Blood Red Dead Zabbit
DeadZabbit Blood
Monster Origin Zabbit
Rarity Common
Habitat(s) Xerlin Library Basement Level 1
Ability/ies No special abilities.
First Appearance FantendoQuest
Latest Appearance FantendoQuest
Blood Red Dead Zabbit is a enemy featured in FantendoQuest. They appear in Xerlin Library Basement Level 1.


Dead Zabbits are the resurrected forms of deceased Zabbits, likely brought back to life by fledgling Necromancers. They have qualms with the living, causing them to attack more out of fear than actual harm. These variants are coated in blood, likely because they are recently deceased.


DeadZabbit Blood
Blood Red Dead Zabbit
Normal: 35 HP

Hard: 37 HP
Lunatic: 42 HP

Red Potion (1/3)



  • Despite being the dead form of Zabbits, actual Zabbits have yet to appear in FantendoQuest or in any Fantendoverse media.
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