Blood Mages
A standard humanoid Blood Mage.
Species Origin N/A
Rarity Rare
Alignment Neutral-Antagonistic
Habitat(s) Hemolia/Various
Ability/ies Blood manipulation

Mind control via corrupted blood Various magic abilities

Weapon(s) Own blood
Vulnerable To Blood loss (for obvious reasons)
First Appearance Evi's Diaries: Bad Blood
Related Species

Blood Mages are a species/cult native to the Pyroverse, primarily on the planet Hemolia. While the actual Blood Mage cult is made up of various species from across the Pyroverse, the nature of the cult ensures that all members are biologically related at least slightly.

They first appear as a major antagonist in Evi's Diaries episode Bad Blood, and make minor antagonistic appearances in Pyroverse works afterwards.


A Blood Mage can be of any species in existence; the original biology doesn't matter. When a being is inducted into the cult, they are injected with blood derived from a statue of "deity" Lord of The Crimson Threads,which seems to flow endlessly from the statue and may or may not be real blood. This "corrupted blood" takes ahold of the being's nervous system, placing them under control of the cult.

While the exact biological structure of a Blood Mage can vary drastically, there are many constants found throughout members. All Blood Mages possess a similar grayscale skin tone, and have slits cut into their arms or manipulatory appendages. These slash marks do not heal, and are seemingly kept open willingly by the Blood Mages as a method of expelling the titular substance from their body. Blob-like species or species without manipulatory appendages lack these slits, and expel blood from other orifices.


All Blood Mages possess hemokinesis, or the ability to manipulate their own blood. It can be fired out of the body in streams and manipulated from there or can be clotted at will to form solid weaponry. In addition, Blood Mages can cast various types of magic spells by creating runic circles from their blood, though this evaporates the blood afterwards, and it cannot regenerate.

Blood Mages can remain "living" indefinitely by controlling the circulation of their own blood. This prevents them from dying of old age but not abrupt death such as in combat or organ failure (arguably worse in this scenario).

Blood Mages are connected by a pseudo-hive mind; while individual members possess free will, inducted creatures are essentially brainwashed into following the cult's ways willingly. This hive mind can be spread to others via corrupted blood; if the substance enters a being's body through any means, it will eventually turn the creature into a Blood Mage. This process can be reversed, but it is a long and arduous process of replacing all blood within the creature

Blood Mages may also possess special abilities of their original races, if applicable.

Notable Members


Evi's Diaries

The Blood Mages appear as the primary antagonists in Bad Blood, which is also the group's introductory episode.

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