"Ok, then. So, what you're trying to say is that humans eat this "Bagel?"

Boris Alexander, Member 001

Boris Alexander, or Member 001, is an member of the alien race known as Cragites. He is main protagonist/antagonist in the series, "Member 001."


Boris was the first Cragite ever born, and the most intelligent. His brother, Saralo, or Member 002, was the second smartest, and was always happy to help his brother.

One day, Planet Cragitzor was attacked by Zonians, an evil race of aliens. Boris, along with everyone else, were forced to leave the planet, and find a new planet. Boris needed a planet with living organisms so he could survive.

Later, his ship ran out of fuel and crashed on a planet called Earth. He met Janet and Tyler, two teenagers who believed in aliens.

Ever since, Boris has built a house and now lives on Earth.

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