Boeni is a Dry Bones and one of Kolorado's partners in Kolorado's Kwest. He was a loyal member to King Mousta before the revolt. He was sneaking into the Dry Dry Ruins, then known as the Dry Dry Palace the centre of the thriving Dry Dry Kingdom. He was going to plant a device that would destroy the traitors to the kingdom when a sarcofigace landed on him, back then he was a Koopa Troopa over time his body degraded and he became a Dry Bones.

Boeni waited for 500 years under the sarcofigace until Kolorado came and lifted it off him, he was so grateful to Kolorado that he vowed loyalty to him for eternity. He can use his extensive knowledge from 500 years ago and all the conversations he's heard over the years to provide Kolorado with useful tips.

Being Unearthed

Kolorado accidently tripped over the sarcofigace that held Boeni underneath, out of frustration he lifted up the sarcofigace and out jumped the Dry Bones. Boeni told Kolorado his story which thrilled the archiologist, and asked if he could come along so he could provide more stories (the Tattle ability has been renamed Story).


  • Bone Club - Bone Club is his basic move it does 1 damage when on Normal Rank, 2 on Super Rank and 4 on Ultra Rank and 2, 4 and 6 with timed hits respectively. This move can hit foes in the air as well.
  • Story - Boeni tells Kolorado about a foe's weak spots, how much health it has etc. It is the same as the Tattle ability from previous titles.
  • Bone Bash - Bone Bash attacks all of the enemies on the field, it does 2 damage to all of them, 4 if timed correctly. It takes up 3 Koopy Points and can only be used when Super Rank.
  • Unravel - Boeni will collapse himself, then on the next turn he will reform himself over one enemy killing it or doing 8 damage depending on the size. It takes up 8 Koopy Points and can only be used once in Ultra Rank.


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