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Blood Falcon
GX Blood Falcon.png
Blood Falcon as he appeared in F-Zero GX.
F-Zero X (1998)
F-Zero Climax (2004)

Blood Falcon is an F-Zero pilot and an antagonist in the F-Zero series. He pilots the Blood Hawk.


Blood Falcon is a twisted clone born straight from a sample of Captain Falcon's DNA, which was stolen by an underling of Black Shadow's while he was hospitalized with a coma following the Great Accident four years ago at that time (which is why Blood Falcon is actually a mere four-years-old).

Black Shadow went through with this undertaking after finally cracking the foundation for the perfect right-hand man following countless frustrating failures in attempts to do away with Captain Falcon once and for all. And what being could be better suited for such a job than Captain Falcon himself?

Blood Falcon withholds every strength, ability, and base characteristic of Captain Falcon (minus the brutal criminal insanity), and is under complete control of the dark lord, Black Shadow, being able to materialize and dematerialize as he wills it. Black Shadow had Dark Million craft the Blood Hawk for him, an F-Zero machine that is almost exactly bipolar to the Blue Falcon in terms of stats and body shape (this allowed him to officially enter the F-Zero Grand Prix circuit with the exact same goal that thrust Black Shadow into the races).

Even though Blood Falcon appears to have total allegiance towards the overlord of evil, it's been hinted at that he has begun to wane from him, pondering his own free will and the meaning of his existence as a whole.


Super Smash Bros. Galactic Battle

Blood Falcon appears as an unlockable fighter in the game. Blood Falcon is an Echo Fighter of Captain Falcon and shares the same exact moveset as his counterpart. Blood Falcon uses Poison rather than fire for his attacks and has many different animations from Captain Falcon. He also summons the Blood Hawk for his Final Smash rather than the Blue Falcon.