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Bob Rose
Full Name Robert Antwan Rose
Current Age 25
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Alpharetta, Georgia
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class F.A.N.T. Agent
Nationality American
First Appearance Fantendo - Side Stories

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Bob is man from the RTAverse. A freelance artist and former streetball player, Bob is the leader of the second squad of the RTAverse's version of F.A.N.T..

Physical appearance

Bob is a somewhat short 25-year-old African-American male with black cornrows and brown eyes. Bob also wears a red snapback cap. Bob wears an Atlanta Hawks basketball jersey, blue jeans and white trainers. Additionally, Bob wears a gold watch on his right wrist.


Bob is a talented artist. He can create lifelike sketches to trick enemies while he gets the upper hand by attempting to attack from behind. Bob has some athletic skills from when he used to play basketball on the streets of Atlanta. He has some decent speed and above-average leaping ability, but not on the level of some of his colleagues. Bob also has a particular pencil that can bring the things he draws to life. Bob isn't sure how this pencil works, but goes with it anyway. Bob usually has a good eye for setting up allies when they need help taking an enemy out.


Bob is a rather calm and chilled out person. He jokes about with his colleagues and usually doesn't get frustrated. He doesn't like to yell and usually acts like "quite the gentleman", in his words.


  • Bob shares a few similarities with the artist Bob Ross.
  • Bob was offered a spot with Marvel, but he turned it down.