Blue Silver Luigi is an antagonist in the Super Mario franchise, acting as Luigi's metal counterpart as Metal Mario is to Mario and Pink Gold Peach is to Peach. He acts as a rival to Luigi.

Physical Appearance

Blue Silver Luigi is essentially a metallic version of Luigi with a blue colouring. Unlike Luigi, he does not have an 'L' on his cap - instead, his cap is just blue with no emblem.


Super Mario Quartz

Blue Silver Luigi's first appearance is in Super Mario Quartz as a secret boss in the Techno Kingdom. He is found in the center of the Quartz Power Plant in the center of Genesis Parks. When Mario arrives, he encounters Kamek, who forms Blue Silver Luigi out of magic. The fight is essentially the same as Metal Mario's fight, involving capturing a Thwomp, except Blue Silver Luigi jumps higher and has higher movement speed, but has poor traction and slower attacks. When defeated, he drops a Multi Moon.

He is encountered for a second time in the postgame boss gauntlet, Solar Flare Wilds, in the gauntlet's second fight, after Pink Gold Peach and before Pymaw. Here, both he and Metal Mario fight against Mario in a 2-vs-1 fight. The differences from the original fight is that Mario must defeat them by a capturing a Whomp, and if he defeats only one brother but not the other, the survivor will revive the defeated one, meaning Mario must defeat them both at the same time. When both are defeated, a Spark Pylon appears, which will lead Mario to the arena where Pymaw is fought.

Other Appearances

Mario Kart: Double Dash 2 (Ben's Edition)

Blue Silver Luigi made a guest appearance in Mario Kart: Double Dash 2 (Ben's Edition). He is an unlockable character and his partner is Paper Luigi.

Fortresses of Light

Blue Silver Luigi appears as an Attack Card in Fortresses of Light. His attack is Metal Stomp, where he attacks with a hard-hitting stomp that leaves cards on the battlefield buried, preventing them from being used for the rest of the turn.



  • Blue Silver Luigi was originally created somewhat ironically, but the creator decided that he would fit well in the Mario series as a parallel to Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach.
  • Blue Silver Luigi is Puddle's first original character.
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