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Bomberman Aniki  (ボンバマン兄キ) is a spinoff adventure shoot-em'-up game made by Hudson Soft, Hydrogen Productions and Konami. Its U.S.A. and Canada release will take place on April 8, 2023.


Story Mode

The story begins when Dr. Buggler's divorced wife, Dr. Baublebums, makes a giant jar of premium protein granola clusters which Mujoe becomes addicted to. This jar of granola is as big as the Empire State Building! Mujoe also gives clusters of the granola to his hige-hige bandit troops, and they also get hooked on it. 

However, as each week passes by, Mujoe and his sidekick Dr. Buggler both consume a handful of the granola daily as pre-workout snacks. Both of them grow bigger and taller in size and gain a more muscular physique until they're big enough to tear massive holes through their secret lair and emerge to the ground surface from it. The two villians also recruit and deploy their hige-hige bandit troops to invade and raid various establishments in Dynamite Ditch, including churches, libraries, stores, gardens and even houses/apartments!

Dynamite Ditch's millitia is commanded to destroy those 2 giant mutant villains, and DD's local news station makes a report about the freak mutants. Shirobon and his bomber friends, who were spending Saturday afternoon watching cartoons, to rise up and fight against the tyrannical Mujoe and Dr. Buggler.


Bomberman Cho Aniki is a sidescrolling family friendly shoot-em'-up game. The player(s) must control 1 or 2 Bomberman characters of their choice, who slowly scroll left-towards-right and destroy enemies with different types of projectiles.

Different power-ups can be gained through coming into contact with a power up icon on the screen during gameplay.










  • Bomberman Aniki is undoubtebly based on the sidescrolling shoot-em'-up games from Cho Aniki, an adults' action shooter game where two muscular men go on quests to unveil holy protein.
  • The character named PC Engine is present in this game, and she has the same power ups that she had from Star Parodia.
  • Bomberman Aniki has an unlockable “DO THE MUSCLE!” rock music video with Shirobon and his friends working out in DD’s local gymnasium.
  • Bomberman Aniki lacks any pornographic/vulgar content, unlike the original Cho Aniki games.
  • However, Bomberman Aniki’s gameplay and characters/music/sound effects are still very silly nonetheless.