Blue Ants are characters in the Skip and Sqak Series. They are a kind, friendly alien race who fight for peace in the world. During the Ant War, the Blue Ants protected people from the slavory of Red Ants. The two leaders of the Blue Ants, Queen Kaida and King Drogo, reside in Sunny City on planet Earth.

They made their first appearence in Skip and Sqak 2, where the SSFF help them thwart Professor X2's plans before he destroys the earth.


Blue Ants risk their lives to make peace for the universe and fighting off the Red Ants. Planet Earth is the main capital of the Blue Ant's empire to keep the universe in peace, and during time to time the Blue Ants build a giant modern city with tall walls surrounding it to keep all the "earthians" safe from the Red Ants, which they named as "Sunny City".

The Blue Ant's logo is the picture of the head of an Ant with blue eyes.