Prelude - Birth Of A New World

A new world emerges from dust, it's creation being developed over 7 years. It has rested, unaffected by the threats of the timestream.

Until now. 

Unten emerges from the dusty sands of the beachside. He looks over and finds other characters emerging from the dust. He finds a catonea named Zerita, whom he recognizes vaguely from some sort of trilogy of adventures, as well as Mika ShoAnna BiscuitGeneral Scotch, and Starla. Unten decides the group should band together and try to figure out what's going on. A portal opens in the sky and creatures come out of it, and the team goes and stops them. One of the creatures escapes through a hidden mineshaft, and the heroes proceed to follow him through. 


WhiteTerra, and Blue are on the planet of Zolara. Terra has heard about the creation of the new universe and feels the need to protect it at all cost. Suddenly, canyons burst open and the landscape gets destroyed by thousands of Grimebots. The three try to stop the robots but are eventually overpowered. However, Blue spots a red-hoodied figure with wings wielding a sword flying in. The figure defeats most of the Grimebots before flying away. White and the others decide to retreat to the DMR base.

White gets a transmission from Leah Needlenam, mocking him and giving him the middle finger, saying that she'll soon take control over the new universe.  


Sketch is reborn in the Paintverse, where he meets up with Koloro. After fighting off an army of Paint Monsters, Sketch realizes that this is just the start of a new adventure. The two find a portal to someplace in the real world and go there.

Squavocado Forest

Sketch and Koloro meet up with Squav, who asks them to help him. Squav states that an imposter has taken his throne, and the trio goes to find Dark Age Squav sitting in Squav's throne. After a quick battle, Leah drops a bomb on Dark Age Squav, killing him. Leah then steals Squav's sword from him and escapes in an airship. 


The team meets up with Data in a mineshaft, who warns them of creatures attacking. Rock monsters surround the team, led by Cragalanche. The team defeats most of the monsters but Cragalanche grabs most of the heroes and goes into a portal, with the exception of Starla and Zerita, who escape his grasp.


Fire, Rock, Lightning, Moon

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