Bone Goomba
Dry Goomba
Species Origin Goomba
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. 2 (2012)
Latest Appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
Notable Members
Bone Goombas, also known as Dry Goombas and Undead Goombas, are a cyan-colored Goomba that wear skull hats. They debuted in New Super Mario Bros. 2, usually appearing in Ghost House and Tower levels.

They seem identical to Goombas in behavior and will be defeated in a single stomp.


Bone Goombas are Gloombas that wear skulls over their heads. When defeated, the skulls on their heads are smashed, revealing their Gloomba nature.


New Super Mario Bros. Delta

They appear in castles and fortresses. They are dead Goombas that can be killed with jumping over them. They sometimes appear in the Ghost Houses and levels with Boos.

Mario Kart Prima

In this game, they appear in some circuits as enemies of the course. They appear in Bowser Castle, into the castle. They make the same effect that Goombas but they can be disappeared if the racers throw iceballs or frozen Shells.

Super Paper Luigi

They appear as enemies, though attacking with a hammer turns them into Gloombas, with the same stats except they lose all defense.

  • HP - 6
  • Attack - 3
  • Defense - 3


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