Hey! I didn't die! Hooray!
Bloop, YoshiEgg Wii.


Bloop in Super Mario Bros. 2010: Levels Under th3 Sea.

Bloop is a light orange Blooper with green eyes and YoshiEgg Nook's closest friend.


Bloop's life was saved by YoshiEgg Nook from The Groo in YoshiEgg Wii. Since then, Bloop has become YoshiEgg's sidekick and best friend for life. Some of his powers are squirting enemies with ink, wrapping them up in his tentacles, and whipping them with his tentacles.

In YoshiEgg DSi, Bloop was revealed to be the hero of the sea. He was the one who saved the ocean and Neptune and almost got the Picture Box back from The Groo, but he failed. Still, the Cheep-Cheeps, Bloopers, etc. awarded him with a statue/fountain on Plack Beach. (It was the statue Fawful took over and Bowser fought in BiS.) Years later, a seashell fell on Bloop's head and he lost all memory of the adventure and The Groo found his appetite for Bloopers and tried to eat him, leading up to the events of YoshiEgg Wii.

During the events of YoshiEgg Nook & the Obstacle of Death, Bloop keeps on having weird visions. His first vision was full-on what was to happen, as he knew Bus 108 was going to crash, and saw all of it first-person. He stopped Goombert, YoshiEgg and Tulip from going on the bus. This unknowingly caused 3 School Goombas to also get off the bus. After crying for a while, he was hit in the eye with a cork. Bloop then saw a giant rock, which was really just YoshiEgg's table. After pulling the cork out, the cork hit a picture of Goombert in the head.


YoshiEgg Nook

Ever since YoshiEgg saved Bloop's life, Bloop has been YoshiEgg's best friend and sidekick for life. Bloop then saved YoshiEgg's life from Bus 108, even though YE first thought Bloop was being mad.


McBoo and Bloop have gone on many adventures with RedYoshi and YoshiEgg and have developed a strong bond.


See above.

Gooper Blooper

Even though they are of the same species, Bloop and Gooper Blooper are enemies. When fighting him in YoshiEgg Wii, Bloop says that Gooper Blooper is "A very bad squid" and should "Have his tentacles plucked right off of him". Bloop also helps Mario and Luigi defeat Gooper Blooper after they save him from the Blooper's clutches.


When Bloop gets caught and nearly eaten by Gooper Blooper but I saved by Mario. He and Mario then become good friends and they help each other in Super Mario Bros. 2010: Levels Under th3 Sea.


Even though they have never met in reality, Bloop saved Goombert's life from a crashing bus, after having a vision. Unfortunately, Goombert then died in an even more horrifying way.


Death, who has never met any person alive, hates Bloop. Bloop saved 7 people (including Bloop) from dying in the Bus 108 crash. Death got angry at this and has started trying to kill those 7 people, successfully killing Goombert so far.

Tulip Nook

Bloop saved Tulip Nook from Bus 108, and are friends since that day.



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