Bombshell King Bill
This version of the king bill is 3x faster and destroys everything in it's path including unbreakable
Species Bullet Bill
Health Omega
Power Faster
I dunno
Only 1
First appearance Super Mario World: Wii
Latest appearance Newer Super Mario Bros Wii 2

The strongest enemy in the game. It'll take more then one stomp to defeat this guy.

Appearances (not in order):

Super Mario World: Wii (as enemy)

Super Mario Bros 2 Xbox 360 (Online) (as loading)

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch (as background charater)

Super Mario Sunshine 1.1 (as Easter egg)

Mario Party Sunshine (as enemy in comercial)

Newer Super Mario bros Wii 2 (as enemy)


Kinda like this

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