Blue Reflection for Nintendo Switch
Developer(s) Gust Co. Ltd.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Koei Tecmo
Series RPG
Release Date(s) May 20, 2019
Mode(s) 1-Player
Age Rating(s) E10RatingCero B
Blue Reflection for Nintendo Switch (BLUE REFLECTION:少女の剣の物語 Burū Rifurekushon: Shōjo no Ken no Monogatari?, lit. Blue Reflection: The Story of Sword of the Girl) is the ported and enhanced remake of the original Blue Reflection.

Changes from the original game

  • English dub added for the dual voice audio.
  • The story plot was dramatically changed into a true story plot.
  • Some of the female characters become Reflectors in the later chapters unlike the original game.


Prologue: Shirai's Ballet



Character Information Finishing Dance Ability Voice Acting

BR Hinako Artwork 01Shirai Hinako

BR Hinako Artwork 02Reflector Shirai

She is the main protagonist in the original game. She injures her knee and unable to dance, therefore she was forced to withdraw, leaving the competition declares the winner to someone. Ballet Slash Dance Future Sensing
She is the friend of Shirai and the second Reflector. Flaming Soul Dance Unlock Key




  • This game has English dubbing voice while the original game does not has the English dub.

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