Bowser's Revenge
Bowser's Revenge
Developer(s) GearworksLogo
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) Real-Time Strategy
Release Date(s) 30th September, 2012
Mode(s) Campaign, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) 3Rating

Bowser's Revenge is a Real-Time Strategy game developed by Gearworks Gaming based on the Mario Series. The game revolves around Bowser's undying hunger for vengance against Mario after years of being beaten by him.


Years of suffering because of that plumber, and years of failure. Now, you are bent on revenge, and want to rid of that pesky plumber for good!
Description of the game's Plot, as seen on the back of the box, Bowser's Revenge

Campaign Mode

After years of having his plots fail because of the Mario Brothers and Princess Peach's Army, Bowser has been fed up of having his army literally squashed like bugs, and wants to pull a full-on offensive against the Mushroom Kingdom. His plan is simple; take over outposts, gain enough territory, and eventually pull a full onslaught at Peach Castle.

Multiplayer Mode

Taking place after campaign mode, after Bowser managed to actually capture the Mushroom Kingdom successfully for the first time, he seperates the land equally for each of his children, the Koopalings. The Koopalings unfortunately, don't go along well together with the new agreement in place and begin fighting over their territory in an all-out battle for supremacy.


Main Menu

In the main menu, you can select between playing a Single Player or Multi-Player match, the Campaign mode and the Level Editor. Single Player lets you play against an NPC of varying difficulties, Multi-Player lets you either play with up to Eight friends on the console, or online, the Campaign mode follows the plot and Bowser's plan to destroy Peach Castle and the Level Editor allows the creation of custom maps.

Multi-Player Differences

  • The objective is to wipe-out all enemy bases, not just one initial target.
  • The Star-Shard count is modified depending on how many players are competing.

Star Shards

Star Shards are power sources which both the NPC and the Player can use to build structures around. In the open, you cannot build a structure without one of your own nearby and without one of your soldiers, so Star Shards are essential for developing bases. You can also upgrade the amount of buildings can be placed within range, with the maximum being 8 primaries (StageBossIcon) and 10 secondaries (MiniBossIcon) around a fully-upgraded star-shard.


There are two main resources in the game, Coins and Shine Energy.

  • Coins are the more common of the two and are generally used to build facilities, build defenses and to train troops. They are collected from Coin-Presses at your bases and are also earned by raiding enemy buildings.
  • Shine Energy is the second ingame-resource and is the one which has lower/higher demand depending on your strategy. Shine Energy can be used to upgrade Star Shards and troops, and is the main resource used to produce troops. Shine Energy is produced at Shine-Harvesters or can be earned by destroying enemy buildings.


Units can be produced in Training Buildings, of which are listed below. To begin controlling a unit, click on it to select it. You can use the right-click of the mouse to direct the unit and tell it where to go, or to attack an enemy soldier. You can select multiple units by using the left-click drag function and can sell units by selecting and pressing the "Q" key.

Resource Buildings

Resource Buildings are considerably, the backbone of your facilities. They produce resources for your army such as Coins and Shine Energy.

Name of Building Description Statistics at Construction Initial Cost
Coin Press The Coin Press is the reason that you see all those aristocratic fools running around Peach's Castle. The Coin Press mass-produces coins for your Kingdom and is a very valuable source of wealth.
  • +20 CoinNSMBW/minute
  • HeartSprite: 250
  • StageBossIcon-class Building
100 CoinNSMBW
Shine Harvester Shines are a valuable resource, harnessing immense power within them. Unfortunately, these desolate lands have run most shines dry, so why not finish the job by using all the survivors?
  • +20 Shine Sprite1/minute
  • HeartSprite: 250
  • StageBossIcon-class Building
150 CoinNSMBW
Coin Storage The Coin Storage serves as a way to store your precious gold from your enemies*. * - NOTE; FULL PROTECTION NOT GUARANTEED, THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BE DESTROYED, DEAL WITH IT.
  • Stores up to 3000 CoinNSMBW
  • HeartSprite: 300
  • StageBossIcon-class Building
125 CoinNSMBW
Shine Storage A Specialized Vault which specifically stores Shines. Seriously, that is all it's for, just build it and move along.
  • Stores up to 3000 Shine Sprite1
  • HeartSprite: 300
  • StageBossIcon-class Building
200 CoinNSMBW

Training Buildings

Second to your main Castle and Resource Buildings, training buildings are the most important buildings ingame. The Training Buildings allow the player to train his own troops that can fight for him/her in battle. As you begin to get more-expensive training-buildings, you are able to train more powerful troops.

Name of Building Description Statistics at Construction Initial Cost
Boot-Camp Boot-Camps are probably the best ways to turn fresh recruits into soldiers on low-budget, with some basic training facilities, several small tents and an accordingly-placed Drill-Sergeant.
  • Allows training of Goombas. Koopas, Spinies, Paragoombas, Koopa Paratroopas and Boos are eventually trainable through upgrades.
  • HeartSprite: 300
  • StageBossIcon-class Building
125 CoinNSMBW
Mechanics Centre If you think that putting several random unqualified Shy-Guys together in a factory to work on a punch-clock basis building machines is funny, then this is your chance for comedy.
  • Allows training of Bob-ombs. Goomba Shoes, Bill-Blasters, Rocket Engine Troops, Koopa Clown Cars and Banzai-Bill Tanks are eventually trainable through upgrades.
  • HeartSprite: 500
  • StageBossIcon-class Building
  • 1600 CoinNSMBW
  • 900 Shine Sprite1
Elite Training Facility Only some of the best soldiers are trained here. You're not a true "Koopa King" until you've placed a Hammer-Bro on the battlefield.
  • Allows training of Hammer-Bros. Lakitus, Boohemoths, Sledge-Bros and Magikoopas are eventually trainable through upgrades.
  • HeartSprite: 550
  • StageBossIcon-class Building
  • 4000 CoinNSMBW
  • 3750 Shine Sprite1

Defense Buildings

Defense Buildings are essential to fortifying your base and keeping your resources safe.

Name of Building Description Statistics at Construction Initial Cost
Bullet-Bill Tower Bullet-Bill Towers basically fire Bullet-Bills at enemy soldiers, and that's about it. And no, the goombas inside these towers aren't concerned about their extremely-low salaries, making these towers reliable.
  • HeartSprite: 275
  • Fireball Mario Strikers Unleashed: 20/per shot (0.7 per second)
  • MiniBossIcon-class Building
250 CoinNSMBW
Keep The keep basically garrisons several troops into one small space to battle when enemies get in range. Living conditions inside the keep are pretty bad, but it's cheap, and at a good price.
  • HeartSprite: 275
  • DEFIcon: 10 Troops
  • MiniBossIcon-class Building
  • 400 CoinNSMBW
  • 250 Shine Sprite1
Venus Fire Trap We needn't train these things to fight, these are already territorial-plants which will spew fire at any sort of Toad which passes our outposts.
  • HeartSprite: 175
  • Fireball Mario Strikers Unleashed: 45/per shot (1.25 per second)
  • MiniBossIcon-class Building
  • 1250 CoinNSMBW
  • 650 Shine Sprite1
Royal Keep How do we manage to garrison more soldiers into a keep that is the same size as the original with an equal amount of employees? Removing all safety standards and refusing to go to court for lawsuits.
  • HeartSprite: 350
  • DEFIcon: 20 Troops
  • MiniBossIcon-class Building
  • 1400 CoinNSMBW
  • 800 Shine Sprite1
Banzai-Bill Tower Remember when we said that the Bullet-Bill Tower was the most reliable tower at your disposal? We lied.
  • HeartSprite: 500
  • Fireball Mario Strikers Unleashed: 60/per shot (0.4 per second)
  • MiniBossIcon-class Building
2700 CoinNSMBW

Map Lists


Name of Map Description NoSSpP (Number of Star Shards per Player)
The Magma Badlands One of the first maps played on, the Magma Badlands are a rather basic set of plateaus with some cliffs and magma flows. This is widely considered the easiest of the Official maps, and was added in Version 1.0.0.
  • 4 StarIcon/per player
The Pokey Deserts A desert-like map which is basically a flat area with several dunes. The map was added in Version 1.0.0.
  • 3 StarIcon/per player

Community (Well-Known)

Name of Map Description NoSSpP (Number of Star Shards per Player) Number of Matches since release.
Crazyland "Crazyland" was one of the first community maps to feature custom textures and is infamous for being a plain flat rainbow plateau. The source of Crazyland's popularity is infact, the fact that it is flat, simply because it somehow adds more of a "Challenge" to the game.
  • 4 StarIcon/per player

approx. 34240 plays since release.


Click here for the full update log of the game.

Most Recent Update; Version 1.0.1 -

  • Fixed Bob-Ombs hitboxes to prevent getting stuck while clipping into walls.
  • Keep HeartSprite decreased, 300 -> 275.


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