for children characters in games and cartoons, as well as his appreciation for Bowser Jr. himself.
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