Blow-Up Peak is the second area in Goomba & Koopa Partners in Crime, an upcoming game on the Nintendo DS. It's located just to the north of Bowser's Castle, to the east of Clabber's Cavern, to the northeast of The Ghost Piranha Fields, and to the northwest of Lakitu Land.

Early in the game, this is the area where Groomley and Kroobston are assigned to pick up the Bill Bomber shipment, but are attacked by Reptides who then kidnap them on the eve of the Titan's Rising. As the duo is dropped inside The Endless Void, this begins the series of dungeons leading to them escaping and finding out more about the Reptides who captured them.

Later in the game, this serves as a HUB after Bowser's Castle is destroyed. The Endless Void is off limits and all playable characters and their Faeries are walking around the center as well as some of the others of Bowser's minions.

The Pit of Despair

After Groomley and Kroobston picked up the Bill Bomber shipment from a shady Reptide named Captain Smuggles, the Reptide Army attacks! In an attempt to escape with their lives, the duo learns about battle from the same Reptide who attacked them. Eventually, though, Groomley and Kroobston were vanquished. After revealing their ulterior motives, the current Chieftain of the Reptide Clan orders his fellow Reptides to offer them as a sacrifice to the Ulti-Titan, a Demigod born of a Reptide and the God of the Stars, Mistreac by throwing them into its feeding pit, The Endless Void.

After Groomley and Kroobston escape from the pit, they find all the Reptides gone. Forgetting about their current task, Kroobston vows that he and Groomley will find and defeat the Reptides.

The Demise of Koopa Clan

After completing the first part of the game and grafting the five magical items together, the storyline skips to five years later when a large explosion erupts near Bowser's Castle, blowing it up. After the return of the two heroes to the Koopa Kingdom, they set up camp on Blow-Up Peak to investigate the strange going-ons in the area.

Eventually, after significant provocation, the Ulti-Titan returns to

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