Wait, you kidnapped me?
McBoo's Mansion 2

Booberry's appearance from McBoo's Mansion Wii.

Booberry is a good Boo character of appears in the McBoo Series. She is the girlfriend of McBoo that first appeared in McBoo's Mansion 2. She has a very sweet personality, making McBoo love her at first sight.


In her first appearance, McBoo retired from the Boo Troop along with his friends. On a random moment, he saw Booberry, a good Boo, becoming the love of his life. She also met McBoo, and Booberry revealed to love him. They start to have a romantic relationship, and Booberry let McBoo learn how to be a good person. Later, she has been kidnapped by McOober, an evil döppelganger of McBoo himself, to lure Booberry's boyfriend McBoo to his lair. After she is saved by McBoo's friends, she joins the party and learns to fight enemies. She then helps McBoo fight Tranzformez and later the two Boos rejoin the Boo Troop. Despite working for King Boo, Booberry is still the sweet Boo she always is.


McBoo's Mansion 2

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
Booberry MM2 Booberry The love of McBoo's life is powerful, yet sweet at the same time. Booberry is the only Boo living in Toad Town and also one of the only Boo's that is not evil. Booberry falls in love with McBoo and is determined to set McBoo on the right path so he can be a hero to more than just ghosts.
  • Bounce
  • Stun
  • Love Bomb
  • Love Split
  • Love Balloon
  • Love Boxer
  • Love Rocket

McBoo's Mansion Wii

Booberry will be playable in the upcoming game, McBoo's Mansion Wii, but her role is unknown.

McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1

Character Name Description Moveset Moon Attack
Booberry MM3 Booberry McBoo's loving wife, and newest member to the Boo Troop. She is still packed with the power of love, to prove to the dark creatures that it's a very powerful force. Even McBoo will daze in one of her love trances. Bounce
Love Split
Love Bomb
Love Balloon - Booberry starts to swell up every turn and increases her attacks. However, a high attack from an enemy will cause her to pop.

* - This means this attack can be used outside of battle (as well as in) to help McBoo solve certain things.


Booberry also has a main role in the TV McToons. She first appears after saving McBoo from Flame and helps in the next episode as well.



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