Boolio/Booleo (who's real name is Leo) is a Boo with lightning powers. First, he was a little Yellow Toad orphan. One day, when Leo was outside, there was a massive thunderstorm, and Super Leaves were floating around. Leo freaked out, and ran for the nearest building, a haunted mansion. He saw a Boo Mushroom. Just when he touched it, he got hit by lightning which came through the broken roof, causing a big, bright explosion.

When 'Boolio' awoke, he was in a different place. He saw little Mushroom-like people and a big castle. He realized that the mushroom-people were other Toads, and that he was in the Mushroom Kingdom. The Toads were all calling him "Boolio". They brought him to the castle. He realized that he was now a Boo. The Toads called in for Mario immediately. Mario saw that he was good and gave him a hat. It had been Mario's when he was young, even younger than the Baby Mario more commonly seen. It had a "B" on it, for Baby Mario. It was much to small for Mario now, but was the perfect size for a Boo. Mario said it would make him recognizable from other Boos. Unknown to him, there was bomblike device in the hat. A long time ago, Baby Bowser had stolen Baby Mario's hat and placed it in there. Fortunately, it was deactivated before it could be used, and it's dangerous explosive power removed.

One day, he was walking along, and he saw a Thunderbolt. When he touched it, the device in his hat became reactivated, and exploded. The explosion had no dangerous power, but the pressure of the explosion completely changed the power of the Thunderbolt from a throwable item that will temporarily shrink your racing opponents to an item permanently infusing the user with electric power similar to a Pikachu's. he became electrically powered, and his hat turned yellow. He discovered he wasn't a little Boo anymore, and that he had full lightning powers.


  • The thunderstorm is the one from Super Mario 3D Land, and the one in TaBooki's story.
  • Boolio was rescued several days after TaBooki.
  • After the storm, the toads sent out a rescue team to find anyone that had been injured in the storm. Boolio was the second one to be rescued, after TaBooki.
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