• MrYokaiAndWatch902

    The previous one is located here!

    When this game comes into existence (which will have to take a ton of time, or very little, don't worry, I'll make post-release edits!), I'll add the "Special Re-Guests", which basically is characters from other users. In case people all of the sudden like it. Which is definitely hard to get here.

    But hey, on the other hand, Ike and Lulu are coming to town! Uhh, what? You say Ike is already in Smash and you don't know a character known as Lulu? Oh shoot! Sorry, from Super Brawl 3! Yes, once you look at it, don't question why the fans are dressed up as their respective character! ESPECIALLY BOBBI, WHO EVEN HAS A CAT DRESSED UP LIKE GARY! Hmm. Bobbihead Fred. Also, don't question about Astro and Tanya's design…

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  • Exotoro

    SNK Profiles: Terry Bogard

    September 6, 2019 by Exotoro

    Who is Terry?

    This is the question asked many times after the direct on September 4th, 2019, and I'm willing to illuminate on not just Terry, but many of SNK's characters from all across their portfolio. So let's begin with argubably SNK's mascot, Terry Bogard, and why him being in Smash is a big deal.

    Terry is basically SNK's mascot and he has humble origins. Him, and his brother Andy, who I will be covering in the future, were orphans. They were adopted by Jeff Bogard, who raised them until he was 10. At 10, his father was murdered by Geese Howard, who I will also be covering in the future. The important thing to know is that Terry and Andy spent a decade apart to hone their martial arts so they could strike back against Geese.

    While Andy w…

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  • Switch X

    Switch X Studios Direct

    September 6, 2019 by Switch X

    Hello everyone! Switch X here from Switch X Studios and today I have a few games I want to talk about. I will talk about 4 up and coming projects, all for Nintendo Switch. I hope you all enjoy the presentation!

    First off, we have everyone's favorite plumber, Mario! After the introduction of the first Super Mario Maker, I've been trying to think of ways to re-invent the Mario sidescrolling platformer (with the idea being if things aren't shaken up too much, then people could just re-create the levels for themselves in Super Mario Maker without having to pay a penny). I think I've got a great answer, and it will all be explained over at the Mushroom Festival. Let's take a look.

    Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Toadette, and Princess Peach are all in T…

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  • Fankemonbricka162128

    Hello, I'm Fankemon and welcome another ASSB direct (or something like that) today we'll be showing you the moveset of Topi, the recently revealed DLC character of ASSB and the first character in the fighter's pass.


    Since Topi didn't have that much of a moveset we've decided to combine and integrate multiple factors in it's moveset, which includes the following:

    • It's original method of attacking the ice climbers in the NES game, where it pushes an ice block
    • Performances by Circus Seals
    • Use of other enemies from Ice Climbers
    • and finally, Seal and Sea Lion behaviour

    For example:

    • it's walking and running animations are based on how Seals run or walk on land
    • it's Up Throw are examples of Circus Seals spinning a Beach Ball on it's nose
    • their favouri…

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  • Darth Phazon

    I don't usually do an info blog the day after a Nintendo Direct, but covering Sword and Shield news to increase Pokepositivity is the only thing really left for my blog feed (until I can get a DirectCast going, that is, which will be who knows when); so let's break down exactly what the info is and what I think of it.

    • Cramorant: Dumb-looking, but it has a damn neat gimmick that gives Surf and Dive purpose again; gotta wonder if the different Pokemon it spits have different effects on the opponent.
    • Cramorant's Fish: No official name given yet; aesthetically, it reminds me of the Northern Pike, a large predatory fish native to Canada and England.
    • Polteageist: Cute all around - cute pun, cute design, cute gimmick; hopefully this Ghost-type gets …

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  • LostSynth

    There are fourteen planned characters to be available before launch. Each character is unique with different play styles and backgrounds. Each character has a set of moves, though some have more moves than others. Each character also has a unique attribute that is a passive ability in battle.

    Minus is actually Lord Minus. He is considered a minor Lord within the Penguin Kingdom. His family was once but lowly cod fisherguins but was raised to lordship status after his grandfather discovered a new way to use cod: cod oil which now powers the Penguins machines of war. Despite this achievement, his father managed to squander the family’s wealth and power. Minus seeks to increase both his and his family standing by participating as a Tribute in …

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Hmm ya guys.

    September 5, 2019 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    After literally engaging in a conversation with AgentMufifn, he pointed out that Sans got added because Nintendo suddenly seen widespread fan feedback. Also, I realized something: AgentMuffin was kind of incorrect. When Weegee and the Death Stare surfaced, Nintendo decided to say that Luigi was "100% Weegee" in Luigi's trophy in SSB4, and Nintendo referenced Death Stare in many ways, such as in Color Splash, and the "Steely Stare". So... while thinking about it...

    A meme can solve the day. Or save, but it's gonna take a while to make it pretty widespread. The meme. Is obviously. Going to be about the Sprixie Princesses. So, remember the cool part where Bowser, while you were staring at the results screen (if you were!), Bowser decided to ta…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    P.S. Project HijikwadsSMASH is just the codename for my upcoming smash game. Name still being decided on.

    For one thing, however, I won't be going over the diagonal or shield specials. YET. No table yet, P.S., just some description.

    Currently only one.

    • Huckit Crab & Waddlewing
      • Info
        • Huckit Crab & Waddlewing? Ah, just get straight! This is the best combo ever! A Huckit Crab and a Waddlewing! Okay, not the best combo ever maybe. Huckit Crabs are known for their ONE big pincer and throwing skills, and Waddlewings are known for their like of Super Acorns and gliding skills. Not to mention, they can even propel themselves, though it's not visible probably because this their debut isn't a 3D game.
      • Specials
        • Neutral B: Acorn Rock - Huckit Crab brings out …

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Well, let's start out simple, shall we?

    Yes, you may be asking why you see 7 Sprixies when there are like 64 promised. That's because I'm waiting for DICEYTHEKITTYDOG to literally finish my request that's been taking days to do, due to probably forgeting all about it and stuff? Whatever it is, she loves art requests so if you want a simple art request from someone easygoing, she is the person!

    Anyways, onto the topic. I'll be discussing 5 fighters and 5 revised fighters. And whether you like it or not, Disrespectoids are going to join the battle. Go figure. Also, I lack knowledge in most things but the magic of creating your own stuf can save me. Go figure again. But it won't really save me now.

    Starting with Dr. Mario, his moveset is now goi…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Same as always, except it's for the Direct tomorrow.

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