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Long ago in the kingdom of Myrelester, there lived a group of dragons, who bore gifts. With these gifts, they’d blessed mankind with many powers, with which the kingdom was able to grow. One dragon gifted the flame of power, one dragon gifted the wind of change, one dragon gifted the spark of thought, and one dragon gifted the steel of will. Among them, there were two special dragons, one responsible for judgement, Minoi, and determining the ultimate fate of those presented to her, and one responsible for the dead, Sepkir, making sure they were brought to judgement and making sure they weren’t forced to wander.

However, for reasons most of the common folk don’t know, Sepkir went mad. He tried to strike down the dragons, summoning up an army of the dead to attempt to strike them down. Through much strife, it was Minoi’s judgement that crippled Sepkir’s army. Once the army was taken down, Sepkir was forced into imprisonment, hidden deep underground. And, since then, the kingdom was built over the old battleground, and the dragons have taken up residence among the various villages. There, they stand as guardians over the many villages, stepping down to aid in case the village is in danger.

However, recently a danger has arrived, who wields power unlike those any’d ever possessed. He commands a cult of warriors, each seeking to carry out his vision. In his vision, the dragons are in danger, and so is any other person that steps in between him and them. When word of a village’s dragon being killed spreads, it’s up to a few villagers to repel the enemy forces. Else, the kingdom may very well be in danger.

How to Play

Character Creation

Before you initiate, you'll have to create your character.

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Backstory:
  • Class:
  • Starting Weapons:
  • Growth Rate Priority:

Name, gender, and backstory should be simple enough to explain, but let's discuss Class, Starting Weaponry, and Growth Rate Priority.


A class is integral to your character. Classes determine your starting stats, whether or not you can fly, what weapons you can wield, and what other classes you can eventually promote yourself into. There are a few starting classes available at the start. You may notice a letter next to the available weapons. That represents your proficiency. You improve your proficiency by using that type of weapon more and more, and you can only use certain weapons based on your proficiency. You can only equip yourself with weapons of the same proficiency of your starting proficiency when you create your character.

Beyond that, HP determines how much health a character has, Str determines how much a physical attack does, Mag determines the effectiveness of magic moves, Skl determines hit rate and crit rate, Spd determines the evasion ability and can determine if you get multiple hits, Lck determines the luck of someone, Def determines how much physical damage is negated, Res determines how much magical damage is negated, and Move determines how many grid spaces you can move. Your stats randomly increase when you level up. You can level up a class up to level 20. If your character is over level 7, then you can use the item "Master Seal" to promote yourself to another class.

As the story progresses, more classes will be made available for character creation.

  • Tactician: A class capable of wielding swords and magic. They are very balanced and have a fairly even growth rate. Though, because of this, they tend to not excel in a particular area.
    • Available Weapons: Sword(E), Anima Tome(E)
    • Stats: HP:16, Str:4, Mag:3, Skl:5, Spd:5, Lck:0, Def:5, Res:3, Move:5
  • Cavalier: A unit riding a horse. These are good for direct attacks, though their growth rates will eventually make things harder for them.
    • Classifications: Beastly
    • Available Weapons: Sword(E), Lance(E)
    • Stats: HP:17, Str:6, Mag:0, Skl:5 Spd:5, Lck:3, Def:5, Res:3, Move:7
  • Archer: Bow wielders that aren't good when surrounded.
    • Available Weapons: Bow(E)
    • Stats: HP:17, Str:5, Mag:0, Skl:7, Spd:5, Lck:2, Def:4, Res:1, Move:5
  • Cleric: A unit that isn't usually used for combat, but is instrumental in a successful attack due to their supportive abilities.
    • Available Weapons: Staff(E)
    • Stats: HP:16, Str:0, Mag:4, Skl:3, Spd:6, Lck:4, Def:1, Res:6, Move:5
  • Mage: A classic magic user, though not good at up close combat.
    • Available Weapons: Anima Tome(E)
    • Stats: HP:15, Str:0, Mag:4, Skl:5, Spd:6, Lck:1, Def:1, Res:3, Move:5
  • Thief: A quick unit that is able to pick any lock. Good for if you want to grab something from a chest or open a locked door.
    • Available Weapons: Knife(E)
    • Stats: HP:16, Str:3, Mag:1, Skl:4, Spd:8, Lck:1, Def:2, Res:4, Move:5
  • Merchant: A mounted unit that’s known for selling good and for their trade. Though, they may trade blows if they’re attacked. They aren’t known for their survivability. In between battles, however, they can pull from the convoy’s gold to purchase a fairly weak bodyguard that’ll act as an ally during the next fight.
    • Classifications: Beastly
    • Available Weapons: Bow(E), Lance(E)
    • Stats: HP:16, Str:5, Mag:0, Skl:7, Spd:7, Lck:3, Def:4, Res:4, Move:7
  • Blacksmith: A common man that typically works to produce various metal-based products, from weapons to shields to armor. They’re fairly resistant to magic, and fairly strong, though they don’t have terribly great defenses. Additionally, there is a very slight chance that they could cause an enemy to be unarmed when they fight. Note: if an unarmed enemy then initiates combat, they will re-equip their weapon in order to attack, so this skill is more useful for when an opposing phase occurs and when there’s another unit nearby to wear down the foes without getting hurt.
    • Available Weapons: Axe(E)
    • Stats: HP:20, Str:7, Mag:0, Skl:5, Spd:5, Lck:0, Def:2, Res:4, Move:5
  • Dancer: A unit that isn't usually good in battle, but can inspire fellow units to move again in the same turn by dancing to them.
    • Available Weapons: Sword(E)
    • Stats: HP:16, Str:1, Mag:1, Skl:5, Spd:8, Lck:0, Def:3, Res:1, Move:5
  • Mercenary: Units that stick to the sword. They are usually balanced.
    • Available Weapons: Sword(E)
    • Stats: HP:18, Str:5, Mag:0, Skl:8, Spd:7, Lck:0, Def:5, Res:0, Move:5
  • Fighter: A powerful class brandishing a powerful axe in battle. These guys are typically built for face to face combat.
    • Available Weapon: Axe(E)
    • Stats: HP:20, Str:8, Mag:0, Skl:5, Spd:5, Lck:0, Def:4, Res:0, Move:5
  • Knight: A warrior clad in thick armor and bringing lances to battle. They serve as a thick line of defense against incoming foes, and can dish out a fair amount of damage, but they are notoriously slow.
    • Classifications: Armored
    • Available weapon: Lance(E)
    • Stats: HP:18, Str:8, Mag:0, Skl:4, Spd:2, Lck:0, Def:11, Res:0, Move:4
  • Wyvern Rider: They're known for being very powerful against normal units, and being able to fly. However, like other flying units, they're weak to wind magic and bows. Plus, they don't have a lot of defense against magic, so be careful if you see a mage.
    • Classification: Draconic, Flying
    • Available Weapons: Axe(E)
    • Stats: HP:19, Str:7, Mag:0, Skl:6, Spd:5, Lck:0, Def:8, Res:0, Move:7
  • Pegasus Knight: A knight perched upon a Pegasus. Pegasus Knights have unmatchable maneuverability, able to fly over raised planes and hover over gaps. As a Pegasus Knight, you should be weary of archers, beast-killing gear, and wind magic. Also be weary of their frail defenses.
    • Classifications: Beastly, Flying
    • Available Weapon: Lance(E)
    • Stats: HP:16, Str:4, Mag:2, Skl:7, Spd:8, Lck:0, Def:4, Res:6, Move:7
  • Myrmidon: A foot soldier known for their speed and skill. They can't take too many hits, but they're good for dealing damage, so long as they can dodge fast enough.
    • Available Weapons: Sword(E)
    • Stats: HP:16, Str:4, Mag:1, Skl:9, Spd:10, Lck:0, Def:4, Res:1, Move:5
  • Troubadour: A mount unit that can cross a wide distance to any injured ally. Beware, for their low defenses make them easier prey for foes.
    • Classifications: Beastly
    • Available Weapons: Staff(E)
    • Stats: HP:16, Str:0, Mag:3, Skl:2, Spd:5, Lck:0, Def:1, Res:5, Move:7
  • Dark Mage: A type of spell caster notable for their use of dark spells. They wield dark magic, which is very powerful, yet fairly inaccurate.
    • Available Weapons: Dark Tome(E)
    • Stats: 18 HP, 1 Str, Mag:3, Skl:2, Spd:3, Lck:0, Def:4, Res:4, Move:5
  • Hunter: A ranged fighter that is finely attuned with the forest. They’re seen wielding bows and knives, so they aren’t completely helpless. Though, as hunters, they rely on accuracy above defense, so they may not deal a lot of damage to foes, but they could be useful for a well-aimed critical hit.
    • Available Weapons: Bow(E), Knife(E)
    • Stats: HP:14, Str:6, Mag:1, Skl:9, Spd:5, Lck:2, Def:4, Res:3, Move:5
  • Centaur: A strange race of people that’s able to transform from man to a horse-like beast through the use of a stone. They serve well for maneuvering around a field, and are notable for a fairly sizable strength pool, though their low defenses leave them fairly open.
    • Classifications: Beastly
    • Available Weapons: Beaststone(E)
    • Stats: HP:16, Str:7, Mag:1, Skl:6, Spd:8, Lck:0, Def:2, Res:3, Move:7
  • Jester: Agile characters with a focus on movement and luck, using various weapons that can create illusions and various tricks. They would be able to create diversions and mess with opponents.
    • Available Weapons: Gags(E)
    • Stats: HP:13, Str:1, Mag:3, Skl:4, Spd:5, Lck: 4, Def:0, Res:1, Move:6
  • Manakete: Forces of nature wielding powerful defenses, as well as powerful magic, though they tend to falter in the more skillful and speedy aspects of life.
    • Classifications: Dragon
    • Available Weapons: Dragonstone(E)
    • Stats: HP: 18, Str: 0, Mag: 6, Skl: 4, Spd: 3, Lck: 0, Def: 5, Res: 4, Move: 5


Weapons determine how much damage you do, but they also have a limited usage. Mind your weapon's durability. It should also be noted that certain weapons are part of a rock-paper-scissor-esque triangle. Which ever beats the other determines whether the weapon will deal more damage or not. Sword is better than axe which is better than lances. More weapons will be listed as the story progresses and proficiencies increase.

Swords, lances, axes, knives, beaststones, and bows deal str damage unless specified otherwise. Anima tomes, dark tomes, and gags deal mgc damage.

Note: Before you choose your weapons, consider the Current Creation Level/Rank, specifically the rank. If you choose a unit with more than one weapon type, you'll have to either allocate all proficiency experience into one weapon rank, or allocate your experience across the various weapon ranks.

  • Bronze Sword
    • 50 uses, 3 damage, 100% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank E Sword
  • Glass Sword
    • 3 uses, 11 damage, 85% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank E Sword
  • Iron Sword
    • 40 uses, 5 damage, 95% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank D Sword
  • Wyrmslayer
    • 25 uses, 8 damage, 80% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range, deals 3x damage to draconic units
    • Rank D Sword
  • Wind Edge
    • 25 Uses, 1 Damage, 90% Accuracy, 0 Critical, 1-2 Range
    • Rank D Sword
  • Parry Sword
    • 20 uses, 6 damage, 85% Accuracy, 5% crit rate, 1 Range, has Weapon Triangle Superiority over swords, has Weapon Triangle Inferiority over axes
    • Rank D Sword
  • Steel Sword
    • 35 uses, 8 damage, 90% Accuracy, 0% crit rate, 1 Range
    • Rank C Sword
  • Storm Sword
    • 20 uses, 6 damage, 85% hit rate, 0 Critical, 1-2 Range
    • Rank C Sword
  • Killing Edge
    • 30 uses, 9 damage, 90% hit rate, 30% crit rate, 1 Range
    • Rank C Sword
  • Lancereaver
    • 15 uses, 9 damage, 75% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1 Range, weapon triangle advantage against lances
    • Rank C Sword
  • Flamberge
    • 25 uses, 9 damage, 90% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range, deals magic damage
    • Rank C Sword
  • Bronze Lance
    • 50 uses, 3 damage, 90% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank E Lance
  • Glass Lance
    • 3 uses, 13 damage, 75% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank E Lance
  • Iron Lance
    • 40 uses, 6 damage, 85% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank D Lance
  • Javelin
    • 25 uses, 2 damage, 80% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank D Lance
  • Beast Killer
    • 25 uses, 9 damage, 70% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range, deals 3x damage to beastly units
    • Rank D Lance
  • Halberd
    • 20 uses, 7 damage, 75% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1 range, has Weapon Triangle Superiority over lances, has Weapon Triangle Inferiority over swords
    • Rank D Lance
  • Steel Lance
    • 35 uses, 9 damage, 80% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank C Lance
  • Short Spear
    • 25 uses, 5 damage, 75% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank C Lance
  • Killer Lance
    • 30 uses, 10 damage, 80% hit rate, 30% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank C Lance
  • Axereaver
    • 15 uses, 10 damage, 70% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank C Lance
  • Volcanic Pike
    • 25 uses, 10 damage, 80% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range, deals magic damage
    • Rank C Lance
  • Bronze Axe
    • 50 uses, 5 damage, 85% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank E Axe
  • Glass Axe
    • 3 uses, 15 damage, 65% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank E Axe
  • Iron Axe
    • 40 uses, 7 damage, 75% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank D Axe
  • Hand Axe
    • 35 uses, 3 damage, 70% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank D Axe
  • Hammer
    • 25 uses, 10 damage, 60% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range, 3x damage to armored units
    • Rank D Axe
  • Scythe
    • 20 uses, 8 damage, 65% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1 range, has Weapon Triangle Superiority over axes, has Weapon Triangle Inferiority over lances
    • Rank D Axe
  • Steel Axe
    • 35 uses, 11 damage, 70% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank C Axe
  • Short Axe
    • 25 uses, 7 damage, 65% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank C Axe
  • Killer Axe
    • 30 uses, 12 damage, 60% hit rate, 30% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank C Axe
  • Swordreaver
    • 20 uses, 11 damage, 65% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1 range, has weapon triangle superiority over swords, has weapon triangle inferiority over lances
    • Rank C Axe
  • Burning Edge
    • 25 uses, 13 damage, 75% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range, deals magic damage
    • Rank C Axe
  • Bronze Bow
    • 50 uses, 3 damage, 90% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 2 range, deals 3x damage to flying units
    • Rank E Bow
  • Glass Bow
    • 3 uses, 12 damage, 75% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 2 range, deals 3x damage to flying units
    • Rank E Bow
  • Iron Bow
    • 40 uses, 6 damage, 85% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 2 range, deals 3x damage to flying units
    • Rank D Bow
  • Steel Bow
    • 35 uses, 9 damage, 80% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 2 range, deals 3x damage to flying units
    • Rank C Bow
  • Killer Bow
    • 30 uses, 10 damage, 80% hit rate, 30% crit rate, 2 range, deals 3x damage to flying units
    • Rank C Bow
  • Longbow
    • 25 uses, 9 damage, 70% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 2-3 range, deals 3x damage to flying units
    • Rank C Bow
  • Bronze Knife
    • 30 uses, 1 damage, 80% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank E Knife
  • Iron Knife
    • 25 uses, 3 damage, 75% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank D Knife
  • Beast Killer (Knife)
    • 20 uses, 9 damage, 70% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range, 3x damage to beastly units
  • Steel Knife
    • 20 uses, 5 damage, 60% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
  • Staff(Heal)
    • 30 uses, heals 10 units + Mgc, 1 range
    • Rank E Staff
  • Staff(Rescue)
    • 5 uses, pulls a unit within range of 1-(Mgc/2) to a space adjacent to caster
    • Rank E Staff
  • Staff(Mend)
    • 20 uses, heals 20 units + Mgc, 1 range
    • Rank D Staff
  • Balmwood Staff
    • 15 uses, heals 15 (+1/2 of Mgc) units to target or can be used on self to restore (Mgc) units, 1 range
    • Rank D Staff
  • Staff(Physic)
    • 15 uses, heals 10 units, 1-Mgc range
    • Rank C Staff
  • Staff(Ward)
    • 5 uses, increase ally's Res by 5, 1-Mgc range
    • Rank C Staff
  • Staff(Sigil)
    • 10 uses, places a sigil that blocks enemies until the beginning of the next turn, 1-Mgc*1.5 range
    • Rank C Staff
  • Thunder
    • 45 uses, 3 damage, 80% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank E Anima Tome
  • Elthunder
    • 35 uses, 6 damage, 75% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank D Anima Tome
  • Arcthunder
    • 30 uses, 10 damage, 70% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank C Anima Tome
  • Fire
    • 45 uses, 2 damage, 90% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank E Anima Tome
  • Elfire
    • 35 uses, 5 damage, 85% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank D Anima Tome
  • Arcfire
    • 30 uses, 8 damage, 80% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank C Anima Tome
  • Wind
    • 45 uses, 1 damage, 100% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range, deals 3x damage to flying units
    • Rank E Anima Tome
  • Elwind
    • 35 uses, 4 damage, 95% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range, deals 3x damage to flying units
    • Rank D Anima Tome
  • Arcwind
    • 30 uses, 6 damage, 90% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range, deals 3x damage to flying units
    • Rank C Anima Tome
  • Flux
    • 45 uses, 4 damage, 75% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank E Dark Tome
  • Nosferatu
    • 20 uses, 7 damage, 65% hit rate, 0$ crit rate, 1-2 range, restores HP equal to half the damage dealt
    • Rank D Dark Tome
  • Ruin
    • 20 uses, 4 damage, 60% hit rate, 50% crit rate, 1-2 range
    • Rank C Dark Tome
  • Mire
    • 10 uses, 10 damage, 65% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 3-10 range
    • Rank C Dark Tome
  • Bronze Beaststone
    • 50 Uses, 3 damage, 95% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank E Stone
  • Bronze Beastrune
    • 50 uses, 3 damage, 90% hit rate, 10% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank E Stone
  • Iron Beaststone
    • 40 uses, 5 damage, 90% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank D Stone
  • Iron Beastrune
    • 40 uses, 5 damage, 85% hit rate, 10% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank D Stone
  • Steel Beaststone
    • 35 uses, 9 damage, 80% hit rate, 5% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank C Stone
  • Steel Beastrune
    • 35 uses, 9 damage, 75% hit rate, 10% crit rate, 1 range
    • Rank C Stone
  • Fog
    • 1 Damage, 30 Uses, 90% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 Range, reduce accuracy by 5
    • Rank E Gag
  • Illusion
    • 2 damage, 30 Uses, 80% hit rate, 10% crit rate, 1-5 range, when not being used to damage a foe, it produces an illusionary copy that doesn't deal damage, and dissipates after one hit
    • Rank E Gag
  • Tar
    • 3 damage, 25 uses, 85% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 range, deals -1 skl/spd
    • Rank D Gag
  • Ellusion
    • 3 damage, 30 uses, 70% hti rate, 10% crit rate, 1-5 range, when not being used to damage a foe, it produces an illusionary copy that doesn't deal damage, dissipates after one hit, and reduces an enemy's durability.
    • Rank D Gag
  • Bronze Dragonstone
    • 3 damage, 50 uses, 85% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 Range
    • Rank E Dragonstone
  • Bronze Dragonrune
    • 2 damage, 50 Uses, 95% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 Range
    • Rank E Dragonstone
  • Iron Dragonstone
    • 5 damage, 40 Uses, 80% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 Range
    • Rank D Dragonstone
  • Iron Dragonrune
    • 4 damage, 40 Uses, 90% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 Range
    • Rank D Dragonstone
  • Steel Dragonstone
    • 9 damage, 35 uses, 75% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 Range
    • Rank C Dragonstone
  • Steel Dragonrune
    • 8 damage, 35 uses, 85% hit rate, 0% crit rate, 1-2 Range
    • Rank C Dragonstone

Smithed Weapons

The following are weapons produced by forging them in a blacksmith with the proper material.

  • Bronze Katana (Bronze Sword + Smooth Stone)
  • Bronze Claymore (Bronze Sword + Harsh Stone)
  • Iron Katana (Iron Sword + Smooth Stone)
  • Iron Claymore (Iron Sword + Harsh Stone)
    • 6 damage, 40 uses, 90% hit rate, 0% crit rate
  • Bronze Nagniata (Bronze Lance + Smooth Stone)
  • Bronze Xystoon (Bronze Lance + Harsh Stone)
  • Iron Naginata (Iron Lance + Smooth Stone)
  • Iron Xystoon (Iron Lance + Harsh Stone)
  • Bronze Club (Bronze Axe + Smooth Stone)
  • Bronze Battle Axe (Bronze Axe + Harsh Stone)
  • Iron Club (Iron Axe + Harsh Stone)
  • Iron Battle Axe (Iron Axe + Harsh Stone)
  • Bronze Yumi (Bronze Bow + Smooth Stone)
  • Bronze Recurve Bow (Bronze Bow + Harsh Stone)
  • Iron Yumi (Iron Bow + Smooth Stone)
  • Iron Recurve Bow (Iron Bow + Harsh Stone)
    • 7 damage, 40 uses, 80% hit rate, 0% crit rate
  • Bronze Karambit (Bronze Knife + Smooth Stone)
  • Bronze Senbon (Bronze Knife + Harsh Stone)
  • Iron Karambit (Iron Knife + Smooth Stone)
  • Iron Senbon (Iron Knife + Harsh Stone)


  • Vulnerary: Restores 10 HP. Can be used thrice.
  • Lockpick: Used to unlock doors and chests. One can be used 5 times

Current Creation Level/Rank

At this point, players can start at:

Lvl 3(85/100), Rank D(90/100)

A special note, the Weapon proficiency represent accumulated experience gained in a particular proficiency. If you submit a character capable of wielding more than one type of weapon, you'll have to distribute the cumulated experience among the available proficiencies. For example, it currently reads Rank B, 11/100. Each rank contains 100 experience, so this is 411 proficiency to distribute.

Growth Rate Priority

Each class can level up to level 20 without a class change/promotion. Each class has varying levels of growth rate, so there are chances some stats will improve while other stats don't. Some level ups will yield many rewards, but others may wield lesser rewards. At least by default. If you wish to keep growth rate at default, then leave Growth Rate Priority blank. Otherwise, list the stats you wish to prioritize the growth rate for, and one you have to stunt the growth rate for. You can only prioritize 1 stat, and you'll be forced to deprioritize one stat. If you prioritize one stat, then there's a greater chance it'll grow with each level up. If you deprioritize one, there's a lesser chance it'll grow with each level up.

  • Growth Rate Priority: +Str, -Mag

The above prioritization will allow strength to grow more consistently, but make magic's growth rate significantly slower than usual. Again, if you wish to go for the default growth rate, leave Growth Rate Priority blank.


Skills are an extra bonus units typically wield. Skills full under a few types:

  • Use - these skills are skills that units must select in order to initiate
  • Chance - these skills are skills triggered under random circumstances typically dictated by the wielder's stats
  • Passive - these skills are always present and tend to have a constant presence on the field
  • Circumstantial - these skills are skill that trigger when circumstances specified under the Skill itself are met.
Personal Skills

There are a few skills that exist only to particular characters. Though, players may find a means of wielding them later...

  • Ambush - A circumstantial skill. If the wielder of said skill has less than half their HP left, even if an opposing unit initiates combat with them, they will strike first if the opposition is in range.

Battle Scene

FE OoJScene

Along with story stuff and character interactions, players may encounter villainous foes in fields. Battle is based on a character's equipment and stats, while movement is based on a stat called "movement" and the grid. From left to right, the columns are marked A, B, C, and so on and so forth. From up to down, the rows are marked 1, 2, 3, and so on. Players will be prompted to move along these grids to a specified position. For example, assuming you're the myrmidon, you'd be at F1. You'd have 5 movement, and thus five spaces to move. So, from F1 to F5, adjacent from the thief, would be four spaces. E5 would be five spaces away for the myrmidon, as would J2. Occasionally in the field, you'll find orange squares, which are impassible to either foes. If you find a pure black square, nobody except flying troops can cross it.

On the field, you'll encounter squares marked something like "Treasure" or "Event" or otherwise. "Treasure" marks a treasure chest, which is locked. "Event" would represent a tile that can have some sort of affect, usually positive, on a player, such as increased weapon proficiency, or finding an item.

You may notice different hues to the field. Those represent different heights. The darker the height, the lower the terrain as. If you're higher, you'll have better accuracy against foes. If you wish to travel from height to height, you'll have to rely on there being a proper transition (as in, there has to be a point one level higher for you to travel across).

FE heights

Left is lowest, right is highest.


If an opponent is within attack range (for most melee users that's adjacent on four sides, for archers that'd be 1 space ahead from the adjacent areas, and magic ranges will be specified in the spells), you can choose to attack an opponent. Similarly, opponents will be able to move towards you and attack. Depending on both fighters' weapons, the fighters will exchange blows, the attacker attacking first and the attacked attacking second. Enemies (ie, immediate threats) are marked by red squares, will have a title describing their class, and will have their weapon specified in parenthesis next to their classification. Neutral opponents are marked in green. If you're attacking a foe from a higher position, you'll gain an accuracy/evasion bonus.

Before you officially fight an opponent, players will be told how much damage they'll take and how much damage the opponent will take, how likely each of you are to land your attack, and the chance of critical attack on either side. Players can also change their weapon, and the attack, accuracy/evasion, and critical will be updated.

In addition to attacking, either side can use an item, trade items with adjacent units, or wait their turn. There are no pair ups in here, apologies.


Turns last until each unit on either side perform their actions. If a player attacks, uses an item, or waits, that is marked as the end of their movement. When all units on one side finish their turn, the other side will move. First is the player side, in which each player decide their actions. Second is the enemy side, who is controlled by the controller of the game (me). Third, that is if there are three types of units, are neutral units. Some may be recruitable, some try to steal away items, or who know what else. If a player isn't yet with the main party, they may show up as a neutral member, at which point the main party will have to speak with them to recruit them. Otherwise, they are controlled by the controller of the game (me).


All players can hold a maximum of 8 items (including weapons) in a battle. If a character collects an item and has a full inventory, it'll be automatically transferred to "Convoy." Any gold collected automatically goes to “Convoy." Before battles, you can choose the items you wish to bring into battle as well as items you wish to transfer to "Entire Inventory."

Child Units

Eventually in the game, there is going to be a time skip. During this time skip, units are able to pair up and, mid time skip, have a child. Players are freely able to pair up two of their own units, but if you wish to have a child unit with another character, please get the other player’s permission first. Your child unit will acquire the class of the mother, and earn some growth rates from the father.


  • Convoy: 322g, Smooth Stone, Parry Sword,
  • Fyrrin(Hunter) - Fyrrin grew alone in the forest, without a family. While there, he learned the art of the bow via a merchant, and garnered more skills from various travelers. He works as a bounty hunter, tracking his targets wherever.
    • Lvl 4, Current EXP: 50/100, Bow Proficiency(C): 60/100, Knife Proficiency(E): 40/100
    • Current Stats: HP:17, Str:8, Mag:1, Skl:11, Spd:7, Lck:2, Def:4, Res:6, Move:5
    • Growth Rate: +Skl, -Mag
    • Equipment(2/8): Bronze Knife(26/30), Steel Bow(30/35)
  • Alia(Dancer) - Alia once lived in a simple village by a river bank. However, a bad storm came down and flooded it. She was left as the only survivor, and was left wandering.
    • Lvl 4, Current EXP: 93/100, Sword Proficiecy(E): 03/100
    • Current Stats: HP:18, Str:1, Mag:2, Skl:8, Spd:10, Lck:0, Def:3, Res:1, Move:5
    • Growth Rate: Untouched
    • Equipment(1/8): Bronze Sword(47/50)
  • Luin (Dark Mage) - Luin lived in the outskirts of a village, being the child of the only mage. His mom, the mage, helped to teach him magic, and he learned how to cast dark magic. So, having turned 18, he decided to set out and garner as much knowledge on magic as possible.
    • Lvl 4, Current EXP: 26/100, Dark Tome Proficiency(C): 72/100
    • Current Stats: 21 HP, 1 Str, Mag:6, Skl:2, Spd:5, Lck:0, Def:4, Res:4, Move:5
    • Growth Rate: +Mag, -Def
    • Equipment(3/8): Flux(43/45), Nosferatu(15/20), Ruin(19/20)
  • Everlee Rodas (Troubadour) - Everlee was the descendant to an ancient hero. She desired adventure, so one day she left her home village to do it.
    • Lvl 4, Current EXP: 60/100, Staff Proficiency(B): 08/100
    • Current Stats: HP:19, Str:0, Mag:7, Skl:2, Spd:7, Lck:0, Def:1, Res:6, Move:7
    • Growth Rate: +Mag, -Str
    • Equipment(5/8): Heal(Staff)(04/30), Vulnerary(2/3), Rescue(4/5), Balmwood Staff(13/15), Physic(14/15)
  • Nemain (Mercenary) - Nemain was born to a clan of well known mages, though without a magical bone in her body. Instead, she learned her way with the sword. Bored with life in the clan, she left to find excitement, participating in arenas and drinking.
    • Lvl 4, Current EXP: 27/100, Sword Proficiency(C): 66/100
    • Current Stats:HP:21, Str:8, Mag:0, Skl:11, Spd:8, Lck:0, Def:6, Res:0, Move:5
    • Growth Rate: +Str, -Mag
    • Equipment(5/8): Vulnerary(2/3), Iron Claymore (6 damage, 90% hit rate, 0% crit rate) (32/40), Storm Sword(13/20), Wyrmslayer(23/25), Steel Sword(34/35)
  • Corbin (Myrmidon) - Living on the country side, Corbin grew interested in the sword. And then, when an aristocrat, Courtney, caught his eye, he became more tempted to hone his skills to impress her. However, her mansion was ransacked by ruffians. Despite Corbin's defense, Courtney was kidnapped. Now, Corbin trains so he may one day find aristocrat, eventually catching the eye of Myrelester's army.
    • Lvl 3: 85/100, Sword Proficiency(D): 90/100
    • Current Stats: HP:18, Str:5, Mag:1, Skl:11, Spd:12, Lck:0, Def:4, Res:1, Move:5
    • Growth Rate: +Spd, -Mag
    • Equipment(4/8): Bronze Sword(40/50), Lockpick, Iron Sword(34/40), Vulnerary,
  • Celestine (Pegasus Knight) - A lady of a rich upbringing. Unfortunately, she suffered under her parents cruelty. She eventually got onto her pegasus' back, and fled, residing in Tyka.
    • Lvl 4: 18/100, Lance Proficiency(C): 31/100
    • Current Stats: HP:19, Str:7, Mag:2, Skl:9, Spd:10, Lck:0, Def:4, Res:6, Move:7
    • Growth Rate: +Str, -Mag
    • Equipment(4/8): Javelin(18/25), Halberd(18/20), Steel Lance, Lancereaver
  • Taliah (Mage) - One member of a sisterhood of mages. Her fellow mages specialized in fire and thunder magic, while she specialized in wind magic. However, her fellow sisters fell victim to a disease. So, Taliah took up their tomes, gave up on her position, and traveled, using the tomes to aid those she comes across.
    • Lvl 4: 86/100, Anima Tome Proficiency(C): 98/100
    • Current Stats: HP:18, Str:0, Mag:7, Skl:6, Spd:8, Lck:1, Def:1, Res:4, Move:5
    • Growth Rate: +Mag, -Def
    • Equipment(6/8): Vulnerary, Lockpick, Elwind(20/35), Arcwind, Arcthunder, Arcfire(29/30)
  • Odelia (Wyvern Rider): A former member of the Sky Conquerors, she was left to watch them one fateful day. Unfortunately, hunters slew the wyverns, and she was blamed and exiled from the group until she could replace the numbers lost.
    • Lvl 4: 20/100, Axe Proficiency(C): 36/100
    • Current Stats: HP:22, Str:10, Mag:0, Skl:9, Spd:5, Lck:0, Def:10, Res:0, Move:7
    • Growth Rate: +Skl, -Lck
    • Equipment(8/8): Hammer(21/25), Hand Axe(29/35), Vulnerary, Lockpick, Scythe(15/20), Steel Axe(33/35)), Killer Edge, Storm Sword
  • Rio (Knight): Backstory: Being raised in the imperial palace of a far off land to become the faithful aide to the future queen, Rio trained her entire childhood. Growing up alongside the princess, they became close friends, and at age 17, Rio asked the princess out. Though she happily agreed, this was against the way of the land and the duo were forced to flee to find their happily ever after.
    • Lvl 3: 95/100, Lance Proficiency(D): 96/100
    • Current Stats: HP:20, Str:10, Mag:0, Skl:4, Spd:2, Lck:0, Def:13, Res:0, Move:4
    • Growth Rate: +Def, -Mag
    • Equipment(3/8): Glass Lance, Halberd(11/20), Iron Lance(37/40), Axereaver
  • Maya (Thief): Growing up pampered, it was a rough awakening for Princess Maya when she fled with her lover, Rio, and had to scrounge to survive. However, she quickly picked up the skills and became a skilled Thief. While it wasn't the most ethical of professions, it was what she needed to do to survive.
    • Lvl 4: 30/100, Knife Proficiency(C): 31/100
    • Current Stats: HP:19, Str:6, Mag:1, Skl:5, Spd:11, Lck:1, Def:2, Res:4, Move:5
    • Growth Rate: +Spd, -Skl
    • Equipment(2/8): Iron Knife(10/25), Steel Knife(17/20),
  • Annelisa (Merchant) - The daughter of a merchant, she stood upon a boat to an island the two had lived at. However, a disastrous storm struck, stirring the boat. She was knocked off, and the boat went too far for her to swim to. So, she washed up on shore, and now works to try and garner enough money to buy a trip home.
    • Lvl 4: 27/100, Lance Proficiency(D): 40/100, Bow Proficiency(D): 12/100
    • Current Stats: HP:19, Str:7, Mag:0, Skl:8, Spd:8, Lck:4, Def:5, Res:6, Move:7
    • Growth Rate: +HP, -Mag
    • Equipment(3/8): Beast Killer(24/25), Iron Lance(37/40), Iron Recurve Bow (7 damage, 80% hit rate, 0% crit rate) (27/40)
  • Steve (Tactician) - A traveler from a distant town, out of Myrelester. One fateful day, an unknown enemy struck down his friends and stole his town's lifeblood, the Air Gem. His travels for vengeance and the Gem have taken him to this kingdom.
    • Lvl 4: 30/100, Sword Proficiency(D): 34/100, Anima Tome Proficency(D): 12/100
    • Current Stats: HP:19, Str:7, Mag:3, Skl:6, Spd:5, Lck:0, Def:8, Res:5, Move:5
    • Equipment(2/8): Iron Sword(38/40), Elthunder(28/35), Thunder(40/45)
    • Growth Rate: +Def -Mag
  • Royle (Archer) - A child whose parents were able to flee the destruction of Lisicy. His roots remained hidden, his own origins kept a secret from him. He took up the bow and learned under it. He learned about the dragons ruling the land, and witnessed Miciti's death. There, he was able to connect the killer's black sword to the dragon of death, Sepkir, and thus sought out to hunt him down.
    • Lvl 4: 36/100, Bow Proficiency (C): 24/100
    • Current Stats: HP:21, Str:6, Mag:0, Skl:10, Spd:8, Lck:2, Def:5, Res:1, Move:5
    • Equipment (2/8): Iron Bow(33/40), Concoction(?)
    • Growth Rate: +Spd -Mgc

The Story So Far

  • Chapter 1: Over night, the town of Stymiki was attacked by a clan of dangerous foes, wiping out many innocent villagers. Once the local guard was overwhelmed, the dragon that'd guard the village, Miciti, came out to intercept the attackers. Unfortunately, they pulled out a soldier with a strange sword, who seemed to be able to, not only stop the dragon's attack, but also pierce through his defenses. Miciti was slain, and at that the clan left. Come morning, and a band of bandits, led by a myrmidon named Weil, decided to raid the harmed village. However, Fyrrin, Alia, and Luin suddenly showed up and fought them off, pushing them away. It's then revealed that the man that asked for their help, Damien, was the son of the chief, and apparently his rule is already thrown into question. Though, before the three could really do anything about that, people from the town they started from, Tyka, came up and brought them back, revealing that they're tracking down Weil, and that they'd appreciate if the group could help take those guys down.
  • Paralogue 1: Damien has located one of the missing men from his village, and unfortunately spotted them heading into bandit territory. The heroes approached, and found him to be Marceus, personal knight to Stymiki's chief. Unfortunately, he got himself in danger, and the heroes were forced to beat away the foes within. After defeating them, they brought Marceus back, who seemed distraught at having let the chief get assassinated. So, he was returned to Stymiki to defend again. After some drinking, courtesy of Marceus, the heroes returned to Tyka, to find a member of the military wishing to aid them on their hunt of Weil.
  • Chapter 2: Weil had been tracked down to a camp, near a village. So, with a foundation on their position, the heroes made headway towards the camp, intent on taking him down finally. However, during their march, Weil appears to be assisting another man, who appears to be extracting a favor from some girl. Afterwards, the heroes traveled closer, seemingly finding the camp. However, they found to be in the middle of an ambush as the bandits attacked from hiding!
  • Chapter 3: The heroes reach the village of Margibel, but don't see Weil immediately. After restocking a little, they began investigating. During their investigation, they find an old lady who seems worried. She explains that her granddaughters were with some guys in cloaks, and said guys in cloaks were supposed to give the ailing granddaughter some aid in her sickness, while also explaining how the older granddaughter seemed fearful, though she tried to hide it. Finding the two in the story suspicious, the heroes go after the granddaughters. They find Weil, the older granddaughter, Debra, standing by him while her sister, Glinda, is close to Weil's blade. And so, while his barbaric superior begins heading to the main camp, Weil tends to them, using Glinda as a means of getting Debra to fight for him. Through a hard fought battle, the heroes were able to get Glinda out of the villains' hands, and turn the tides against Weil, incapacitating him and allowing him to be turned in to the authorities. As he's taken away, he remarks that Dracyle won't take his capture sitting down, and Debra confirms that he's a bandit leader, the same guy that stood by Weil just a few moments ago. With her sister in tow and Weil in her grasp, Debra left, intent on eventually getting her sister cured, leaving the heroes to do their own thing.
  • Chapter 4: While the heroes proceed, Lebielle is surprised by assassins. Thankfully, she's able to subdue them, and force them to run back to their place, though not before sending Fischer to follow them. Meanwhile, the heroes made it to the valley Dracyle fled to, thankfully surprising him before he could mobilize other forces. Before they fought him, he revealed that they worked for the remnants of Lisicy, an ancient conquering nation that Agavon was able to beat them, forcing the Lisicians to flee. Seeing their threat didn't scare them off, Dracyle got ready for a fight against them. After a long fight, the heroes were able to beat the bandits. Before Corbin left with Dracyle in tow, the heroes were able to see the note Odelia intercepted on her way to the fight, revealing the remnants of Lisicy were planning on assaulting Tyka. So, they began rushing back to Tyka.
  • Chapter 5: Come nightfall, and the heroes returned to see a horrific battle had erupted at Tyka. It seems that they charged the town and began attacking the villagers and guards, while the man leading this camp of Lisicians, Hannibal, charged Lebiele. He seemed to deliver a fatal blow to Lebiele, though her bearing the gift of the dragon of Will, she was able to shrug off the pain delivered to her long enough to clash with Hannibal again. And so, thanks to the efforts of the heroes, Tyka was able to drive off the Lisician forces. And so, after that, Lebiele was forced to lie down to recover while her Pegasus Knights flew out to track down the fleeing forces.
  • Paralogue 3: Receiving a request from travelers Cabel and Clyde, the heroes made their way to the Bog of Death down at the southern end of the kingdom, where the duo lost their equipment during an excursion. Said excursion was with some young rogue calling himself Nobody. Said rogue claimed to be seeking to summon up Sepkir by infesting the Bog of Death with a plethora of souls. Thankfully, the group was able to fight them off, buying Cabel and Clyde enough time to get out. Their sheer prowess was enough to intimidate nobody and his allies, so they too were allowed to leave while the assailants fled.
  • Paralogue 2: The group came to an isolated house occupied by one elderly lady. She says some Centaurs took her crops, and tasked the group with protecting them while she goes rest. However, there they suddenly found that they were actually guarding the crops from bandits! They fought off the bandits, soon sending them on their way. They were able to help the Centaurs and Silvia reconcile. After that, he was allowed to stay near the place to continue protecting.
  • Chapter 6: Following their time at Tyka, the party tracks down the Lisicians in hopes of stopping them. Their path takes them to a forest, where they soon encounter the merchant, Annelisa. They manage to recruit her and continue forwards, only to be intercepted by a band of thieves employed by the fleeing Lisicians to stop them. This group of thieves is led by a man named Flikel, who's apparently involved with the kidnapping of Courtney. Fortunately, despite the interception, the group was able to overpower Flikel and his band, forcing them to retreat.
  • Chapter 7: The fleeing Lisicians are upset with Flikel's failure. Fortunately, a new warrior arrives before them willing to help. The party are hot on the enemy's trail, where they soon arrive at an old battlefield. There, the Druid of the Lisician group, an elder known as Jumo, arrives to greet them, seeing them as in the wrong for the crimes inflicted on their people. It's at this moment when the new recruit, a traitor to Myrelester's military and known ruffian to the kingdom, Rubido. Partway through their fight, Odelia's old ally among the Sky Conqueror's, Dera, shows up with apparent news about wyverns that may be important to her. But first, they still have to beat Rubido. Soon, they were able to overpower them, and were finally able to realize the location of a den of wyverns.
  • Chapter 7x: The group makes it to a cave reeking of wyvern. By Dera's suggestions, there appears to be creatures within. The group heads in by the torchlight of Taliah's tome, unable to find any. However, at the very edge, the wyverns suddenly reveal themselves, and seem hostile to the group. They lost their tome during their trek, and it seems like it'll be a fight to get out. Fortunately, they're able to break through the many Wyverns and leave. At that, Dera decides she'll have to seek out more kind wyverns elsewhere, though Odelia grants her the wyverns she's collected thus far.
  • Chapter 8: The group travels, before arriving at a forest of red-leaved trees, and along the way uncover a traveler named Steve, who's watched their fights from afar. It isn't long before they're able to locate the Lisician camp. Before they approach, a small tribe of Centaurs employed to battle bandits that passed through the nearby network of tunnels approached them with a means of breaking into the camp. They breach, and are soon face-to-face with the many, still surprised, Lisicians. Nehiri himself comes before them wielding a ginormous black blade. The group seems ready to fight, until Nehiri unveils his ace in the hole: he is the Champion of Sepkir. With that sword and the dragon's blessing, he's able to command the dead! And with it, he threatens the group, who's forced to flee as the spirits of slain Lisicians chase them down. Thankfully, they were able to flee the place and the rage of the spirits, leading Nehiri to keep to himself, and also see that the ruffians that threatened the heroes were interrogated. Once out, the group discussed, before realizing there's one thing in history that beat the undead: the power of Judgement. Agavon himself is known for wielding the power, and knowing the path to Minoi, so their next destination is to go to the castle.
  • Paralogue 4: The group hears tale of a Hotel of No Return, where those that stay overnight risk never leaving again. The group decides to investigate, and find the place uncharacteristically oriental, appearing unlike anything else in Myrelester. The place is run by a strange man named Yats, his staff dressed in kimono. The group's dragged off to rooms, when suddenly, his staff attempt to assail them in their sleep. Fortunately, they're able to foresee the attack and save themselves. Before they can leave, Yats unveils his mercenary group and prepares a fight, seeming to view it as some sort of stage play, where they're the protagonists and he's the antagonist. Will hero beat villain and live another day? Fortunately, they are able to overpower Yats, though the maniac doesn't like the conclusion. He says that there's no emotional weight or gravity, and prepares to make for a grander finale. And with that, he flees the heroes, and they're allowed to continue their adventure.
  • Chapter 9: They're soon able to make it to the casteltown before Agavon's castle. However, once there, they see a crowd of villagers gathered around the square, seeing a bunch of ruffians holding the castle's scholar, Mickto, hostage. Agavon and Rubido both are soon able to arrive on scene, Rubido being protected due to Mickto being held hostage. There, he exposes the presence of Lisicy in the kingdom, before pointing out that the king has hidden their presence. And, by continuing to threaten Mickto, he's able to eek out a confession. Agavon reveals that Lisicy was never a conquering nation! He organized an army of trusted warriors and brought down the god-like powers of the weapons on them, until the dragons personally destroyed the weapons of the perpetrators. But by then, Lisicy was worn down and able to be easily shoved out of the land, which Myrelester claimed. And it turned out that Agavon worked 20 long years to maintain his innocence to the public, the likes of which includes murdering people he didn't trust, which apparently involved Rubido's big brother. Despite this, the heroes leap in to aid Mickto and battle Rubido, and Fischer comes in, having recovered, to assist the heroes.
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