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Bob-omb Battlefield is a game, where the player has to save the Bob-omb Buddies, and fight the Big Bob-omb.


The Bob-ombs and the Bob-omb Buddies were at constant war. But one day the Bob-ombs lead a secret attack and captured most of the Bob-omb buddies. The remaining two that weren't captured went on a quest to defeat Big Bob-omb. Along the way their numbers grow as they rescue their friends.


World 1: The Bob-omb Buddies base, a huge cannon is in the center of it. The first part of the world is the standerd grassy levels, but when you defeat the mini-boss it opens up the next part of the world which is much mistier and creepier. Cannons and trampolines are some of the many items introdused in this world. The first level is a practise level and it takes place on the huge hill where the giant cannon is. The mini-boss of this world are two Boomerang Bros., after defeating them, Mario can get a Boomerang Suit. This Boomerang Suit allows him to attack enemies at a distance, it can also take ahold of items and bring them back to you. The boss of this world is a giant Splunkin.

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