Knowledge, however vast it may be, never comes without a price...
Description of the Book of All

The Book of All is an ancient, legendary tome that is rumored to contain every single major multiverse event that has occurred and will occur since the very beginning of time. The guardian of this book is Karakal the Watcher; it is also said that he is the one who records every event in the book, although this has not been proven.

Events in The Book of All

I'll try to put these events in chronological order.

Destruction of Kynarth

This chronicles the destruction of the planet Kynarth, the home planet of the Goetians that was devoured by Ghroth the Harbinger.

Destruction of Zeon

This chronicles the destruction of the planet Zeon, the home planet of the Beorns that was destroyed by Doomulus Grime.

Beings in The Book of All

Ghroth the Harbinger

The Harbinger, Ghroth, roams the cosmos, feasting upon the stars and planets, wholly indifferent to the wails of those it eats.

Appearences of The Book of All


The Book of All will appear in Fantendo: RPG. It is unknown how it will be shown, but a screenshot of a game shows some scholar character telling TaBooki that the book "is not in my posession".

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