Blueblood Complex is a Fantendo fighting game and the start of the Blueblood series. No sign-ups will be held for this game except for DLC, as the creator will pick characters and ask their creators to have them be used in the game. It will have an estimated amount of about 30 characters and creates it's own Fantendoverse alongside Exotoro's new purged Fantendoverse. It will be slightly similar to Exotoro's Tangerine Avengers series. 


A new fantendo universe is created, however it is being attacked by corrupted versions of characters from previous timelines. Meanwhile the universe is being attacked by two other factions - Doomulus Grime's faction and The Forces of Nature.

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Blueblood Complex can be considered a "Smash Bros. Clone," with characters having four special moves to use in battle, as well as normal moves as well. (The normal moves are typically melee attacks.) The idea is to knock the opponent off the stage. The more damage the character takes, the farther the character will fly. You can also use a Smash Ball to perform a special attack that can either harm your enemies or add other effects into the battlefield.

Starting Characters

Character Info
FSB Contrive - That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember icon
The mascot of Fantendo, going through many incarnations as time goes on. Unten can use electricity to attack, has a robot arm, and also can get Fanti to assist him. He is the most balanced character in the game. 
FSB Contrive - That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember icon
Zerita is one of the quickest characters in the game. She can use her claws to attack foes and can avoid attacks quite easily. She isn't very strong though.
Mika Sho-F.U.A
Mika Sho
FSB Contrive - Adventures of Mika Sho icon
The adventurous mutant with fire powers returns for yet another battle. She can shoot flames from her hands, create geisers of fire to inflict damage upon enemies, or blast herself upwards with fire for a recovery move.
Starla - FSB Contrive
FSB Contrive - Starlet Quest icon
Princess of the Cosmic Kingdom, Starla is a floaty character using cosmic blasts to attack and can also levitate.
FSB Contrive - Fandro RPG icon
Fandro is a grumpy blob who uses various firearms to attack. He also can fly or use his brother Bob as a blob shield.
General Scotch
FSB Contrive - General's Journey icon
A general in the military. General Scotch uses his mutts, bombs, and darkness blasts to attack, but he is known to be quite clumsy and this shows in battle.
Anna Biscuit
Anna Biscuit
MCBC symbol
Anna Biscuit is a racer in Candyland, and thus she has race-related moves. She can use her motorcycle or items from the Motor Chickz games to attack.
FVN Protagonist
The gender-ambiguous protagonist of Fracture, Reese is a balanced character like Unten who can use his skills at playing Pong to attack.
Squav (AoW Style)
FSB Contrive - Nutty Adventure icon
The nutty adventurer and King of the Squavocadoes, Squav uses Exulbore and his light powers to attack. He also had a game involving cards, but we don't talk about the cards. 
Winter Koloro
Color wheel dock icon by andybaumgar-d3ezjgc
Koloro is a creation of the color gods who was sent down to save the world from the greyscale gods. She can use blasts of color to fight and is quite a balanced fighter, like Unten.
Much like Koloro, Sketch has art-related powers, but his are a little different. He can use his paintbrush as a melee weapon and he can spread paint across the stage to make others slip and fall. 
Alice Harumi
FSB Contrive - Masters of Four Seasons icon
One of four young girls who have power over one of the seasons, Alice controls Spring, and can summon wind, rain, or long plants to trap her opponents in.
FSB Contrive - Adventures of White icon
White is a weapons master, using his various weapons from his games such as his iconic Boomstick. He also can use fire in his attacks.
Terra (AoW)
FSB Contrive - Adventures of White icon
Another popopo and a close ally of White, Terra uses his Rainbow Sword pictured and powers based on fire, electricity, and ice.
FSB Contrive - Fantendo icon
A young pyrokinetic boy who is quite balanced like Unten, but uses fire powers. However, he has lackluster recovery.

Secret Characters

Character Info
Doomulus Grime
FSB Contrive - That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember icon
The main antagonist of the Underground trilogy, Doomulus Grime uses an assortment of different robotic weapons and can send Grimebots out to attack others. 
FSB Contrive - That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember icon
Netnu is a character which is similar to both the balanced nature and fighting style of Unten and the gadgets of Doomulus Grime, as well as having fire powers. 
FSB Contrive - That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember icon
The lanky rival to Unten in Underground, Sia uses her sword to attack others.
LeahNeedlenam Colored
Leah Needlenam
SSB LeahNeedlenam
A crazed doctor who runs her own hospital after defecting from the Twisted Cross organization, and she attacks using suringes and needles as weapons, as well as other dangerous medical tools. 
FSB Contrive - KODE KID icon
After being turned into a robot by an organization of robotic experimenters, Data has a robotic arm which he can turn into many weapons like a cannon, a hammer, a sniper rifle, or a blade.
FRPG-SBM ~ DFandro
FSB Contrive - Fandro RPG icon
Playing similarly to Fandro, except with dark magic and less focus on firearms. 
Zario riding a rabid cow
FSB Contrive - Zuper Zario Zrothers icon
Zario is totally different from Mario. Yup. Zario can summon Rabid Cows to attack others, attack by jumping on people, and throw fireballs.
Bowie by Rick
FSB Contrive - BowieQuest icon
The well-known family bear, attacking with his rock powers and is quite similar to Unten in playstyle. And not because they are both bears. 
Ashe - BowieQuest RPG
FSB Contrive - BowieQuest icon
Ashe is the son of Bowie, and has control over water. He can use tidal waves to attack as well as use water to short-circuit robot characters. *GLARES AT DATA*
Danni (TLoC)
FSB Contrive - Legend of Cielo icon
Danni is an average angel servant of the goddess of nature, Viridi. He uses his flare-bringer sword to attack, as well as assistance from his pet cat, Sirius.
FSB Contrive - Legend of Cielo icon
Danni's boss, Viridi is the Goddess of Nature who can summon other minions to fight as well as using her scythe weapon.
FSB Contrive - Adventures of White icon
The fun-loving brother of White the Popopo, Blue has an assortment of weapons like White has, and also has power over the element of earth. His main weapon is the Nova Scythe. 
SSB LeahNeedlenam
Leah's assistant and the only person Leah cares for. Like, ever. X-Ray can use X-Ray renders to attack which can paralyze foes if aimed at the right place.
Dark Age Squav
Blueblood Dark Age Symbol
A version of Squav from a corrupt timeline. This Squav hasn't gained Exulbore or the Medallion yet, and thus attacks by throwing Avocadoes and Acorns, get help from his stockart animal friends, or eat a Mega Avocado to power up. 
Dark Age Fyre
Blueblood Dark Age Symbol
A version of Fyre from a corrupt timeline. He, like main timeline Fyre, uses fire attacks, but this version of Fyre plays more like a sonic character then the main timeline version. 

Stage List

  1. Peaceful Plains
  2. Twisted Cross Facility
  3. Sky City
  4. Fire Slug Region
  5. Candyland
  6. Squavocado Forest
  7. Rabid Cow Field
  8. Western Forest
  9. Greyscale Kingdom
  10. Cielo
  11. Chaos Cliff
  12. Turtle Canyon
  13. Battlefield 
  14. Final Destination
  15. Sea of Forgotten Ideas
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