Battle of Bracelets 3: Forgotten Dreams
Developer(s) Walange Corporation
Publisher(s) Walange Corporation
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Prima (expansion pack)
Genre(s) Fighting Games, RPG
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) --
Age Rating(s) PEGI +7, ESRB E
Media Included e-shop
Battle of Bracelets 3: Forgotten Dreams is the first expansion pack of the game Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death. In this game, after Hades was beat by the Golden and Dark Bracelets in the Hades, Hypnos, one of his main gods, decides to avenge and sends some Golden Bracelets to the Dream World to fight his Oneiric army.


Aingeru and his friends have left the Hades after beating said god. Hypnos, one of the most important allies of the god, decided, as other allies of Hades, to avenge him. The night after the flight of the Golden and Dark Bracelets, he got a giant amount of energy to send some of them to his world, Hypnopia.

The Initial Tower

Aingeru and Elena woke up from their own dreams. They were in a room of a tower, there, they were Inferna and Garone laid on the floor. At the other side of a window of the room, a girl was watching them. When Aingeru and Elena left the room, the girl was waiting for them. She was called Osaka, but Aingeru and Elena thought that she was an enemy and fought her (Lv2 50). Right after said battle, the specter of Hypnos appear to challenge the Golden Bracelets to beat the seven lords of the Dream World, Hypnopia. Then, Osaka tells them that to leave the world of Hypnos, they have to arrive the core of the world. The first realm to visit is Imagia, the world controlled by Yume.

Imagia, Imagination Rules

The world of Yume is the first place to visit, it's a strange world where a voice sounds everywhere. It's the voice of a girl that says "I'm here". A lot of Dream Bracelets (Lv2 51) will appear while they walk across the desert of imagia. After walking across the desert they find an oasis that is bigger than what they thought. There, Inferna is there, she must have got lost but as soon as she see them, she challenges them to fight (Lv2 54) But right after the battle, the oasis disappear... Now they are found in a different place, like a factory full of robots. At the end of the corridor, Yume was there. But they have to fight first all the robots that appear in the corridor. After beating them, Yume will fight you (Lv2 55). Now, the next step of Hypnopia is Traumaline.

The Realm of Horror

Tromia is the next lord to be fought, the Lady of Horror. The place is a dark forest, full of bats. The laugh of a girl sounds everywhere. The route is long and it doesn't have any curve. Alelita, other basic Dream Bracelet wants to fight them (Lv2 57). She gives them a message for the other basic Dream Bracelet that saved them "Get ready for the revenge of Hypnos". After that, they continue walking to a big space in the forest where the lady was waiting for them. Tromia had to fight them after they had fought three strange soldiers (Lv2 55). If they beat her, they will be able to continue, if not, they will be sent to the tower again. They can travel now to a sweeter hell...

Visit the Candies Hell

The next step of the journey brings them to a strange world full of candies, chocolate, sweet clouds... Nothing would seem dangerous on this place, but Inferna and Garone appear again to fight them (Lv2 59 each one). When Aingeru and Elena beat them, they will continue walking through the chocolate road that brings them to the little chapel of candies where Onirei is waiting for them. She says that they want to fight them, but they couldn't go to the next world of dreams, because the door was locked by two keys that would be hidden in the other chocolate roads. Both Golems have a Level2 61. After that, they can come back to the chapel to beat Onirei, but she won't fight them and will let them go to the next kingdom of the Dream World.

The Temple of Memory

When they get in Memoriam, they find that the kingdom is a giant temple of Nimis, Lord of Memory. The temple had three rooms. The first one and the biggest one, the four oracles of the Hades (Crane, Mason, Arend and Andrew) will appear to fight them (Lv2 60 each one) but each one will use the same techniques that they used on the Hades. The next room is smaller than the first one, but the memory of this room is the worst of Elena, Shadow Aingeru (Lv2 63). The last room is the smallest one and in which Nimis is meditating. Finally they will have to fight him to go to the next kingdom of dream (Lv2 64).

The Dimension of Nightmares

The dimension of Phobetor, Lord of Nightmares is the next quest that the Golden Bracelets have to fight.

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In this expansion packs, all the characters that are obtained in the Story Mode, can be sent to the main game. There are just 15 characters that can be played in this expansion pack.

Playable Characters

Character Description Abilities Weapon


(Green Bracelet)

His power has stopped Hades in the past. Now, Hypnos has sent him to his world to punish him in there.

Wing Form

Flame Form

Thunder Form

Chaos Sword




(Teal Bracelet)

She was sent by Hypnos to avenge Hades because what the Golden Bracelets did to him. Now, she and other heroes will travel across there.

Thunder Form

Wing Form

Igniter Sword




(Dark Red Bracelet)

Inferna, the Dark Red Bracelet, is one of the dark bracelets that were sent to the Dream World of Hypnos. Now she has to find the way to solve this problem.

Dark Form

Chaos Space

Dark Mask

Ash Spear



(Dark Yellow Bracelet)

Garone and Inferna have to travel across the psychic hell of Hypnos to avoid their destruction in that place. He will benefit the problem to train and change for better.

Space Traveller


Dark Trident




(Dream Lilac Bracelet)

She was the partner of Osaka when Hypnos gave them the Dream Bracelets but Osaka chose to help the golden bracelets, now they are rivals.

Mind Control

Ice Form

Beauty Roses




(Dream Fuchsia Bracelet)

She was sent by Hypnos to defeat the heroes, but then decides to join their side after realizing that what she was doing was wrong.

Mind Reading

Color Form

Perplex Staff MindBoB


(Dream Forms Bracelet)

He is the Lord of Forms, the controller of Morphia. His power makes him the most powerful of the lords.

Spirit Form

Diamond Form

Morpheus Spear




(Dream Fantasy Bracelet)

Phantasos is the Lord of the Sweet Dreams and Fantasies. His abilities with good dreams make that his enemies don't almost resist.

Water Form

Perfect Copy

Fantasy Claws




(Dream Memory Bracelet)

He is the Lord of Memory and the one who stole the memory of Bruno in the past. He is a dangerous controller of the memory.

Eagle Body

Divine Healing

Memory Edge




(Dream Nightmare Bracelet)

Similar to Phantasos' power, Phobetor, Lord of Nightmares beats his rivals thanks to the power or nightmares that petrify his victims.

Wolf Body

Mind Control

Nightmare Claws




(Dream Desire Bracelet)

She is the Lady of Desires of Onireia, one of Dream World kingdoms. She may seem sweet but that is her most dangerous weapon.

Plasured Illusion

Sand Control

Desire Orbitars




(Dream Horror Bracelet)

She is the Lady of Fear of the Dream World. Phobos has tried to contact with her to have her in his army but she chose to work for Hypnos.

Horrible Illusion

Butterfly Body

Fear Palm




(Dream Imagination Bracelet)

The power of imagination of Yume is similar to a god's one. She has a great advantage: the thing that she imagines, the thing that she creates.

Always Answer

Dragonfly Body

Fantasia Guitar




(Dream Muse Bracelet)

She is the muse of Hypnos, one of the most powerful enemies of the world of dream. Her love with Hypnos makes her an unconditional ally. Somniferous Dream Orbitars MindBoB


(Dream God)

He is the God of Dream. As his brother, Thanatos, he wants to avenge Hades. He is more calmed and aware of what he does than his brother. Dream Touch

Hypnos Club

Hypnos Sword



Non-Playable Characters

  • Thanatos - Death God.
  • Hades - Underworld God.
  • Pandora - Death Harp Bracelet.
  • Minos - Death Land Judge Bracelet.
  • Shadow Aingeru - Dark Green Bracelet?
  • Crane - Death Occidentalis Bracelet.
  • Mason - Death Australis Bracelet
  • Arend - Death Orientalis Bracelet
  • Andrew - Death Borealis Bracelet
  • Dream Soldiers - Dream Bracelets with low rank.


  • Chocolate Golems - Creatures that were created by Onirei to stop her intruders.



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