Blue Pikmin
A Blue Pikmin
Immunity Water
Class Pikmin
Element(s) Water
Ability/ies Can operate underwater

Blue Pikmin are one of the few original Pikmin, being the blue subspecies. They are the only Pikmin to possess mouths, which allows them to operate and live underwater.


Their appearance is similar to the average Pikmin, save for their blue skin and mouth, which allows them to breathe underwater. They are said to have gills inside of their mouth.


Blue Pikmin are pretty much the standard Pikmin in terms of carrying and health, but possess the unique ability to walk underwater without drowning. They can walk underwater just as fast as they can on land. They can also carry drowning Pikmin to shore, saving them. This is known as the "lifeguard" ability. They are usually the last Pikmin encountered and by far seemingly the most useless, as their ability has several workarounds that can allow the player to progress without them.


Blue Pikmin can be plucked out of the ground like any other Pikmin, but additionally can be created through a Blue Onion or a Lapis Lazulli Candypop Bud. They can also be created through use of the Lapis Pikmin's pigment.




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