An rpg taking place in prehistoric times.


Player control Neanderthal outcast Bogo and scrappy dino Tira and follow their adventures through Pangea.

Over world

In the over world (outside of battle), players could press the corresponding button to have either Bogo or Tira perform their respective action, getting a first hit on enemies. Or, if they aren't careful, enemies could get the drop on them.


In battle, each both characters have two different attacks, duo attacks, items, and the ability to run from encounter. Bogo can use his club and jump on enemies, Tira can bite and use his tail like a propeller. Later in the game, both heroes can learn their own third attacks to use on enemies. Bogo can learn to use flint and a branch, Tira can learn to use gas. If users press the appropriate button in time, their attacks can do more damage. When enemies attacks, players need to pay attention to enemy movements in order to press the appropriate button to avoid, or even counter, enemy attacks.

Duo Moves

Image Name FP Cost Description Damage/effects
In Progress Dino bomber 5 Tira grabs Bogo by the shoulders. Players are prompted to hold Tira's button so he'll spin his tail like a propeller, lifting Bogo up and flying over to the selected enemy. Hold until the two are over the enemy. Then, release. This'll drop Bogo and Tira. Press Bogo's and Tira's button respectively as they land on top of the enemy.
  • Failure: 6
  • Crumbs: 8
  • Snack: 9
  • Meal: 11
  • Dessert: 13
In Progress Dino Breath 12 Tira turns their rear towards the selected enemy and lifts their tail. Players are prompted to mash Bogo's button so he'll rub his flint and steel together. After a bit of mashing, players are then prompted to hold Tira's button so, preparing something while sparks fly from the flint and steel. After Tira shuts his eyes, players are to let go of the button, sending forth a stream of methane fueled flame towards the enemy.
  • Failure:3
  • Crumbs: 5
  • Snack: 8 plus chance to burn
  • Meal: 10 plus high chance to burn
  • Dessert: 12 plus guaranteed burning and chance to poison
  • Above information assumes the two heroes are at level 5 without any gear modifying their stats


Image Name Description
In Progress Bogo Our scrappy Neanderthal hero. He didn't evolve as well as other Neanderthals, so he's considered stupid to the others. He wields a club and regularly goes out to hunt.
In Progress Tira Our cold blooded dinosaur hero. The egg holding him was stolen away from his mother's nest, so he's forced to act on his own, until he spots Bogo. Then, the two are forced to cooperate in order to survive.


Image Name Description Stats Attaks
In Progress Dilo A small dinosaur known for spitting out a harmful venom. Usually come in packs.
  • HP 5
  • Strength 2
  • Defense 1
  • Speed 3
  • Pounce - leaps towards either Bogo or Tira. They can counter with a club swing or a bite respectively.
  • Venom Spit - walks to be level with either Bogo or Tira, then spits forth a gob of venomous gunk. Have the appropriate character to jump to avoid. Contact usually leads to poisoning.
In Progress Breepee A Neanderthal sticking either foot and either hand through a separate stone wheel. They quickly turn their arms and feet about, moving the wheels and moving them forward as if they were some sort of self moving land transportation contraption.
  • HP 8
  • Strength 5
  • Defense 2
  • Speed 7
  • Charge - rears back and drives towards either Bogo or Tira. Their eyes dart towards whoever they're aiming for. Make the appropriate character jump to avoid the attack. If timed properly, you can land on top of them.
  • Spinout - looks like charge, except there's a bone placed in front of whoever they look at. When they approach this bone, they spinout and end up barreling towards the other character. Make the appropriate character jump to avoid.


  1. Terry (Bogo and Tira)


We open on the explanation of Bogo's situation, showing him to be less developed than others. As such, the tribe he travels with sends him out, club in hand, to find food. While he's traveling, he finds a large egg carried off by one Compsognathus. Bogo chases it down, intent on eating the egg himself, and engages it in battle, where another tribe member gives him a tutorial.

After defeating the Compsognathus, Bogo goes up to the egg, ready to smash it, when it suddenly starts shaking, causing him to stop. Then, the egg opens, revealing Tira. Being scared by the unfamiliarity around him, he rushes at Bogo. Then, another tutorial mission plays where players control Tira beating on Bogo as the Compsognathus from before trembles at thinking of what Tira could pull off. After completing the tutorial, we're treated to a brief cartoonish dust cloud of Bogo and Tira scuffling, until they plummet off a cliff and Bogo gets separated from his tribe.

Realizing he's separated, Bogo panics, while Tira acts high and mighty, assuming he'll survive out here. However, after a he's briefly overwhelmed in another battle, Bogo comes in and shows his own prowess. After this, Tira begrudgingly follows Bogo, realizing he'll starve if he doesn't follow him.

(More to come)

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