Boomerang Mario
The Replacement For Dr. Mario, "Boomerang Mario"

Boomerang Mario is the quicker, stronger version of Mario! Sakurai stated that Dr. Mario was getting old and he wanted to try something else! He also stated that Boomerang Mario is Dr. Mario's replacement! Boomerang Mario is ranked B-[2] o The Tier List! B.M contains similar moves to Mario!

The Moveset

The Special

Name Damage Description
The Neutral Special The Boomerang Throw 8% Boomerang Mario Throws The Boomerang at The opponent.
The Side Special The Shell 10%\13% Flicks his Shell similar To Mario's Cape, From Super Mario World forward, hitting opponents with the reverse effect, as well as being able to reflect projectiles. Very useful for gimping certain recoveries. Slightly aids Mario's horizontal recovery. Has transcendent priority.
The Up Special Super Jump Punch 5% [The Hit 1]\ 1% [The Hit 2]\3% [The Hit 3] Does The jumping uppercut diagonally upward, being a multi-hit attack that causes s to fly out of the opponent. Mainly a recovery move. Additionally, if used while Mario is directly next to a wall and the control stick is flicked backward at the apex of the jump, the move will be cancelled into a wall jump without making Boomerang Mario helpless, like the move normally does. It is also a great Out of shield option. Deals up to ≈12.92% if all hits connect. Boomerang Mario's jump, jumps slightly lower Then regular Mario!
The Down Special Boomerang Mario Tornado 3% Does The multi-hit spinning attack, very similar to the from Super Mario World. The final hit knocks the opponent straight up, and the move can rack up damage, though it has some ending lag! It can be used for recovery by button mashing the B button, though this requires fast reflexes. Has transcendent priority. Deals up to ≈12.01% on the ground and ≈10.19% in the air if all hits connect.

The Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash The Boomerang Finale! 30% Boomerang Mario shoots three massive Boomerangs, which move forward and spiral outwards, creating exploding shockwave effects as they travel across the stage. Similar to the Mario Finale, with giant Boomerangs replacing the streaming flames.

The Role In The Subspace Emissary II!

Mario, Link, & Kirby were stepping in The forest, Then, several Boomerang Primids gather Link! However Kirby & Mario see The Boomerang Flower! Kirby was about To go check The flower out but Mario stopped him and he Transformed into The Boomerang Mario To defeat The Boomerang Primids


  • Grinds The shoe on Too The ground.
  • Boomerang Mario Takes out The Boomerang, and Throw's it in The air, Then catches it.
  • The Pounds The Shoulder with The fist.

The Entrance!

Boomerang Mario is on Top of The Boomerang which takes it to the fight

The Victory Animations

  • Holds out The Boomerang and points it To his left, to his right, & finally Towards The screen.
  • Throws Three Boomerangs, Then They come back, Knocking Boomerang Mario To The floor
  • Does The short spin-jump and lands in The strong-man pose, Shouting "Here we go!" Shared with Mario.

The Losing Animation

  • Similar To Marios, Boomerang Mario claps at The opponent!

The Victory Fanfare

The Super Mario Bros. - The Level Complete

The Idle Animations

  • Sways The head from left to right.


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