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Bowser, the evil nemesis of Mario and the ruler of the Koopas.
Universe Super Mario
Previous Smash Appearances SSBM, SSBB, SSB4
Availability Starter
Final Smash Giga Bowser

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Bowser is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, a veteran character who originated from Melee. He was confirmed on August 20th, 2015, during the first "Veteran Bomb" that focused on Melee characters. Similar to his Smash 3DS/U appearance, Bowser stands more upright compared to his previous appearances and is the standard heavyweight character: powerful and hard to defeat, but a little slow at acting.

Major Changes From Smash 4

  • Bowser is slightly heavier.
  • Bowser's walking and dashing speed is increased.
  • Bowser's "Tough Guy" attribute has a longer range of percentage.
  • Bowser's down tilt has a slash effect at the tip.
  • Bowser's down aerial takes longer to start up but does more damage and moves down faster.
  • Most of Bowser's throws deal slightly less knockback in order to combo better.
  • Fire Breath does not grow as weak as it does in SSB4 after a long period of time.
  • Bowser dashes slightly forward when executing Flying Slam.
  • Bowser's Flying Slam deals less damage.


Move Name Description
Neutral Special Fire Breath Bowser spews a stream of fire that gradually weakens over time.
Custom Special 1 Fire Ball Bowser spews a series of fireballs that do not weaken over time.
Custom Special 2 Fire Roar Bowser spews an instant blast of powerful fire, but must wait to charge it.
Side Special Flying Slam Bowser dashes forward to grab an opponent, before performing a flying slam.
Custom Special 1 Dash Slam Bowser dashes quickly to grab a foe, but the move does less damage.
Custom Special 2 Dash Slash Bowser dashes forward with his claw extended instead of grabbing.
Up Special Whirling Fortress Bowser tucks into his shell and whirls upwards.
Custom Special 1 Flying Fortress A vertically-recovering move that only hits once.
Custom Special 2 Sliding Fortress A horizontally-recovering move that is more powerful on the ground.
Down Special Bowser Bomb Bowser leaps up and plummets towards the ground with a crash.
Custom Special 1 Bury Bomb The attack starts slower, but it will bury opponents around Bowser.
Custom Special 2 Turbulent Bomb Bowser descends quickly with a weak pound that pushes foes away.
Final Smash Giga Bowser Bowser transforms into a monstrous form that does extreme amounts of damage.


  • Comically balances on one foot.
  • Leans back and lets out a roar.
  • Begins a sinister laughter then steps forward and roars.
  • Bites 5 times ferociously.

On-Screen Appearance

Walks in through a column of fire.

Select Sound

Bowser lets out a ferocious roar.

Victory Poses

  • Steps forward as he slashes towards the screen.
  • Steps forward and unleashes a mighty roar.
  • Spins around in his shell before posing.

Losing Pose

Bowser begrudingly claps for the winner.

Idle Poses

  • Clenches his fist as steam emits from his nose.
  • Bends back to release steam.

Victory Fanfare

A rock remix of the classic Super Mario Bros. level clear fanfare.



He's mean, part green, and knows how to make a scene: Bowser is the evil tyrant that rules the Koopa Troop and a no-good nemesis of Mario who's always kidnapping princesses. Seriously, what's his deal? Bowser is a "large and in charge" type of guy; use his weight to your advantage in Smash Bros by unleashing powerful manuevers!


Being the all powerful villain that he is, many of Bowser's attacks are sure to leave a mark. Take his Flying Slam, for instance: grab a foe and you'll send them flying through the air with a slam! On the other hand, the Bowser Bomb is a drop-down attack that will be sure to squash any bugs in your way.


Bowser's Fire Breath is great for whittling foes. If you're not a fan of using the Fire Breath often, perhaps a Fire Roar would be useful? Oh, and his recovery, Whirling Fortress, sends Bowser hurtling through the air. Not the most beneficial recovery, but it does look pretty hilarious...

Battle Spire

With a mighty roar, a bolt of lightning descends and strikes Bowser...and he transforms into Giga Bowser! This brutal beast first appears in Melee and has only grown stronger over time, as many of his attacks will send you flying, and there's no way to attack him! Perhaps panicking and running really is our best strategy...

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