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BombFrenzy Logo
BombFrenzy Boxart
The North American Box of Bomb Frenzy.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Puzzle
Release Date(s) TBA 2013
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ERating
Media Included 3DS Card

Bomb Frenzy (爆弾フレンジー meaning "Bakuhatsu Kyōran" in Japan) is a puzzle game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first game in the Bombell series and is developed by Shooting Star Studios. The game will be released in 2013.


Bombell was a normal, little Bomb Boo, but he didn't know how to use his explosive powers. The other Boos just made fun of him, and he left the mansion. Few days later, Bombell met a very shy and smart Boo, called Booster, and they became best friends. Booster went to his laboratory with Bombell to show him some of his experiments. While Booster was distracted, Bombell took one of the potions. Booster saw Bombell with the potion and shouted him not to touch that, and Bombell accidentally droped the potion, sprinkling on him. When Bombell awoke, he noticed he was different, he was bigger and he felt stronger. Now, thanks to Booster's potion, Bombell has explosive and more stronger powers than any normal Bomb Boo.

After getting his powers. Bombell and Booster saw some Mushroom-like people being attacked by Bombx. The citizens told Bombell and Booster that an evil ghost is trying to take control on the Mushroom World by sending his Bombx to attack everywhere while he prepares his final plan. Now, Bombell and Booster start an adventure to stop the evil Shadem and his Bombx with the help of other friends.

Gameplay and Rules

Bombell, as the main protagonist and hero, alongside his friends, have to save the Mushroom Grasslands from Shadem, the main antagonist. He's sending his Bombx to attack the Grasslands. Now, Bombell and his friends must save the kingdom. You play as Bombell, and you can help him by destroying the Bombx. To do so, the player has to send and control different colored Bomblobs (which are good Bombs commanded by Bombell) and destroy Bombx. Players must do this before the Bombx explodes, if this happens, it will vanish Bomblobs surrounding them and will release more Bombx. These Bombs can be placed in lines to take away Bombx and get much more points.

Bomblobs have to be lined in groups of 3 or more, in the same color, so they could explode and destroy nearby Bombx. If you destroy all the Bombx and the level finishes, you win the level, but if the Bombx reach the top of the level, you lose.


The game contains 9 playable characters, some are still unconfirmed, but Mario and Luigi are confirmed to appear as unlockables. The * denotes the character is unlockable.


Image Character(s) Bomblobs Unlocked by Description
Bombell BombFrenzy Bombell Blue, gray, yellow, red Already unlocked An adventurous and energetic guy who is ready for his new quest to save the Mushroom Grasslands from the evil Shadem!
Booster BombFrenzy Booster Green, black, light blue, orange Already unlocked Bombell's best friend, Booster, is also in the adventure! This shy and very smart guy is the one who created Bombell's powers.
Bombella BombFrenzy Bombella Light black, pink, violet, lime After saving her in World 3 After saving her from Shadem's Bombx, Bombella became Bombell's love interest. And as reward for saving her, she joins the quest!
Stanley BombFrenzy Stanley Navy, cream, magenta, light green After giving him his magic stick in World 4 Stanley also joins the quest after giving him back his magic stick stolen by the Bombx. He's mysterious and curious, and also sure of himself!
Benjamin BombFrenzy Benjamin Light orange, purple, cyan, white After helping him to beat some foes in World 5 Benjamin is the great, little superhero that joins Bombell on his quest after helping him when he was trapped by the Bombx.
Sara BombFrenzy Sara Cobalt, lavender, azure, maroon Unknown TBA
Katero BombFrenzy Katero Unknown Unknown TBA
Mario BombFrenzy Mario* Light red, light blue, brown, gold Unknown The great hero, Mario, from the Super Mario series is also a playable character, but only in Multiplayer Mode, along with his little brother, Luigi.
Luigi* Dark green, dark blue, dark brown, gold Unknown Green 'stache..... I mean, Luigi, is ready for the quest, but only in the Multiplayer Mode, along with his older brother, Mario.


Image Character(s) Role Description
Shadem BombFrenzy Shadem Villain Shadem is the main villain and the one that is behind all this. He's the leader and creator of the Bombx, and his purpose is to take control of the Mushroom World and destroy Bombell and his friends, who are the ones that want to stop him!
Welden BombFrenzy Welden Friend/Shopkeeper Welden is the shopkeeper of every shop in the game. He sells very useful things to Bombell and friends to help them in the adventure.
Gumy BombFrenzy Gumy Friend/Adviser She's a very friendly but overconfident Boo being. She often appears in levels and gives the players hints, tips and other kind of info.
Ducky Boss Ducky is the first Boss, as his battle is in 'Shroom Plains. He's a very easy Boss though.
Crabbit Boss Crabbit is the second Boss, he appears in Sandy Beach. He's also easy, but not as easy as Ducky.
Monstree Boss Boss of World 3. He's a big tree with arms and legs and.... is just a monster tree. He's more difficult.


Items can be equipped in the adventure and can be used in the levels to help the player and/or hinder the Bombx and opponents in Battle Mode. To get items, the player needs to buy it at the Welden's Shop. There, you meet the Shopkeeper Welden, who will sell you his products. You can buy them with Moon Coins, and you can get Moon Coins when clearing levels.

To get Moon Coins, you have to do certain needs in the levels, such as linking Bomblobs in rows, completing the levels in a certain time, etc. After getting an amount of Moon Coins in a level, you can get colored moon Coins. There are different colored Moon Coins:

  • Sapphire Moon Coins - You can get these by clearing levels in a certain time. The Sapphire Moon Coins worth 10 Moon Coins each. You have to earn 10 Moon Coins in the level to get 1 Sapphire Moon Coin.
    • 6 minutes or more - 0 Moon Coins
    • 6 minutes - 5 Moon Coin
    • 5 minutes - 10 Moon Coins
    • 4 minutes - 15 Moon Coins
    • 3 minutes - 25 Moon Coins
    • 2 minutes - 30 Moon Coins
    • 1 minute - 50 Moon Coins
  • Ruby Moon Coins - You get these by linking Bomblobs in once. The Ruby Moon Coins worth 25 Moon Coins each. You have to earn 20 Moon Coins to get 1 Ruby Moon Coin.
    • 3 in a row - 0 Moon Coins
    • 5 in a row - 10 Moon Coins
    • 7 in a row - 15 Moon Coins
    • 10 in a row - 20 Moon Coins
    • 15 in a row - 35 Moon Coins
    • 20 in a row - 40 Moon Coins
    • More than 25 in a row - 50 Moon Coins
  • Platinum Moon Coins - You get these by exploding Bombx in a chain of points. The Platinum Moon Coin worth 30 Moon Coins each. You have to earn 30 Moon Coins to get 1 Platinum Moon Coin.
    • 1 Bombx - 0 Moon Coins
    • 2 Bombx - 5 Moon Coins
    • 4 Bombx - 10 Moon Coins
    • 7 Bombx - 15 Moon Coins
    • 12 Bombx - 24 Moon Coins
    • 20 Bombx - 37 Moon Coins
    • More than 30 Bombx - 50 Moon Coins

Below is a list of the confirmed Items and their cost.

Image Name Price Found only in Description
CrazyCandy BombFrenzy Crazy Candy 1 Ruby Moon Coin (25 Moon Coins) All but Words 7 and 10 It gives more chance to destroy Bombx.
SpeedsterPumpkin BombFrenzy Speedster Pumpkin 1 Sapphire Moon Coin (10 Moon Coins) All the Worlds Bombell commands faster, that means, Bomblobs will destroy Bombx faster.
SlowgoApple BombFrenzy Slowgo Apple 1 Sapphire Moon Coin (10 Moon Coins) All but World 4 Opposite to the Speedster Pumpkin, Bomblobs goes slower.
Stopwatcher 2 Sapphire Moon Coins (20 Moon Coins) Worlds 2, 4, 6 and 9 The Bombx and Bomblobs stops growing for a certain time.
Fresh Juice 1 Ruby Moon Coin (25 Moon Coins) All but World 3 and 8 The Bombx will take more time to explode, giving Bomblobs more chance to destroy them.
Paintbrush 1 Sapphire Moon Coin (30 Moon Coins) ??? Makes all the Bomblobs the same color for a short time, having more chance to line much of them in once.
Black Chest 2 Ruby Moon Coins (50 Moon Coins) ??? Allows the player to get more Moon Coins than normal for a limited time.
Rainbow Hand 2 Sapphire Moon Coins (60 Moon Coins) ??? Bomblobs are multicolored, so they can match with all the Bomblobs and/or Bombx colors.


Unknown ??? TBA
??? Unknown ??? TBA

Worlds and Levels

The game is confirmed to have 10 different worlds, each containing 8 stages with different difficulties. Each world is themed differently.

Image World Theme Unlocked by Description
ShroomPlains BombFrenzy World 1 - 'Shroom Plains Grass Already unlocked 'Shroom Plains is a flowery and beautiful grassland. Is the first location in the game and in the Mushroom Grasslands. Stages in this World are very easy.
SandyBeach BombFrenzy World 2 - Sandy Beach Beach Complete World 1 Sandy Beach is a beach surrounded by various palms and a great ocean. This is the second location in the game. Stages in this World are easy.
GreenTreeway BombFrenzy World 3 - Green Treeway ??? - A forest themed World.
PinnaPyramids BombFrenzy World 4 - Pinna Pyramids ??? - A desert themed World
TheUndersea BombFrenzy World 5 - The Undersea ??? - A underwater themed World.
SnowflakeWonderland BombFrenzy World 6 - Snowflake Wonderland ??? - A ice themed World.
World 7 ??? - Unconfirmed.
World 8 ??? - Unconfirmed.
World 9 ??? - Unconfirmed.
World 10 ??? - A factory themed World.


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  • Title Theme:
    Bombell Title Theme
  • Level Theme:
    Bombell Gameplay Theme



World Pictures



  • Credit to CopperMario from MFGG for the level backgrounds.
  • Credit to Tom (tbc) for the Title Theme.
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