A Blooper Nanny and her children.

Blooper Nannies are mother Bloopers who leads a group of her own children the Baby Bloopers. Blooper Nannies give commands to their kids by glowing. For example, the Baby Bloopers scatter around when their mother glows white. When scattered around, they return when their mother glows again white.

When the Blooper Nanny is defeated, Baby Bloopers don't know anymore what they are going to do. Most of the time, they are defeated as well. Some, however panic by scattering around. Others swim forever without a mom, and others become adopted kids by swimming to another Blooper Nanny in close distance. Blooper Nannies also can have more than 10 bloopers a year.


Omega Redesign

Blooper Nannies return in New Super Mario Bros. Omega's underwater levels. Blooper Nannies got a very little redesign though: they were given small, blue eyelashes. Baby Bloopers were in that game shorter, just like in their debut.

D.I.Y. Simplified

The player in New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. could choose Blooper Nannies as backgrounds characters in certain levels. However, Blooper Nannies look like normal Bloopers and Baby Bloopers look like small Bloopers.


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