Bowser's Koopalings
Bowser's Koopalings 3DS Box art
Developer(s) 1-UP INC.
Publisher(s) 1-UP INC.
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) 11/12/12 Japan

12/12/12 US 13/12/12 Europe 14/12/12 World Wide

Mode(s) 2-Player (home)

10-Player (Wi-Fi)

Age Rating(s) E
Media Included 3DS Cartridge
Bowser's Koopalings is the first game in the Bowser's Koopalings (series), it is a game for the 3DS and has got over 1000 pre-ordered copies already.


It's Bowser's birthday and the Koopalings are planing a suprise party, after hours of decorating and Cake making (by Dolly P. Koopa) Bowser Jr. runs in shouting "he's gonna be here any minute speed up!" as every koopaling hides and awaits Bowser's arival. Bowser however, doesnt show up an the koopalings leave in a rage (they all go of to diferant kingdoms and take over them.) Bowser Jr and Ludwig von Koopa are the only ones left at the party. After a tutorial level- wich is chasing after the Koopalings, they decide to go find out where there dad was. After searching Bowsers room they find a not saying "dear koopalings, we have kidnaped your farther to show him what it's like. Sincerely Peach!". Bowser Jr and Ludwig set of on an adventure to gather the koopalings and save their dad.

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