Princess Bowser
Princess Bowser, the Koopa Princess
BIRTHPLACE Bowser's Castle
CLASS Princess
WEAPONS Fire breath, increased mobility in air

Bowsalina is a version of Princess Bowser that took after Rosalina in terms of appearance. Using a Double Cherry, Princess Bowser accidentally creates a clone that then dupes Kamek into modifying the Super Crown to resemble Rosalina. Taking more of Bowser's traits that she lost from wanting to take up a new identity as Princess Bowser, Bowsalina is somewhat more brash and conniving than her original.


Bowsalina is similar in appearance to Rosalina, but with more wild hair, colored red with blonde highlights. She has sharp teeth and a pair of horns as well as a shell on her back. Her dress is red and sleeveless, and she wears spiked collars on her wrists and neck. She retains Rosalina's yellow star earrings.


Bowsalina is a more aggressive and teasing version of Princess Bowser, who's still after Peach's heart. She'll stomp and punch anyone in her way and seems to have inherited some of Bowser's more bone-headed traits in lieu of the reserved ones that Princess Bowser exhibited. She does have a longing to be accepted the way Princess Bowser has been, but is unwilling to change her traits other people consider bad.

Powers and Abilities

Bowsalina possesses the powers of the Super Crown, which allow her to double jump, glide, and jump out of pits. In addition to this, she is also able to breathe fire as she used to as the Koopa King. It's likely she can also grow in size and has her brute strength retained, as well as being able to throw hammers.







  • Cosmetta thinks Bowsalina is trying to copy her look, much to the exasperation of everyone around her who knows otherwise.
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