XD-4210 (More commonly known as Bouncer) is a Xenopouncer and best friend of Simon who first appeared in Fantendo:Playing War. In FPW, he somehow crash-landed on Earth with no way back to his planet, so the US Government took him with them and got Simon to escort him to Area 51 in order to get him back home, or die trying.


Bouncer is a bit cocky and wise-cracking at times, as well as full of himself. He almost never turns down a good fight and will fight for his friends if he has to. Bouncer is also a bit loud at times.


Bouncer's most prominent ability is his ability to moon-jump, meaning he can jump to a maximum of 600 feet in the air with many low-gravity features and land without a scratch. He can give other people this effect while jumping while holding their hand or any other part of the body and jumping with them. This ability was gained from the strong gravity on his planet, and it is also genetic. He also has long, large arms and hands, giving him a more-than-decent punching ability.




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