Blood Moon is a 2D fighting game developed by Frogworks after the cancellation of Darkrealm. Due to Dreii's inability to properly flesh out the games many of Blood Moon's characters are from, he made the decision to put it all into a singular game, with an expansive story mode. Set in the mysterious Nightflame Galaxy, Blood Moon stars many reimagined characters belonging to Frogworks. It is rated T.


The game's combat is relatively simple. Characters have a health bar, basic attacks, and special moves that are more powerful. A lot of the game's combat revolves around the Style system. Characters have Base Styles, but the Styles can be customized through items unlocked in the story mode known as Style Drives. Each character also has a Dream Style, which gives bonuses when used. Items and Stages work similar to Smash Bros. There is also a story mode, which takes the form of a 2D platformer/beat-em-up featuring in-depth cutscenes and battles in the traditional style. The gameplay isn't especially original, but neither is it the game's strong suit, as it instead focuses on experimental mechanics contained within the movesets and styles.





Name Bio Information Moves
Drayy Final


Drayy is a genetic mutant, created by a mysterious scientist with a passion for power in an attempt to replicate Alec, the chosen one of the Soul Blade. Found to be severely defective, Drayy was abandoned and left to his own devices. After an attack by the dark lord Fell, Alec was murdered and Drayy found himself inheriting the Soul Blade. Unable to control the power he fled alongside Eeo, a robotic assistant programmed to defend the Soul Blade at all costs. Now on the run from Fell and his skeletal armies, Drayy finds himself looking to the stars for aid.

  • Full Name: Experiment DR-4YY
  • Gender: Agender (Uses he/him)
  • Sexuality: Asexual
  • Species: Soul Vessel
  • Base Style: Soul Warrior
  • Dream Style: Artist
  • Powers: Enhanced Senses, Soul Manipulation
  • Likes: Dogs, Novels, Painting, Electronic Music
  • Dislikes: Fell, His Destiny, Cats, Superhero Movies
  • Soul Capacitor: Every time Drayy vanquishes an enemy using a basic attack, he gains +5% damage, up until it reaches +50%, at which point a blast of soul energy is expended outward
  • Soul Slash: Drayy agressively slashes forward with a spectral blade, dealing low damage but inflicting the corrosive Soulbleed status effect.
  • Life Transfer: Drayy summons three spectral daggers and throws them at a foe, dealing low damage but healing Drayy for however much damage the foes take
  • Phantom Tendrils: Drayy sends out three phantom tendrils, which toss foes back dealing high damage but stunning the user
  • Haunted Strike: Drayy kicks a foe, which deals little to no damage but summons a spectral kick which stuns the opponent
  • Style Ability: Depends on the style
  • Style Ability: Depends on the style
  • Perfect Creation: Drayy closes his eyes, and a massive explosion echoes out, dealing high damage to anyone caught in it, and inflicting Soulbleed on all the foes harmed by the attack. This can only be used when the Ultra Meter is full.
Jin Final

Jin Urzen

Jin is a Bladikori adventurer who was hired by the Galactic Federation to investigate the planet of Xylen V, birthplace of the Spook. After exploring the planet for a while, Jin encountered a renegade Doomuli who called herself Val. The two fought their way off the planet after Jin was betrayed by her partner Vandos, and embarked on a voyage across the galaxy to the corpse of a dead god, where they did battle with a dark deity known as Umbre, who knocked them both out and fled. They woke up to find it gone and a strange crystal embedded in Jin's chest.
  • Full Name: Jin Amaya Urzen
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Homosexual
  • Species: Bladikori
  • Base Style: Bounty Hunter
  • Dream Style: Dragonslayer
  • Powers: Geokinesis
  • Likes: Her Girlfriend, Going On Adventures, Treasure, Shiny Objects
  • Dislikes: The Spook, Being Single, Dying
  • Earthshaker: The stage frequently tremors, throwing all characters but Jin slightly off balance
  • Jump Kick: Jin leaps upward and kicks forward, sending out a shockwave from her foot that pushes enemies back and inflicts the Shaken status effect
  • Earth Pillar: A massive pillar of earth rises up from below Jin, the momentum sending her flying upwards, from which she fires off a round from her pistol.
  • Charge Shot: Jin charges the energy in her pistol and fires, sending out a ball of volatile energy that travels forward for a few seconds before dissipating into nothing.
  • Mirage Strike: Jin creates three mirror images of herself, which close in on a foe and lunge towards them, dealing low damage but staying around for a few seconds
  • Style Ability: Depends on the style
  • Style Ability: Depends on the style
  • Dragonbuster: Jin pulls out a large cannon-sized gun and points it in the inputted direction, firing three electrified wires out, which grab onto any opponents they can and pull them in towards the gun, which then sends out a massive shock pulse that deals high damage. This can only be used when the Ultra Meter is full
Val Final

Doomulus Valentine

Val is a rogue member of the Doomuli who abandoned the group after serving with them for fourty years, since she was abducted as a child. Getting into a fight with a senior Doomuli, she severely injured them and left them to die, but was apprehended by command, as she lost his planet because of it. Demoted, she left, viewing herself better than the rest of the group. She encountered the adventurer Jin on a dead planet and the two embarked on an extraterrestrial journey, eventually sharing a kiss with the Bladikori. The two settled down and began to live together in The Citadel.
  • Full Name: Doomulus Valentine
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Pansexual
  • Species: Doomuli (Current), Human (Formerly)
  • Base Style: Mindbender
  • Dream Style: Gunslinger
  • Powers: Mind Manipulation
  • Likes: Jin, RomComs, Romance
  • Dislikes: Fighting, Tragedies
  • Interface: Whenever Val is attacked for more than 10% of her HP, she has a 75% chance of losing a limb, which will be replaced but stronger after 3 seconds, buffing basic attacks and adding new features at later tiers
  • Love Arrow: Val fires a small arrow forward, which upon colliding with anything creates a psychic arrow that is much bigger and more dangerous
  • Heartbreaker Missiles: Val shoots three missiles, which upon impact send a flurry of shrapnel that sticks into opponents, lowering their defense
  • Mind Meld: Val sends a beam of psychic energy that lowers all of an opponent's stats temporarily but deals damage to Val.
  • Psychic Push: Val fires a wave of psychic energy that pushes foes backward and deals minor damage, and lowering the amount of damage they can deal
  • Style Ability: Depends on the style
  • Style Ability: Depends on the style
  • R.O.M.A.N.C.E.: Val fires up the machine in her core, and beams of energy stun every enemy on screen, then litter them with a barrage of missiles from her gun. This can only be used when the Ultra Meter is full.
Krys Final


Krys-Tal is a Gemmaren, a race of crystalline beings living under the planet Ekksos. When their home was invaded by the warlord Wrathe, Krys took the legendary Gembrand, gifted to their people by The Creep, and set out into the Crystal Maze, seeking the Diamond Soul, a focus that increased the power of the weapon massively. Escaping the gemstone labyrinth, they took down Wrathe, only to realize that he was being funded by something bigger, much much bigger. Setting off to The Citadel to warn them of the threat, her ship was attacked and she was stranded on a mysterious jungle planet ravaged by plague and evil.
  • Full Name: Krys-Tal Ikarus
  • Gender: Genderqueer
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Species: Gemmaren
  • Base Style: Gemsoul
  • Dream Style: Hero Of Legend
  • Powers: Wielder of the Gembrand
  • Likes: Adventure, Freedom, Chaos, Nonconformity, Outdoors
  • Dislikes: Opression, Law, Tight Spaces
  • Lens Shift: Whenever an attack other than it or the Style Abilities is used, Gembrand Strike is boosted, depending on the attack used
  • Gembrand Strike: Krys brings the Gembrand down onto an opponent, which releases a shockwave that stuns nearby opponents
  • Ruby Focus: Krys equips the ruby focus and fires a beam, which inflicts Flaming on any opponents hit by it
  • Sapphire Lens: Krys equips the sapphire lens and fires a beam, which freezes any opponents hit by it
  • Emerald Eye: Krys equips the emerald eye and summons three pillars of emerald, which rise from the ground and boost them up or damage enemies
  • Style Ability: Depends on the style
  • Style Ability: Depends on the style
  • Diamond Soul: Krys equips the diamond soul, which creates a whirlwind of power around them, throwing all foes anywhere near backward, and trapping those caught within to deal massive damage. This can only be used when the Ultra Meter is full
Lyra Final

Agent Icarus

Lyra is one of the Elemental Knights, an interplanetary organization dedicated to keeping the elemental balance of the Nightflame Galaxy. Once just a low level criminal, Lyra was caught in a fire and her body was severely burnt, leaving her dying, when she was found by the Spirit Of Fire. Saved and taken in by the Elemental Knights, she was paralyzed from the neck down and had to be fully merged with her armour. Now she works as a full member of the group under the name Icarus, stopping crimes on a weekly basis and defending the innocent. However, the valiant defender harbours a dark secret that if revealed could completely ruin all she has built up over the years as a knight
  • Full Name: Lyrai Amadeon Fyrokx
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Species: Nightflame Human
  • Base Style: Knight 
  • Dream Style: Paladin
  • Powers: Pyromancy
  • Likes: Order, Peace, Balance, Security, Friendship
  • Dislikes: Betrayal, Chaos, Insecurity
  • Flame Meter: TBA
  • Fireball: TBA
  • Blaze Whip: TBA
  • Scorching Shot: TBA
  • Inferno Blast: TBA
  • Style Ability: TBA
  • Style Ability: TBA
  • Omega Charge: TBA

Agent Medusa

Nicki is a Hauntspyre, one of the elite infiltration operatives of the Elemental Knights, and a rather new one at that. Inheriting the Spirit Of Shade from a man who saved her from a Drakkon but died in the process. Using the name Medusa, she is rather new in the group, and has somewhat of a rivalry with Lyra, one of the main Elemental Knights. Before becoming a knight though, her life was on the downhill. Her abusive mother was driving her to the brink, and the constant bullying almost drove the young woman to suicide. However, now she has opened a new leaf on her life and is looking to be one of the most powerful knights in the group
  • Full Name: Nikita Leio Umbrais
  • Gender: Female (Transgender)
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Species: Nightflame Human
  • Base Style: Infiltrator
  • Dream Style: Samurai
  • Powers: Umbrakinesis
  • Likes: Shadows, Parties, Socializing, Alcohol, Drugs
  • Dislikes: Being Alone, Staying Sane
  • Shade Soul: TBA
  • Phantom Jump: TBA
  • Triple Shadow: TBA
  • Excessive Decay: TBA
  • Soul Crush: TBA
  • Style Ability: TBA
  • Style Ability: TBA
  • Plague Spin: TBA

Arin Lyon

Arin is the head of the Supernatural Detective Department of the Anglikan Police Force, and one of Earth's most potent Cryomancers. Born during the Varkid terrorist group's reign of terror over North Anglika, he lived in constant fear. When the rulers released the pyschotic criminal Pinwheel to incite terror into their citizens, Arin vowed to protect those who couldn't fight back against supernatural evil. He did well in the Police Academy and studied magic in his free time. When his potential was discovered, he became first in line for a new supernatural department and he was given extensive training. Now he leads the department, but darkness riddles the Police Force and evil forces are rearing their heads
  • Full Name: Arin Lyon
  • Gender: Male
  • Sexuality: Homosexual
  • Species: Human
  • Base Style: Cryomancer
  • Dream Style: Ice Lord
  • Powers: Advanced Cryomancy
  • Likes: The Cold, Justice, Courage
  • Dislikes: Warmth, Injustice, Fear, Varkid Clan
  • Frost Heart: TBA
  • Chill Touch: TBA
  • Icicle Slash: TBA
  • Snowflake: TBA
  • Blade Combo: TBA
  • Style Ability: TBA
  • Style Ability: TBA
  • Blizzard Bonanza: TBA

Bella Di Angelo

Bella is a member of the wealthy Di Angelo vampire family, rivals to the Tiffts. She distanced herself from her family at an early age, only keeping in contact with her cousin Hel. Ignoring the mostly evil deeds of her lineage, she chose to work to become a force for good, taking up the mantle of Bloodbat. Viewed as a threat by the government, the Supernatural Detective Department was dispatched to bring her in, the unit lead by their head Arin Lyon. However, when her motivations were analyzed and she was able to testify, she was given the chance to redeem herself as a member of the Department's Alpha Team. She jumped at the opportunity and is now one of the group's most prominent members.
  • Full Name: Isabelle Di Angelo
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Asexual
  • Species: Vampire
  • Base Style: Bloodsucker
  • Dream Style: Superhero
  • Powers: Umbrakinesis
  • Likes: Heroism, Protection, Music, Being Alone
  • Dislikes: Parties, Her Family, Work

Lucy O'Reily

Lucy was one of the earliest members of the Supernatural Detective Department's Alpha Team, being recruited by Arin Lyon and Callum Jackson when they first began the department. Found as a child by werewolves, she was raised by the clan of shapeshifters. When she was twelve, she chose to be bitten and become a true member of the pack. However, soon after a group of hunters tracked down the pack and captured them for use in the war between Anglika and Chynsu. Breaking free, Lucy melted into normal human society, ignoring her shapeshifter instincts. However, when a gang of criminals raided her home and she used her powers to fight them off, she was offered a spot in  the Supernatural Detective Department. She rose up the ranks, and eventually became a member of the Alpha Team, alongside her longtime friend Callum Jackson. 
  • Full Name: Lucetia O'Reily
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Species: Werewolf
  • Base Style: Shapeshifter
  • Dream Style: Warmonger
  • Powers: Shapeshifting, Enhanced Strength
  • Likes: Other Wolves, The WIld, Chaos, Vigilantism
  • Dislikes: Cats, Being Inside, Opression, Corruption

Callum Jackson And Rolling Stone

Nami Kyte



Captain Aquatica


Leila Tifft

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