A male Bonneter.
Notable Members
Cap Kingdom

Bonneters are a race of ghostly beings native to the Cap Kingdom that made their first appearance in Super Mario Odyssey.


Bonneters have ghost-like bodies similar to that of an Eerie with hat-shaped heads and big eyes. The heads of male Bonneters are shaped like top hats, while those of female Bonneters are usually shaped like bowler hats. Typically, Bonneters' bodies are white while their heads are black, though two members of the species, Cappy and Tiara, have distinct appearances, with the former having a white head with blue hair and the latter having a silver tiara for a head with a white veil attached to it.


Bonneters are known for their ability to take on the appearance of other headgear, which they can use to hide themselves from view. They also have ability to take control of animate or inanimate objects by placing themselves on top of them. Certain Bonneters are also known to partner with other people and will grant them control of whatever they capture.


Notable members

Bonneters with their user

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