A Blooper Suit.

Blooper Suits are a type of suit, based on a Blooper that is obtainable to Mario in Super Mario Bros. 2010. It transforms Mario into Blooper Mario and makes him have the ability to squirt ink and move swiftly though the water much like the Frog Suit and Penguin Suit. Also, Bloopers won't directly attack the player, possibly because they think Mario is a Blooper. The suit itself looks like normal Blooper, but has a hole for the head and holes for the arms to go though. When it is worn by Mario, it is red with white eyes.


Super Mario Bros. 2010

The Blooper Suit has so far only appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2010. It is very rare, being that it only appears in water levels and only appears in ten levels (not counting Item Shops). If Mario takes the suit out of the water, Mario can float in the air but can't squirt ink. Also, if Mario does not grab the Blooper Suit in time, it will quickly swim away from him.

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