A Bookend model from Super Mario 64
Species Book
Health One-hit
Level appearances
Big Boo's Haunt
First appearance Super Mario 64
Bookends are enemy from the Super Mario series that debuted in Super Mario 64. They resemble large living books that fly out of bookshelves at Mario. A single hit is usually enough to take one out.

Fanon Appearances

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Worlds

Bookends appear as enemies starting in World 6, Baking Bridge, in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Worlds. They fly after the player and can be defeated by simply stomping on them.

Mario Kart: V² Circuit

Bookends appear as hazards in the track Boo Library. They fly off shelves and can home towards a kart if they are slow, but otherwise follow a straight path to the bookshelf on the other side.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Kirā bukku
Killer Book
GermanVampuchFrom "vamp" (vampire) + (B)uch (book)


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