Bombell (series)
Bombell series Logo
Bombell series logo.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo
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Genre(s) Puzzle, Adventures
Spinoff(s) None
First Game Bomb Frenzy
Most Recent Game Bomb Frenzy
Nintendo 3DS Logo WiiULogo
Bombell series is a series starring Bombell and his best friend Booster as they travel and try to stop the plans of the evil Shadem. It was created by DohIMissed (tbc). The whole series have actually only one game in development for the Nintendo 3DS and one announced for the Wii U. This series is also a spin-off of the Mario series.


There's actually only one game at development for the Nintendo 3DS. But there's also a game announced for the Nintendo Wii U. It will be started after finishing Bomb Frenzy.

Logo Game System Plot Release Dates
BombFrenzy Logo Bomb Frenzy Nintendo 3DS Bombell and Booster saw some Mushroom-like people being attacked by Bombx. The citizens told Bombell and Booster that an evil ghost is trying to take control on the Mushroom World by sending his Bombx to attack everywhere while he prepares his final plan. Now, Bombell and Booster start an adventure to stop the evil Shadem and his Bombx with the help of other friends. TBA 2013
BEQ Logo Bombell: Explosive Quest Nintendo Wii U After being defeated by Bombell and his friends, Shadem plans to take revenge on him for ruining his whole plans. Now he thinks of a new plan, and remembers his “master” which protected him and taught him all about the Bombx and his powers. Now Shadem plans to resurrect his beloved master with the power of the “Sacred Gem”. One of his minions knew all about this. Fortunately, that “minion” was very disgusted by the way he has been threatened by Shadem as an inferior to him, so he left his forces and went to Bombell to tell him all about this, betraying his leader. Bombell now calls his friends to starts a new and more dangerous quest. 2013



Character Name Description Debut
Bombell BombFrenzy Bombell Bombell is the main hero of the series. He got his powers after accidentally splashing some of Booster's potion on him. Now, with his powers, and alongside his friends, he'll save the Mushroom Grassland from any wrongdoing. He's very adventurous, curious and energetic. Bomb Frenzy
Booster BombFrenzy Booster Booster is Bombell's first and best friend. He's very shy and smart. Booster accompanies Bombell in his adventures. Thanks to his potion, Bombell got his explosive and strong powers, as well as his new look. Bomb Frenzy
Bombella BombFrenzy Bombella Bombella is Bombell's girlfriend. When Bombell and Booster saved her from some Bombx, she and Bombell fell in love, and became a couple later. She joins Bombell and Booster in their adventure as a reward for saving her. Bomb Frenzy
Stanley BombFrenzy Stanley Stanley is one of Bombell's friends. He's curious and happy. He's a mysterious Boo magician who loves to show his magic and strange tricks to others. He joins the others after giving him his magic stick, stolen by the Bombx. Bomb Frenzy
Benjamin BombFrenzy Benjamin Benjamin is one of Bombell's friends. He loves to wear his cape and be a "superhero". Benjamin is very energetic and a bit awkward. It's unknown which species he comes from. He joins the gang after helping him beat some Bombx and? Golosem. Bomb Frenzy
Sara BombFrenzy Sara Unknown. Bomb Frenzy
N/A ??? Unknown. Bomb Frenzy
N/A Leo Unknown. Bombell: Explosive Quest

Non-Playable Characters

Character Name Description Debut
Welden BombFrenzy Welden Welden is a friendly shopkeeper of shops in the games. He sells very useful things to Bombell and friends to help them in the adventure. This is his current role in games and is unknown if it'll change. Bomb Frenzy
Gumy BombFrenzy Gumy Gumy is a very friendly but overconfident Boo being. She often appears in levels and gives the players hints, tips and other kind of info. This is her current role in games and is unknown if it'll change. Bomb Frenzy


Unknown. -
N/A ??? Unknown. -
N/A ??? Unknown. -
N/A ??? Unknown. -


Character Name Description Debut
Shadem BombFrenzy Shadem Shadem is Bombell's arch-enemy. He wanted to destroy him after knowing he's trying to stop his evil plans to rule the Mushroom World and turn it into his phantom kingdom. He commands the Bombx to attack the citizens. Bomb Frenzy
N/A Golosem Unknown. Bombell: Explosive Quest
N/A ??? Unknown. -
N/A ??? Unknown. -

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