Bombs Away!
Developer(s) Black Diamond Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) DSi
Genre(s) Puzzle
Release Date(s) April 10, 2010
Mode(s) Adventure, Endless
Age Rating(s) E
Media Included DSiWare download
Bombs Away! is a puzzle game for DSiWare. The gameplay is very similar to the PC game Zuma.


The game's main character is CD, a Bob-Omb who works for a company called BoomCorp. that manufactures explosives. He is working in the factory one day when he accidentally leaves the machine running. The machine pours out hundreds of mindless multi-colored Bob-Ombs which overrun the land. CD must travel around the world getting rid of the Bob-Ombs.


In the game, multicolored Bob-Ombs walk down a twisted path toward the goal and the player must stop them by shooting more multicolored bombs into their midst from a turret operated by CD. This is done simply by tapping where they want to shoot. The bombs explode if player matches three or more of the same type. When a gap is formed, the Bob-Ombs will walk backwards to meet their fellows.

The game is over if any bomb reaches the center of the stage, causing the entire trail of bombs to explode and killing CD. Depending on the type of Bob-Omb exploded, if you creat a chain of six or more, you will be granted with a temporary power-up. The powerups are as follows:

  • Black- None
  • Red- Bullet (5 Count) (Destroys bombs along its path regardless of color)
  • Blue- Reverse (Causes the bombs to walk backwards for several seconds)
  • Green- Slow (Slows the bombs down for several seconds)
  • Yellow- Clear (Destroys all yellow bombs on screen)
  • Purple- Acid (Melts the first three bombs on both sides)
  • White- Freeze (Stops trail for a few seconds)

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode has you play through 6 worlds, each with ten stages. It is also the story mode. The worlds are as follows:

  • BoomCorp. Factory- The BoomCorp. Factory.
  • Kaboom Fields- A calm grassland.
  • Ba-Boom Caverns- A series of jewel filled caves.
  • Boomer Mountains- An icy, snowy mountain.
  • Kablooey City- A busy city inhabited by Bob-Ombs.
  • Deep Space- A space station in orbit around the planet.

After you beat a stage, you can go back and play it again later from the map screen.

Endless Mode

After you unlock stages in Adventure Mode, you can play them in Endless Mode, where an infinite amount of Bob-Ombs march. You simply see how long you can survive!.


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