Bobby The Bunny Racing
Developer(s) Mij Mod
Publisher(s) Mij Mod Studios
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Racing
Series Bobby The Bunny
Release Date(s) 2017
Mode(s) Grand Race

Time Trials

Royale Rumble

Balloon Brawl

Coin Collecting

Story Mode

Age Rating(s) 3+

Bobby The Bunny is a racing game made for the Wii U. It is the first game in the Bobby The Bunny Racing Series.  


Name Image Description Speed Weight acceleration How To Unlock
Bobby Bobby is the main character of Bobby The Bunny Racing. He is a bunny who loves going on adventures. His special item is the sheild. 4/5 Medium 1/5 Already Unlocked
Robby Robby is Bobby's grumpy brother. He can get very annoyed at times. His special item is the Grumpy Bomb 4/5

Medium -     Heavy

2/5 (this slighltly makes up for his weight) Already Unlocked
Timber Timber is Bobby's nephew. He can be very cheeky and rude. His special item is the coconut. 5/5 Light 2/5 Already Unlocked
Snobby Snobby the 'Pirate' is Bobby's Cousin. He loves sailing on the 7 seas, but also loves racing. His speacial ability is the cannon. 3/5 Medium 1/5 Already Unlocked
Princess Princess is Bobby's pet dog. She loves eating bones and her special item is Bone Bomb 5/5 Medium 3/5 Already Unlocked
Prince Prince is Robby's pet dog. He loves rare things and is very posh. His special item is Bone Boost 5/5 Medium 3/5 Already Unlocked
Glyn Glyn is Timber's Dad who is very stupid and loud mouthed. He can be kind at times though. His special item is Kat Nip Ball 2/5 Heavy 1/5 Already Unlocked
Milo The Motormouth Milo is a very talkative hippo who always has somthing to say, even if its a bit boring. He also is quite stupid, and if he talks too much, his head explodes as he runs out of air. But it comes back. His special item is Megaphone 3/5 Medium 1/5 Already Unlocked
Sammy Squirrel Sammy is Bobby's friend who lives in a tree house along with his other friend Congo. Congo and Sammy are very different in size though. 5/5 Light 3/5


(Win a Grand Race with a light character)

Brad Stwearts Brad is a weird guy who loves bikini's, bra's, bikini bottoms and pretty much everything beginning with 'B'. 3/5 Medium 5/5 Already Unlocked
Wendell T Wolf Wendell is a small, puny little wolf who was very bad luck, but maybe his luck will change if he can win a Grand Race? 4/5 Small 4/5 Already Unlocked


Charcter Kart   Motor Bike Plane (Battle Mode Only) Hover Craft (Battle Mode Only)


BB Kart 


BB Motor Bike


BB Plane


BB Hover Craft

Robby Robby's Racer Wild Rider Hip High Flyer Hip Hover Craft
Timber Wooden Go Kart Mini Motor Bike Tiny Flyer Crazy Hover Craft
Snobby Jolly Racer Hispaniola Sailer Sky Hispanihovercraft.
Princess Cosy Kart Beautiful Bike Perfect Plane Happy Hover Craft
Prince Royal Race Money Motor Fancy Flyer Rich Racer
Glyn Cat Kart Meow-ter Bike Purrfect Plane Hover Cat
Milo The Motormouth  Talk Kart Motor Bike Mouth No-Air-Plain Hover Chat
Sammy  Squirrel Log Racer Nutty Motorbike Pocket Plane Mini Hoverer

Custom Karts







Hover Craft


Creepy Clown


Creepy Clown Bike

Creepy Clown Copter

Creepy Clown-


Fire Drill Freaky Fire Hound Fantastic Fire Jet

Fabulous Floating Fire

Punch Kart Punch Bike Punch Plane Hovering Punch
Kick Kart Kick Bike Kick Plane

Kick Craft

Menace Kart Menacing Motor-Bike Menacing Mammoth Copter

Menacing  Hover


Grand Race Tracks (UNFINSHED)

Clover Cup

Carrot Cup Banana cup Turkey Cup Firework Cup



Bomb Cup



Bobby Circuit Carrot Plains

Brad's Banana Emporium

Fungus Forest

Honey Comb Canyon

Slippy Speedway
Crazy Coliseum

Robby's Mansion

Sammy's Forest
Congo's Jungle Bog Highway Muddy Mountain

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