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Bowser: Minion Battle Royale
Bowser Minion Battle Royale Box Art.png
Select a Minion and duke it out in a 3D arena to get the title of the strongest minion.
Developer(s) Nightcap Devs.
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Fighting Game.
Series Super Mario

Bowser: Minion Battle Royale is a 3D fighting game developed with the assistance of Nightcap Devs. for the Nintendo Switch. This game is inspired by the game Kirby: Battle Royale.


A Goomba can be seen walking in the Hallways of Bowser's Castle. The Goomba looks to his side and sees a poster hanging on the wall. The poster says:

"Bowser's Minion Tournament: A tournament to see wich minion is the strongest. The winner will of the tournament will recieve a million Coins and will be deemed the strongest minion of the Koopa Troop."

The Goomba quickly makes his way to the sign-up room. Once he arrives there,He signs up for the tournament and makes his way to the locker room. The Goomba looks around and sees all kinds of minions getting ready to battle. After making some preparations,An announcer requests everyone in the locker room to make their way to the arena.

Once they arrive at the Arena,They see Bowser standing on a stage. Bowser then proceeds to explain the rules of the tournament and rings a bell once he's done. Once the bell rings,All the minions in the Arena get into a fighting stance before jumping at each other.


As mentioned above,This game is inspired by Kirby: Battle Royale. In this game,you take control of a minion and duke it out with other minions in a 3D arena.

The goal is to attack your enemies until their health bar drops. There are certain stages where pits are located and if you fall in these pits,you'll spawn back on the stage at the cost of some of your health.



Characters Description
1.Bowser Throne.png
Bowser: The King of Koopas himself has decided to host a tournament to see wich minion is the strongest. He can be usually be seen in the background of certain stages.
2.L.K With LBN Camera.png
L.K.: This optimistic Lakitu and his uncles are in charge of running the Lakitu Bros Network. He can be seen in most stages recording your battles. Once you finish a match,you can ask him to save your replay.

Pausing the game will activate L.K.'s camera. Wich can be used to take snapshots.


These characters are unlocked from the start. Minions with a Sigma Symbol next to their name are called "Sub-Fighters" and they are similiar to the minion they're based off. To see the description of the Minions,Click Here .


The elites of Bowser's Army. They need to be unlocked. Once you meet the conditions to unlock the boss,you need to fight them in order to add them to your roster.


Regular Items

ACL 1-Up Mushroom.png
Mushroom: Picking these up will heal you a little. 1-Up Mushroom: Picking these up will heal you completely. Poison Mushroom: Avoid these at all cost! Cause these deal a lot of damage.
FireFlower10 .png
Fire Flower: Picking these up will allow you to blow flames forward. Ice Flower: Picking these up will allow you to blow a blizzard forward wich will freeze whoever is infront of you. Power Star: Picking these up will make you invincible for a short time.
Lightning Bolt: Picking these up will shrink your opponents. Bowser Bomb: These can be picked up and thrown. Being a bomb,it'll explode after a while. Freezie: These can be picked up and thrown at enemies. This will freeze them upon contact.
Mario Doll.png
Boomerang SSB4.png
Mario Doll: A Doll of Bowser's nemesis. Beating it up will net you some items. Turnip: These can be picked up and thrown. They will bounce off whatever they collide with. Boomerang: These can be picked up and thrown at enemies. Being a Boomerang,it'll come back to you after being thrown.
6. POW Block.png
MTOCG Blooper.png
POW Block: These can be picked up and thrown. Each time it collides with something,an earthquake will occur. You can throw it 3 times before it disappears. Fire Bar: You can swing these to hit enemies. You can only hit them 4 times with this item and you'll lose a fireball with each hit. Blooper: Throwing them at an enemy will cause them to be covered in ink. This will blind them and make their controls slippery. Attacking them however will cause them to ink you.
240px-Question Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png
Question Egg.png
Question Block: These can be picked up and thrown. But because of their weight,they can slow you down. You can also attack it to break it. This block will contain multiple items. Question Egg: These can be picked up and thrown. Or broken with attacks. Breaking it will reveal an item. Bullet Bill: Throwing them will make them fly in a straight line. They will explode once they collide with something.
Boo Biscuit 3D.png
Taunt Ball 3D.png
BMBR Assist Card.png
Boo Biscuit: These can be eaten. Eating them will make you invisisble for a short time and you won't take any damage from attacks. Taunt Ball: These can be picked up and thrown. Throwing these at Opponents will stun them. Assist Card: This card will allow you to summon an assist minion for help.

Assist Minions

These can be summoned with Assist Cards and they will assist you during battle. They can be defeated for points.

1.3.Goomba - Choomba.png
2.1.Koopa -Bodyslam Koopa.png
Choomba: When summoned,they will charge towards the opponent while leaving smoke behind. This smoke deals chip damage to whoever is standing within'. Chuboomba: When Summoned,they will walk around and smack your opponents with their lollipops. Once they're down,they wil leave a lollipop behind for you to eat. Bodyslam Koopa: When summoned,they will grab opponents and body slam them. They have a lot of range thanks to their arms.
3.2. Chomp Bro 2.png
27.250px-Banzai Bill NSMBU.png
Sniper Bill.png
Chomp Bro: When summoned,they will swing Chain Chomps around. Some times,they will let go off these Chomps and let them bounce around the arena. (These Chain Chomps wear Hammer Bro helmets to distinguish them from regular Chomps) Banzai Bill: When Summoned,they will fly upwards and choose a random spot. Once a spot is selected,they will dive down and crash there. Sniper Bill: When summoned,they will shoot smaller Bullet Bills at opponents that home in on your opponents. After a while, the Bullet Bill itself will home in on an opponent and explode.
2.1. Spiny Blop.png
1.1.Lakitu - Lakitufo.png
3.CB64 Burner Heihō Guy Render.png
Spiny Blop: When summoned,they will walk around and try to ram opponents. They will also leave goo behind that damages however steps in it. Lakitufo: They will fly around and drop Spinies that'll explode after a while. If an opponent is below them,Lakitufo will try to abduct them. Burner Heiho: When summoned,they will walk around while pushing torches around. These torches will drop fireballs that'll bounce around.
7.CB64 Medi Guy Render.png
1.4.SMG3 Bomu Bomu.png
Medi Guy: When summoned,they will hover above you and heal you. Bomu Bomu: When summoned,they will spin around and shoot cannonballs that'll explode 2 seconds after being shot Unibo: When summoned,they will fly in a random path and hurt whoever is in the way.


There are currently 19 Arena's (20 if you count the Locker Room). The stage hazards can be turned On and Off by pressing a button while selecting the stage.

Arenas Description
BMBR Locker Room.png
Locker Room: This stage is only available in the training mode. It's a very flat stage,with no hazards. There's a Mario Doll in this stage,wich you can use to practice.
BMBR Bowser's Castle Inside.png
Bowser's Castle (Inside): A very flat stage with no platforms or hazards. Perfect for if you want to fight your enemies with no interruptions.
BMBR Bowser's Castle Outside.png
Bowser's Castle (Outside): A flat stage without any rails. This makes it easy for you to fall off the arena. If you fall off,you'll lose a good chunk of your health,so be carefull.
1.BMBR Airship Fleet.png
Airship Fleet: This arena takes place on an airship. Bullet Bills are constantly being fired at the stage,so you'll have to stay on your toes.
2.BMBR Grumble Volcano.png
Grumble Volcano: An arena willed with rocks and fire. Lava Bubbles will occasionally fall from the sky and chase nearby minions. You can get rid of them with projectiles.
3.BMBR NEO Bowser City.png
NEO Bowser City: This stage takes place on a road in NEO Bowser City. You need to keep an eye out for driving shy guys here. They will also drop Banana Peels occasionally,so be careful.
BMBR Shy Guy Bazaar.png
Shy Guy Bazaar: This bazaar has a bunch of pots wich can be broken to reveal items. You can also stand on the roofs of the buildings.
BMBR Shifty Boo Mansion.png
Shifty Boo Mansion: This stage takes place inside a mansion filled with moving stairs and illusions. Touching the illusions will hurt you,so be carefull.
BMBR Twhomp Ruins.png
Thwomp Ruins: These ruins are filled with Thwomps that will try to crush you. These Twhomps will also create waves of water that can make your controls a bit slippery if you don't take cover.
BMBR Electrodrome.png
Electrodrome: A big place where a bunch of big parties take place. There are some dancing piranha plants here and the speakers can get in the way if you're to close to them. Whenever Larry isn't in the middle of a match,he can usually be found being the DJ of this place.
1.BMBR Bone Dry Dunes.png
Bone Dry Dunes: There are a lot of Bone Piranha Plants lurking around that'll snap at you if you're close. There is also a lot of quick sand around,and you'll need to mash the button quickly in order to get out.
1.BMBR Clear Pipe Cavern.png
Clear Pipe Cavern: As the name implies,You're in a cavern with a lot of clear pipes. These pipes can be used to reach a point of the map fast.
BMBR Bob-Omb Battlefield.png
Bob-Omb Battlefield: Home of the Bob-Ombs. Water Bombs are constantly being fired from cannons,but they can be shut down briefly by attacking it.
1.BMBR Hazy Maze Cave.png
Hazy Maze Cave: In this cave,there are a lot of cracks in the wall. One of these cracks will occasionally let out poison that'll drain your health if you're standing in it.. Sometimes,boulders will roll down and hurt whoever is in the way.
1.BMBR Shifting Sand Land.png
Shifty Sand Land: This stage takes place on a path above some quicksand. Occasionally,Tox Boxes will appear and try to flatten the fighters.
1.BMBR Piranha Plant Creek.png
Piranha Creeper Creek: This stage takes place on a raft that travels above poison. Piranha Creepers and Poison Bubbles will come out of the water to try and hinder the fighters.
BMBR Subcon Field.png
Subcon Fields: This stage takes place on an open plain surrounded by fences in Subcon. Grass will appear on this stage,wich contains items or a bomb. You can also knock over the jars on this stage to attack your opponents.
2.BMBR Chief Chilly's Arena.png
Chief Chilly Arena: This stage takes place on an Icy platform. Sometimes ice spikes will pop out of the stage and some parts of the stage will fall off to reveal the cold water below. Stepping in this water will make you respawn on the arena in a frozen state.
2.BMBR Goomboss' Arena.png
Goomboss' Log: This stage takes place on a giant log with some poisonous water in the center. As you'd expect,if you stand in this water you'll slowly take damage. Sometimes platforms will rise out of the water,Giving you more room to fight without having to worry about stepping in poison.
BMBR Nintendo Switch.png
Nintendo Switch: This stage takes place on a giant Nintendo Switch. The only danger on this stage is falling off. You can use the joysticks as platforms and if you stand on a button,the screen will show some gameplay.


Battle Modes

Modes Description
1.BMBR K.O. Matches.png
K.O. Matches: The default mode of the game. In this mode,you need to K.O. your opponents a certain amount of times and whoever is standing last wins.
2.BMBR Timed Matches.png
Timed Matches: In this mode,You can select the amount of time a match lasts. the goal is to K.O. enemies as often as possible before time runs out. However has K.O.'d the most opponents wins.
BMBR Shine Hog.png
Shine Hog: In this mode,You can select the amount of time a match lasts. During the match,a Shine Sprite will spawn. Touching it allows you to hold onto it and taking to many hits will make you drop it. Whoever holds onto it the longest before time runs out will win the match.
1.BMBR Coin Matches artwork.png
Coin Matches: In this mode,You can select the amount of time a match lasts. During the match,you need to collect as many coins as possible before time runs out. Each time you hit an opponent,they will drop some coins. The amount of coins they drop depends on how powerful the hit is.


Modes Description
1.BMBR Block Buster artwork.png
Block Buster: In this test,You need to make your way through an arena and bust all the blocks before time runs out.
1.BMBR Red Coin Run artwork.png
Red Coin Run: In this test,You need to jump through a Red Ring. Once you do that,8 Red Coins will appear. You'll need to collect these coins before time runs out. Once you collect one set of coins,another set will spawn. 4 Red Coin sets will spawn per test.
BMBR Race to the Flag Artwork.png
Race to the Flag: In this test,You need to make it to the flag at the end of a certain stage before time runs out. Each time you pass a checkpoint,a few seconds will be added to your timer. 


With the World

When playing online,you can choose to fight against 1 player,3 players or 5 players. After choosing a character,You'll get the option to vote for 1 of 5 Arena's. The stage that has the most votes will be selected for the match. You can also vote to play with or without items. When playing Online,You have 5 minutes to K.O. Your enemies 3 times. Whoever is last standing will win. Each time you win,you'll earn points. Once you earn enough points,you'll earn a new Rank. You'll always be pitted against people with the same rank as you.

With Friends

You can create a room when playing with friends. Whoever creates the room will be the one who decides to rules. You have up to 6 friends in a room. When playing with friends,you can use voice chat, both while selecting the rules and during battle.

Lakitu Bros. Network

3.Lakitu Bros Network 1.png

A Network that is run by L.K. and the Lakitu Bros. This Network is used to save replays and see the replays of others. Saved replays can be edited and uploaded to your social media. 



  1. This is the 2nd fighting game developed by Nightcap Devs, the first being Super Smash Bros: Computerboy Edition.
  2. This is also the 3rd where the villians are the main characters. The 1st being The Broodal Story and the 2nd being Bowser: Quest for the New Empire.
  3. As mention Above,the game takes inspiration from Kirby: Battle Royale. However,it also takes some inspiration from the Super Smash Bros. Franchise.