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Bowser's Koopalings Racing
Developer(s) 1-UP INC.
Publisher(s) 1-UP INC.
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) N/A (yet)
Mode(s) 2 player (home)

20 Players (wi-fi)

Age Rating(s) E for every one
Media Included 3DS Cartridge

Bowser's Koopalings: Racing (or BKR) is the first game in the Bowser's Koopalings (series) and is for the 3DS. It will consist of all Koopalings (exept Jinkesse Koopa) and Bowser Jr.. It has even got a section of the game called the Fail Verse where most of the deleted koopalings are found.

Playable Characters

Name: Lavora Koopa

Wheight: Large

Iteam: Stiched Heart

Bio: Dont Let her looks fool you, this evil koopa is ready to race!

Name: Ludwig von Koopa

Wheight: Large

Iteam: Musical Note

Bio: Koopa with the crazy hair is back and the race track and is sure he's gonna' win!