Bomberman: The Mission to Destroy CWCville is a 3D strategy action game (with 2D cutscenes and speech paragraphs) made by Hudson Soft, Konami, and Sega. It was released on August 30, 2023 as a free bonus game that was packaged with Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One ports of the Bomberman: Classic Collection cartilages.

This game is based on both the Bomberman Jetters anime and the Sonichu comics.


This game takes place in an alternate dimension where Shirobon and the Jetters characters live in a robust, rich city in eastern Tennessee, U.S. Life is luxurious there in TN’s appalachias. However, their city, Silver Saxophone (Trumpetsburg in the JP version), is placed under grave danger by a rather naive authoritarian dictator named Christine W. Chandler.

In this game, Christine is the 37-year old mayor of his Korean/Japanese puppet state, CWCville, which contains Charlottesville, Ruckersville and all of Greene County, VA.

In this puppet state, however, it’s dictator, Christine, cannot speak Japanese, let alone Korean (besides extremely basic words like “Shin ye ha me ha!”, “mukbang”, and “kawaii nani”. All his enslaved CWCville residents above pre-k age can already speak those two languages quite fluently, as Mighty Bomber tells Shirobon (as Mighty Bomber, Birds, Bongo, Shout and Gangu examine the area and its inhabitants. Only Mighty Bomber and Birdy are granted permission by Sonichu to have a meeting with Christine W. Chandler.)

While Mighty Bomber and Birdy talk to Ms. Christine, it is revealed that CWCville houses lots of enslaved Japanese workers and Korean soldiers. There’s also a massive border wall around CWCville (made from Crayola Model Magic, bricks, and cement) so its citizens cannot get out.

Under Christine’s commands, CWCville wages war against Silver Saxophone with baseball bats, Christine’s rabid cats, hedgehog pokemon and some tanks as well.

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