Developer(s) Squeak Interactive
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, PC, MAC
Release Date(s)
November 2025
Genre(s) Indie, Adventure, Platformer

Blumelwatch is an indie adventure platformer game released on the Nintendo Switch eShop and developed by Squeak Interactive on November of 2025.


In a shattered world where fantastic beasts roam and the world is set into seven ranks, a trainee-rank cloaked figure awakens in an abandoned village, and later finds a dojo owned by Elder Kandel in which she trains herself. A few days later, she meets a young rabbit that introduces himself as Mobi delivering a package to the Slime King.

Arriving at his small palace however, it turns out he is corrupted with a recently spreading yet ancient infection. After defeating him, a


Blumelwatch plays likes a normal platformer with a storybook-like style and similar interface as Paper Mario. While the player can explore and interact with the world, they must finish the entire story before they can fully explore the land. Sometimes enemies will drop items that the player can pick up to their inventory and use it while not being interrupted.

Another bar holds the moves that the selected character has equipped, which can hold up to four moves. There are three types of moves: Offensive, Defensive, and Ability. Offensive moves would damage enemies. Defensive moves only affect the player and their allies, usually positive. Finally, ability moves are like body upgrades that add a new mechanic to said character.

Helper Cards

For the main article, see Blumelwatch/Helper Cards.

Helper cards are tarot-like cards that are scattered throughout the island and can be used as temporary units in the party before returning back to their motionless card state and recharging. A lot of the units found within helper cards are said to have been slaves or prisoners to the organization of FLAWLESS that were forced into tarot cards and sent out into the world alone due to failure and/or trouble.

Morality Bar

The morality bar is a hidden feature that would determine some aspects of the game and eventually the player's chosen ending. It would be altered through how many of a certain enemy type the player has defeated and sometimes how they interact to NPCs, even with Safety Mode on. The following would be a list of results from certain actions against or with the player's surroundings.

Moral Status Effects



Name Main Type Description Signature Move
Koi Wind/Spirit A young cloaked figure who has awakened weeks after an incident with no memory of their past and personal life. While they like travelling, Koi prefers to live a humble and harmonic life. Azure Dash
Mobi Fire A tan hare with a large flame replacing his tail. He lives with his uncle on the countryside but is considered lonely and a troublemaker to some of his neighbors. Blazing Feet
Ulysses Wind An orphaned barn owl that enjoys doing air stunts and reading sci fi comic books. He is destined to greatness, though he can also go overboard of lying. Swift Swirl
Monai TBA


Name Description
Elder Kandel An old fighter in martial arts and is supposedly Koi's mentor. He used to work as a veteran in the Chaotic Wars before being dropped off a month before it ended.
Timber A young but intelligent cyborg human hybrid who is the adopted daughter of an owl professor named Ozzy. She loves birdwatching and astrology, and especially wants to pet anything that's cute.
Franklin An extremely curious tortoise and Kandel's adopted son who is a longtime nature lover and enjoys studying the science of physics.


Name Description Found At
Slime King Ruler of the slimes who is infected by an ancient corruption attempts to trick Mobi by requesting a delivery, yet is one of the only few emperors who knows about the secret cure. Serene Creek


Name Description Raises Bar
Slime A jelly-like goo creature and is the most basic enemy, defeated easily with a jump or any other solution. However, they can also merge together to form bigger and stronger slimes.
Moun A flying eye with a sharp mouth and bat-like wings that help keep them up. They would usually come up to the player and bite or shock them with their lazer eye.
Wererabbit Small, grey rabbits with sharp teeth sticking out of their jaws that turn into mini wolf bunny hybrids when the player comes close. They are differed through their common dark grey fur and unusual sharp teeth.
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