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Blushi the Warrior
Game's boxart
Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Genre(s) 3D Adventure Platformer
Series Blushi the Warrior
Release Date(s) Unreleased
Age Rating(s) PEGI: 12+

ERSB: E10+

Media Included Wii U Disk, 3DS Cartridge

Blushi the Warrior is the first game in the Blushi the Warrior series. It stars Blushi and his quest to rescue his friend, Yoshi, and save all the Yoshis.


It starts off with the backstory of Blushi.

Blushi was kidnapped from his mother at the age of 6 months by the Koopa Troop. They took him to Morton Koopa Sr. who said that he could see potential in this young Yoshi, and told the troops that he should be taught in the ways of the Magic Koopas (This was before they were called Magikoopas). They did, and they gave him the royal blue hat of the Magic Koopas. However, they chief of Magic disagreed. This foul man, known as Kamek, refused to give him a wand. In the end, Morton Koopa Sr. said that he should transfer his magic into his eggs, as a Yoshi can lay eggs. At the age of seven, this young Yoshi accidentally caused a spell on himself, to give him hair, which was coloured caramel brown. When he was nine, he realised that he was different. Everyone around him was different, and he felt uncomfortable. At the age of twelve, he could no longer take it. He left the Koopa Troop for adventure. Morton Koopa was grieved by the loss of this, as apart from his son, he had no other heirs. Blushi was meant to be the heir, in front of Morton's son. Before this, he was named Morton Jr. But Morton chnaged Morton Jr.'s name to Bowser, meaning "Angry grief". The young Bowser set off after Blushi, to try and find his lost friend and brother...


This game takes a Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine sort of style, as you have quite a few areas, with different goals in each world.

Image: Name: Levels: Description: Boss:
Mint Meadow

1: Stop the Hurricane

A grassy pleasant area. Very peaceful. Lakiturricane
Cerulean Coast A beautiful beach area. Sun, sea and sand. Crash-Cheep
Copper Canyon A plunging canyon area. Watch your step! Iron Chomp
Saffron Station A railway station area. Off the tracks! Train Chomp
Lavender Lagoon A murky lagoon area. Don't swim for too long. Swamp Blooper
Iris Iceplains A serene ice area. Slip and slide away! Chilly Penguin
Terra Town An abandoned town area. Don't fall from buildings! Bowser (1st encounter)
Tangerine Tower
Jungle Jungle
Indigo Islands
Flame Firevalley
Maroon Mine
Skyblue Snowlands
Cream Clouds
Vermilion Volcano
Koopa Kastle