Boundless is a 3D fighting game developed by Pyro Enterprises. Inspired by games such as ARMS and the Custom Robo franchise, the game's initial goal was to develop a truly unique style of fighting game, rather than merely attempting to base itself off of the Super Smash Bros. formula of gameplay like previous projects had.


Fights in Boundless are set in large 3D arenas with an isometric camera angle, similar to that of Custom Robo. Players automatically lock onto other opponents, which can be seen via the color and direction of the Aggro Ring beneath their feet; this enables players to accurately strafe opponents and focus on platforming and evasion rather than having to line up for specific attack angles. Players can switch targets by pressing the Pyrohedron's PHAlphaButton button.

Each character has three varieties of attacks: Normals, which are standard melee attacks, Shots, which are ranged projectiles of varying style and purpose, and Specials, which have unique effects and are most comparable to the special moves of the Super Smash Bros. series. Normals are performed with the PHDeltaButton, Shots are performed with the PHOmegaButton, and Specials are performed with the PHBetaButton. Each of these base commands can be modified based on player directional input, with variants occurring with neutral, sideways, forward, or backward movement.

Jumping is handled with a press of the PHLBumper, while dashing can be performed with the PHRBumper. Dashing can be performed in air or on ground, and enables for creative stage traversal and approach options. Each character also has a Showstopper that can be performed once the player's Special Gauge is filled, which is activated by pressing both PHScroll1 and PHScroll2 at once to unleash a powerful signature move. Special Gauge is earned by both taking damage and dealing it, though Shots do not build up anywhere near as much Special Gauge for most characters; this was implemented to discourage camping with projectiles.

Health Fractions

Inspired by the Health Percentage system from Super Smash Bros., the Health Fraction acts as the game's equivalent of a health bar, and is separated into a numerator (Upper) and denominator (Lower) like all fractions. The match begins with both halves at 0, and as players take damage, the lower half increases until it reaches 100, at which point the upper half will increase by 1 and the lower half will reset back to 0. The upper half acts as a multiplier on the amount of knockback the player takes, meaning that higher numerators makes a player more vulnerable.

Scoring KOs

KOs are typically performed by launching opponents out of the ring, akin to Smash Bros. This means the aim of the game remains to damage opponents sufficiently enough to increase the upper half of their Health Fraction, increasing the knockback they take and improving the odds a strong attack will launch them out of the ring. However, knockback on a target can also be weaponized, as if a target is launched with enough force, they will damage other players on contact. This means that a player is able to utilize a sufficiently weakened player as a powerful attack to strike less damaged foes, possibly scoring KOs on both.




A traditional arcade mode with 10 rounds. Select your character and take on the rest of the roster in an aim to become the greatest fighter in the Boundless tournament!

Typically, the order in which characters are battled is random, with Coven being chosen as the final round regardless of character. If the player chooses Coven, 3Dee will be selected as the final opponent instead.

Arcade mode has 11 levels of difficulty that can be chosen after selecting a character, ranging from 0 to 10. Level 0 difficulty is considered a "Training" level, and has added tutorials meant to aid players in learning the game, though it does not count as an official Arcade clear for the character. Between Level 5 and Level 7, the player will encounter Malphea as a final boss after battling Coven, and between Level 8 and 9 will also add Perfect Malphea as a special "superboss".

Score is awarded between rounds judged on both the amount of health the player has remaining and the amount of time a round took to win. Score serves no true purpose, but does lead to more BoundcoinIcon being awarded after completion.

Souvenir Stand

The game's shop, which enables the player to spend the game's two currencies- BoundcoinIcon Boundcoin and SigmataIcon Sigmata- on various goods and unlockables.

BoundcoinIcon Boundcoin is a standard currency found from clearing normal matches and betting online, and can be spent on stages, music tracks, and items to unlock them. SigmataIcon Sigmata is a far rarer currency, earned when the player creates a Custom Stage or a Custom Palette for a character. Sigmata can then be spent to unlock more Custom Stage and Custom Palette slots, enabling them to be used more.

Stage Builder

A mode that allows a player to create a custom stage utilizing a 3D tile-based system. Stages can be set from a range of Very Small (5x5x5 Grid) to Very Large (20x20x20 Grid), and the player can place down various tiles to create their own three-dimensional stage.

Tiles come in a variety of styles, ranging from blocky and curved standard blocks to tiles with special effects or triggers applied to them, as well as various hazards. The appearance and coloration of the stage as a whole can also be modified by the player.

Creating a Custom Stage earns the player SigmataIcon Sigmata, which can be spent to unlock more types of tiles and more slots to create more Custom Stages. In addition, minor amounts of the rare currency are awarded every time the player plays on a Custom Stage, both offline and online.



A traditional battle between up to 4 players. Select your characters and the desired stage, then duke it out locally!

Smash Hockey

In this mode, large goals are spawned on the edges of the stage, and a player-sized hockey puck is spawned in the arena, acting as another option to target. When a player strikes this puck, it changes to that player's color temporarily and will begin flying forward, bouncing off of terrain and harming opponents on contact for 30 damage a hit. The goal of the game is to get the puck to launch itself into any of the goals while it is their color; scoring a goal grants 3 points, while killing an enemy with the puck grants 1 point.

Heavy-Weight Battle

Added in Season 2.

A variant on traditional battles which divides the battlefield into pieces with a holographic grid on the ground, as well as sprinkling heavy metal balls across the field. These balls can be moved with high-powered attacks, though cannot be broken by any means. When too many balls are concentrated on any portion of the stage, notated by the grid, that square will break off and fall away, becoming a permanent death pit.

Tower of Terror

Added in Season 2.

A battle mode with a single map- a constantly descending tower with a myriad range of traps and hazards that the players must battle around to be the last one standing. The tower itself is randomized and proceduraly generated, ensuring a different map and set of hazards every time the mode is played. Items are turned off by default in this mode and cannot be turned on.

Specter Hunters

Added in Season 2.

A co-op experience that places multiple players onto a stage as waves of spectral enemies spawn in, attempting to attack them. The goal of the mode is to last as long as possible, gaining points by defeating enemies and reviving teammates- the waves get progressively more challenging as time goes on, with more enemies spawning and having higher attack and HP. In addition, a large orb is spawned at the center of the map, and remains stationary at all times. If players attack this orb with a strong attack, it clears all enemies from the stage, exhausting one of its three charges in the process.


Online Battle

This mode is, as the name implies, identical to the Battle mode found in the Combo section of modes. However, this mode is for dedicated online battles, and the player is able to tweak matchmaking options so they can find specific people or random online players with similar winrates. Online is not region-locked by default, enabling combat with users worldwide, but the search can be region-locked by player choice to decrease potential lag.

Online Smash Hockey

Identical to the Smash Hockey mobe, but with the same matchmaking options available in Online Battle.


Spectate some random fights online and possibly learn some new tactics from other players. It's also possible to bet your own cache of BoundcoinIcon on players to make more money, with the player's current winning streak influencing the amount of money earned from the fight. Lower win streaks increase the rewards, though it only takes the current online session into account, rather than an overall winrate.


Character Information
The Polarizing Fighter
Delila Hanson is a 25-year-old woman native to Kanasen, Chiqutl. A surrogate daughter and protege to the mysterious announcer of the Boundless tournament, Mr. Audio, Delila's been under his wing since her parents were put into comas in an accident that took her arms and upper face years ago. Since then, Audio's been putting her through rigorous combat training, despite her trauma-inflicted fear and emotional states rendering her afraid of hurting people. Threatened with the inability to pay her parents' medical bills, she is now forced to turn to the Boundless tournament for money. To combat her fear and worry, she's learned to put on the peppy and excitable persona dubbed "3Dee" to help take the edge off fights, and has augmented her cybernetic limbs to aid in combat.

3Dee is a rather standard character, but she has a wide variety of tools and options for any situation, making her rather versatile. She has a multitude of close-ranged moves utilizing her blue arm, which have decently wide range and can be thrown out quickly, as well as more powerful projectiles that can be utilized at range or act as an effective combo finisher. While she may not excel in any particular field, 3Dee is incredibly versatile and hase multiple options to solve any situation the player is thrown into.

Spiralling Into Madness
A mysterious fighter who keeps up the kayfabe of being an alien creature from another dimension, bringing its mysterious reality-bending abilities to the fray to test the strength of humanity. While he certainly looks alien enough, the mere fact that he represents the nation of Cesser proves he isn't an alien. Of course, that doesn't exactly explain the bizarre powers he exhibits, or why his alien costume is so incredibly lifelike.

Zpyrus's playstyle can be best-described as hit-and-run, as his moveset provides many powerful attacks and techniques that, if not used properly, can leave the player open for counterattacks or other forms of retaliation. This ties in with his ability to teleport and trap his opponents with various moves, cutting off their escape while warping out of conflicts that the player may find disadvantageous. An effective Zpyrus player is able to warp in and out of conflict with ease, delivering strikes with expert timing before retreating to a safe distance.

All Art, All Bite
Atashi Nightshade is one of the many members in the extensive Nightshade vampire family who resides across the world, rich benefactors who dedicate their near-endless lives and vast influence to performing medical miracles and helping solve world crises. Atashi, on the other hand, is a loner who secluded herself in the small island of Ushnia to spend time improving herself, practicing martial artistry and painting away from her overbearing clanmates. She sees the Boundless tournament as nothing more than another wall to surmount in order to becoming the greatest of her clan, and with her specialized martial arts techniques and paralyzing venom, she has plenty of tactics up her sleeve.

One of Atashi's signature abilities is her ability to secrete paralytic venom from her thorned fingertips, a technique she relies heavily upon in combat. If her melee attacks are correctly spaced, they will deal slightly more damage and the opponent will be frozen in place for a few frames, rendering them vulnerable to a follow-up attack. As such, Atashi is intended to be in the face of her opponent at all times, rewarding accurate spacing and aggressive play with constant refreshes on her paralyze.

Aerodynamic Assault Operative
R0 is the first complete model of the Anazari Labs Aerodynamic Assault Operative. The Boundless tournament is meant to act as both advertisement for the simian-styled android, equipped with a Soulstone jetpack for aerial melee combat and pursuit. Anazari Labs has conceived R0 as a cybernetic organism meant to only do what it was programmed to do, but somehow the AI has adapted to take its orders more... brutally.

R0 is a heavyweight character with a focus on defensive play, using his solid stance and decently long reach to attack opponents and stay in the fight by keeping foes at bay. Many of his attacks enable his arms to stretch extensive lengths for a few frames, granting him useful tools for zoning opponents, and his specialty jetpack enables him to hover in the air by holding the jump button, enabling to perform unique aerial attacks as well as return from out of bounds more safely and easily. 

Jade Beetle
Defender of Justice
The Jade Beetle is a famous hero, an individual who protects the innocent and preys on those who would prey on others. Nobody truly knows the identity of the Jade Beetle- it's more of a mantle than anything, with the title and technology behind the name being swapped between new identities as time goes on. The newest to bear the brilliant green armor of the beetle is Orenian socialite Juniper Jones, and she's joined the Boundless tournament to bring the might of justice to the stage and prove her power.

Jade Beetle's playstyle is that of an aggressive grappler, rushing in and either delivering extensive lines of comboes due to her high level of agilty or grabbing them and tossing them about the arena. While she's exceptionally agile, she's rather lightweight, meaning that a player has to know when to stay the assault. Jade Beetle also has access to limited projectiles, but these are primarily used as setup moves rather than damage dealers.

The Ultimate Warrior
Aysu Notozawa is the daughter of famed Shianese businessman Saipha Notozawa, a man who rose to power using uncertain means and has a shady past that few government agencies worldwide can truly decipher. Aysu herself has been training for years to become a strong combatant, training in a multitude of martial arts and swordfighting styles as well as augmenting herself with a mechanically enhanced bone structure and replacing part of her brain- as well as her eye- with a supercomputer. She states her goal in becoming such a powerful fighter is to please her father and mother, but why she would go to such lengths is unknown...

Aysu's blade, the Lunarista, forms the backbone of her battle strategy, and she plays strategically despite the immense power provided to her by her weapon. Though mighty, it takes major effort to swing it, meaning that strikes must be carefully timed in order to counter incoming assaults or smite approaching foes. Aysu is also able to counter attacks with appropriate timing, returning the damage back to the attacker and dealing increased damage, making her an effective bait-and-punish character.

Fearless Comeback King
A former Harenmarkan air pilot, who once had dreams of grandeur before his career was ended by the end of the war he was a part of before he could achieve the glory he desired. Not one to give up on his dreams of achieving worldwide fame, Jeremiah Kirkland Aerhardt crafted bladed chakrams from the hull of hils old ship and began entering the Boundless tournament. He lost... year after year. He's spent his life earnings on training, bettering himself as much as he possibly can to win the day and achieve the fame he desires. He's not going to give up, and with the player on his side, things might finally be different. Maybe this year, at long last?

Aerhardt plays defensively through use of his chakrams, which can be thrown as projectiles as well as held in midair in order to zone off portions of the stage; the floating chakrams can be triggered to home in on nearby opponents via player input. As such, Aerhardt is a stage command character, using his chakrams and windbox attacks to force his opponents into disadvantageous areas. His own melee attacks are rather strong, but they have rather low range, meaning that setup may be required to make the most use out of his strong physical abilities.

Toxic Personality
Sarin's not her real name- that's just what she tells people to call her. In reality, this girl with the gas mask and the poisonous sludge oozing from her scalp is designated Kiur-0 A5, a genetic experiment gone wrong. At least, that's some classified information that one of our sponsors slipped us; coincidentally, Sarin seems to be on the run from this sponsor as well. Is Sarin really some mutated experiment? Nobody knows, but her toxic touch and mysterious ability to travel via streams of poison may tie into these slanderous claims.

Sarin's playstyle can be best described as "slippery"; her modus operandi is spreading poison across the stage in large puddles, creating a hazardous playing field with which to battle opponents. Her primary weapon consists of a flamethrower-like spray paint can, which she can enter the stream of to rush in the direction she fires. Sarin is all about manipulation and misdirection; use that to your advantage!

Alkaline and Acid
The Double-As
The Double-As: teenage divas famed the world over for their electrifying and inspiring performances. Hailing from Floranum's Gilirisa district, their personalities have captivated millions;the peppy, cheerful Alkaline contrasting with the snarky and sadistic Acid. Off-stage, though, the two singers have a rougher life; they are golems, crafted for the express purpose of entertaining Florish nobility and raising money with their concerts. With the goal of breaking free and finding their own path, the Double-As have entered the Boundless tournament with the aim of proving to themselves they're made for more than what they were made for...

Alkaline and Acid are a tag team pair of fighters similar to that of the Ice Climbers; they perform moves together in near synchronicity, and the player's special attacks are augmented when both of the performers are present. In contrast to the Ice Climbers, the Double-As are primarily oriented around separation tactics so that the player can cover as much of the stage as possible. As such, the player is able to hold down a button in order to make the inactive performer rest and not follow the player's inputs; during this state, not only does the inactive player generate a damaging electric field around themselves, but also a line of energy towards the active performer that deals less damage the farther apart they are.

Iron Sight
The Final Ranger
Eli Grant; Orenathian gunslinger and famed outlaw. He's got a bounty on his head. Going by the moniker of "Iron Sight"- due to his deadly accurate aim- he's caused a lot of chaos and havoc in his goal to achieve fame and fortune. He's been stopped, but has managed to use his charisma and surprisingly decent legal skills to get out of trouble at every turn. Now, he's bringing his skills to the Boundless tournament, with the aim of getting even richer. He may not have much fighting skill for physical strength on his side... but he sure knows how to use that gun.

Iron Sight's primary mechanic is his Chamber Gauge, a hexagonal icon next to his Health Fraction that displays six small holes. These holes represent the bullets remaining in his gun, and these bullets are used in all of his special attacks. Iron Sight in and of himself is a zoning-oriented character, who uses powerful projectiles to keep opponents at bay even behind cover. However, his moves must be used wisely due to the cost of bullets, which can only be reloaded once the Chamber Gauge is empty, by using his Showstopper, or by timing a button press while rolling. Expert bullet management, along with ideal timing and spacing, is crucial to playing as Iron Sight.

Chains of Love
Coven Helici is the current champion of the Boundless tournament, a 23-year-old man hailing from Rosanti. He's made his way to the top with his skill at physical combat, a level of luck that some say is magical in capacity, and his mechanically-ehnanced cyborg arms, complete with extending and burning-hot chains. Coven isn't just a fighter, though; he's a talented psychiatrist who can analyze the emotional state of people he encounters, and can be considered a sort of love guru. At any rate, he dwells at the end of the tournament, waiting for the next challenger to arrive; good luck taking him on!

Coven's playstyle is inspired by the fighting game ARMS; with the chains implanted within his mechanical arms, he has astounding reach on many of his attacks, and can grab opponents from clear across the stage in order to drag himself in to continue a combo. As such, he makes for an impressive and powerful pursuit character in the hands of an effective player, and his long-ranged punches make for good keepaway tools as well. Despite his extendable arms, Coven can also be played efficiently in close quarters; his long reach is commendable normally, but his non-extended attacks are much more powerful, and do not have anywhere near as much lag and reaction time as the more easily dodged extended punches. Coven also has a hard time dealing with projectiles, as despite his long range, he has none of his own.

Evolutionary Perfection
The head scientist and founder of Hextermina Labs, a genetics and biology research lab and one of the main sponsors of the Boundless tournament. As it turns out, Malphea is also the tournament's founder, with the end goal of finding people with extraordinary skills and abilities- with the purpose of finding people who match the level of evolution she claims to have. She seems to desire to help the world, but it's entirely possible she's just unhinged... As an opponent, however, she seems skilled enough to take down those who betray her and seek to undo what she sees as beneficial work.

Malphea is an aggressive character who excels in projectiles, having a wide variety of ranged abilities that she is able to flood the stage with. Her abilities can be used for both offense and defense, utilizing projectiles to cover her own approaches or defend against incoming attacks; she can even surround herself with rotating projectiles purely for defensive purposes. In essence, she is everything a final boss should be, having a wide variety of options to take down any possible threat. While she does lack raw physical damage, her projectiles and defensive abilities should more than make up for that.

Perfect Malphea
Insurmountable Power
A mysterious form Malphea takes when significantly provoked- perhaps this is what she meant by evolutionary perfection. At any rate, Perfect Malphea is not a truly playable character, instead being an enhanced form of Malphea fought as a secret boss and only being available to the player as Malphea's limited Showstopper technique. At any rate, this yokai-human hybrid is too powerful to merely let loose; take Perfect Malphea down!

Perfect Malphea is more or less a straight upgrade from Malphea, possessing stronger moves with less startup and ending lag. Many of her projectile abilities have also received buffs that enable them to create more projectiles at once. Perfect Malphea is much more effective and frightening than standard Malphea- which is why the character is only available to play as Malphea's Showstopper.

Season 2 Characters

Character Information
The Frog Princess
Taddie's past is mysterious; nobody truly knows the origin of this little girl, nor her motives or how she obtained her strange abilities. Though she's sweet and kind, with achildlike adoration of frogs, there's ultimately a sinister edge to almost every action she performs, making her surprise appearance in the Boundless tournament an interesting topic of discussion. That's not to talk about her mysterious abilities, either; her extremely extendable tongue and her seemingly magical ability to turn others into frogs temporarily have many contenders spooked stiff. Will this mysterious lass surprise the Boundless community by rising to the top?

Taddie is a highly agile competitor for a multitude of reasons, the most important of which being her extendable tongue. She can extend her tongue forward and modify its direction similarly to the N64 game Chameleon Twist, and if she stretches it out to its max length or touches it to a wall, she will be dragged in and damage objects her body touches. She can also extend her tongue downward if it is used in air, using it to pole vault across the stage. In addition to this, she possesses the highest jump and fastest air speed, making her extremely agile in the air; of course, this all comes at the cost of practicaly zero defensive capability.

Kane and CANDI
Impermeable Bonds
Kane is a person that we have very few details on; their real name, history, birth country, and even gender have been concealed, leading to much speculation on this fighter's true background. What is known, however, is that they're a skilled inventor and engineer, having created the robot known as CANDI to fight alongside them and act as an affectionate, helpful partner. Though CANDI and Kane seem like a match made in heaven, they appear to have a dislike of Anazari Labs, as well as their own robotic fighter R0; could there be some connection between the two robotic competitors?

Kane may not be the strongest competitor, but they rely greatly on their puppet-like partner in the form of CANDI to deal massive damage. CANDI can be set to follow Kane and copy their move inputs, stay stationary and attack enemies with ranged attacks, or actively pursue enemies automatically. It should be kept in mind that CANDI is much stronger than Kane and possesses many projectile options, so perfect syncronicity is required for effective play. CANDI can also act as a springboard for players by jumping off of her to gain extra height. CANDI only has limited HP, and when hit with too many or attacks or destroyed via her Sacrifice Grab ability, it will be some time before Kane has access to her again.

Topaza's Shining Treasure
A'Kai Ha'hanta hails from the island nation of Topaza, a country that has long closed itself off to outsiders. In a form of peace offering to show the world that they are ready to resume communication, Topaza has sent A'Kai, a local treasure for her beautiful dancing skills, as a participant in the Boundless tournament. Despite her grace and poise, A'Kai is still a shy woman, preferring to remain hidden out of sight in contrast to her country pushing her into the limelight. Regardless, her dancing makes for a unique style of martial artistry that few can easily counter, making her a credible threat despite her shyness.

A'Kai has a more unorthodox fighting style based on her flowing dancing skills, which are powerful and cover a large amount of range despite their awkward timing. However, despite her fighting skills on land, her air game is comparatively pitiful, and she does fight best on the ground. Luckily, her aerial skills are largely dedicated to knocking opponents back towards the ground, where she is more skilled. Her projectiles largely take the form of waves of water, and as such tend to push opponents along while doing multiple rapid hits of damage.

Chaos Incarnate
Royalene is the stage persona taken on by Orenian actress and acrobat Velvena Tannia, and has long been used by her as a method with which to let loose her inhibitions and create fantastical performances using visual trickery technicques and acrobatic maneuvers that border on the magical. She seems to have joined the Boundless tournament as a means with which to raise money for charity back home in her own country; however, it's also entirely likely she's entering merely as a method with which to let loose. After all, what better time to let loose the most destructive and spectacular performance of your career?

Royalene is exemplary of the classic "fighting clown" video game trope, possessing one of the strangest and most unorthodox movesets in all of Boundless. Her kit revolves around disortentation, complete with smoke clouds, fireworks, and short-lived duplicates, and her standard moves rely on summoning an armory's worth of unorthodox weapons such as hammers and punching gloves. Though she's not very strong, she's ultimately reliant on psyching out the opponent through mind games while slowly dealing massive amounts of chip damage.

El Pantera
Reigning from On High
El Pantura- real name Ahandes Calima Espera- is a 32-year-old man from Chiquitl who has spent many years honing the art of what he calls "Pantura-style Martial Arts", a unique style of combat built around swift lunges and tackles meant to emulate the fighting prowess of a large, predatory cat. Despite his honor and nobility, Ahandes is a bit of a clumsy man, leading to a far more comedic appearance than the intense training he claims to have undergone would suggest-rumor has it those scars are from his tabby cat. He fights in the tournament not for money, but to prove the strength of his homegrown fighting style.

El Pantera acts as a secondary grappler character, but unlike Jade Beetle, he lacks mobility in favor of raw strength and a greater normal reach on his attacks. As such, he is usually best played as a reactionary combatant, responding to incoming attacks with a retaliatory strike or a near-inescapable command grab. He is also able to activate a secondary mode by building up his unique Predator Gauge via attacks; upon triggering this and entering Predator Mode, he gains permanent superarmor and increased speed for a short period of time, making him a frightening hazard for opponents with less mobility.

Age Without A Scratch
The first champion that the Boundless tournament ever had- a young man from Sicory named Feldspar Cueman. Wielding a pool cue and demonstrating both admirable knowledge of physics and grandiose physical strength, Cueman went down in history as the competition's first victory despite not having any supernatural or technological influences... Just strength of will and a kind heart. Years later, a world-wise Cueman has joined the tournament once again, seemingly to prove he still has what it takes to be a winner.

Much of Cueman's playstyle is built around geometry and physics, being based on his pool ball-like projectiles that richochet off of walls and slanted terrain. Cueman is able to orient and fire these projectiles in any angle that he wishes to, as well as increase or decrease the strength with which he fires them, allowing him to zone opponents via massive walls of bouncing, unpredictable shots. His melee game isn't too bad either, using his cuestick as a weapon that has rather long range and giving him more options with which to space out his foes. He's a lightweight, but he possesses a wide variety of defensive tools to counteract this. Use them well, and you'll be able to make your opponent run for mercy!

Instrument of Bloody Vengeance
Her identity has been lost- all she knows of her name is the designation she was given and the word "Ridley". She remembers her past though; her former girlfriend tortured her and changed her into the weapon she is now, all in the pursuit of advancing humanity to its next stage of evolution. Now a monster whose own blood is a weapon, Ridley hunts down the one who ruined her after escaping from a storage facility. Her search has lead her to the Boundless tournament, said to be operated by her tormentor...

Ridley, as an unstable woman both metaphorically and literally, is constantly breaking down on a cellular level; this is represented by having a unique Health Fraction that slowly increases by itself over time. This, in turn, emphasizes her role as an extremely aggressive close-range combatant; the vast majority of her close-up melee attacks possess lifesteal properties, so a Ridley who is constantly in the face of her opponent is also constantly healing herself. In contrast, her special projectiles tend to appear as large shotgun-like attacks that cover massive areas of the screen and are useful for staggering opponents, but as these abilities attack with her own blood, they do possess recoil damage. Effective use of these attacks, alongside monitoring Ridley's health, can render her a deadly and dangerous fighter in the right hands.

Bringer of Lightning
A strong, kind, and passionate woman hailing from Najani, Khiva is a powerful warrior trained in ancient fighting techniques as a means of meditation- and calming down her mysterious power to create and control electromagnetic fields. Khiva is a crowd favorite for how friendly and lovable she is to most audience members, though she's apparently come across harassers morethan a few times. When push comes to shove, this fierce warrior shoves back with the might of a hundred thunderstorms!

Khiva, possessing the ancient electromagnetic power known as Moto-Savasi, is a heavyweight character with very close-ranged melee attacks and a lack of distinct projectiles, making her an exceptional close-ranged combatant. Unique among fighters are her approach options granted to her via her magnetic powers, which take the form of large electric waves fired in either an aura around her or a cone in front of her. Not only is she able to use repelling magnetic fields to force away opponents or reflect certain projectiles, but she is able to draw in opponents via attractive fields, pulling them into close range and giving her the advantage.

The Crystal Songstress
A Ceralian songstress and local legend due to just how well she really sings; the truth behind her seemingly natural talent stems from her mysterious and unnatural abilities. Apparently born a paraplegic, Beryl's mysterious ability to grow and manipulate crystal has not only grown her new arms and legs, but also enabled her to create a unique singing voice based entirely on crystal resonance deep in her throat. Where did she obtain these abilities? Why is a singer from the slums suddenly competing in one of the world's most viewed fighting tournaments? Nobody fully knows, but given the spectacle and awe of her crystalline powers, it's safe to say Beryl's next performance is one you won't want to miss.

Beryl's playstyle is equal parts defensive and zone control, acting as a trapper character with her ability to create large crystal barriers across the stage. These large domino-like shields reflect most projectiles and nullify the majority of enemy attacks, but also topple over when Beryl strikes them with a physical move or can be used to reflect and amplify her sound-based projectiles. She's also able to drop small crystals into the ground, which then grow into hazardous spikes on command or when triggered by being stepped on. Between her exceptional air game and myriad trapping abilities, Beryl's moveset is among the more unorthodox ones, but effective use of her abilities can make for an overwhelming pressuring tool.

Ultimate Combat Weapon
A forgotten creation of Malphea's, this cybernetic organism was designated Kiur-1... The first prototype in a line of robots to rival that of Anazari Labs. However, despite its capabilities, it's been inactive- until Season 2, in which Malphea's arrest has remotely triggered its reactivation. Having redesignated itself "Kiuri", this ultimate combat machine is out for revenge on those who would harm its creator. Stop this mad machine!

Kiuri is comparable to Kirby from the Smash Bros. franchise, being able to scan opponents to change up its abilities and attributes. However, Kiuri does not gain the properties of the opponents that it scans- rather, when scanning an opponent, Kiuri takes on attributes and abilities that are designed to act as a hard counter to whatever opponent it has managed to scan. This means much of its playstyle is dependent on scanning the enemy to become the superior fighter.However, be extremely careful in fights that are not 1-on-1, as other opponents can still take advantage of his modified form. Kiuri's form when not scanning an opponent is also rather weak, being a lightweight with few ranged options- this form is loaded with approach techniques, and is designed around swiftly charging towards the opponent to scan them.

Season 3 Characters

Character Information
Scientist Beyond the Pale


Sterling Sergeant Of The Law


Sparkling Dancer Extraordinare


Alternate Colors

Normal Color Alt. Color 1 Alt. Color 2 Alt. Color 3
Broken Heart
Golden Age
Silver Age
Killing Machine
Model Student
Air Fighter
Dark Flight
Black Tar
Tainted Love
Cirque de Electrique
Dazzling Awards
High Noon
Title Bout
150% Form
Black Ops
Toxic Relations
Little Girl
Dynamic Duo
Robot Queen
Zero Galactic
Ocean Jewel
Grey Waves
Desert Dance
Flame Goddess
Space Romance
Chaos Invocation
Flaming Rage
Black Fangs
Old Road
English Breakfast
Stick Wizard
Broken Blood
My Love
No Weakness
Magnet Master
Wild Woman
Perfect Fighter
Combat Drone
Final Boss


Item Description
Classical Arena
3Dee's stage.
A standard combat arena with few surprises. There are some walls that can be used to gain an aerial advantage by platforming on top of, or as cover, but overall the stage is very standard in its layout.
Cesserx Training Ground
Zpyrus's stage.
Zpyrus's snowy training ground, the main focus of this stage is the large gap in the middle, which can ring out players. Though it can be jumped over, the safe bridge across the ravine is usually a better option, making it a chokepoint from combatants.
Ink Temple
Atashi's stage.
This strange temple, the location where Atashi practices her art, has a cross shape unlike most stages which tends to affect how battle goes. The pillars act as cover for attacks, but the main focus of the stage is the center pedestal, which can be used to charge massive shockwaves if it's stood upon too long. The pillars are the only things that block this shockwave, but is it really worth it putting yourself out in the open to use this attack?
Anazari Test Facility
R0's stage.
An unorthodox stage that has a curved bowl shape in the center, causing combatants to pile inwards and gravitate to the very center for chaotic fighting. The four platforms on the outer edges move constantly, making them strange fighting positions.
Midnight Streets
Jade Beetle's stage.
Set on the rooftops, this stage has massive amounts of death pits, making it a highly treacherous stage despite having no inherent hazards. The building in the center is much taller than the other buildings, making it effective cover in intense shootouts between the rooftops.
Notozawa Offices
Asyu's stage.
A very thin stage, much of the combat here centers around the massive hole near the center, which acts as a death pit in and of itself. There's also a balcony to the north where combatants can catch temporary respite.
Aircraft Museum
Aerhardt's stage.
A two-tiered stage consisting of the museum floor and the two large aircraft suspended above, which can be accessed via ramps or platforms. The interior of the aircraft can even be entered with some tight platforming skills!


Item Description
Restoracube A small metallic cube filled with glowing green essence. The item is useless until somebody strikes it, at which point it bounces around the stage before coming to a stop. When the cube settles, it generates a green AoE around it, which slowly heals any player standing in it. The cube and AoE will eventually despawn.
Adrenacube A small metallic cube filled with glowing orange essence. The item is useless until somebody strikes it, at which point it bounces around the stage before coming to a stop. When the cube settles, it generates a orange AoE around it, which slowly charges the Special Gauge of players standing in it, as well as Iron Sight's Chamber Gauge and Eidolia's Pale Gauge. The cube and AoE will eventually despawn.
Wave Token A blue crystalline hexagon, which is equipped when walked over. The token enables the user to perform an enhanced dash in the air, aimed diagonally down towards the ground and preserving the dash's momentum while the player remains at a standstill. This enables players to use neutral attacks while moving, tripping up opponents, or moving after a dash for enhanced momentum. The token remains active until the player takes over 60 damage in a short time period.
Missile Gloves Orange mechanical gloves that fit over the user's hands. The gloves enable the player to launch projectile missiles by holding down and releasing the normal attack button, which fly quickly and explode on impact. The gloves only last for a short time, so make use of this weapon!


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