• Club-Dreamiverse

    Does anyone want to role-play with me at DeviantART? I'm up for note-based and chat-based RPs, especially my favorite RP subject (which I don't tell out in the open because I want anyone to be safe).

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  • Club-Dreamiverse

    Does anyone want to see my own OCs in a cross-over title?

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  • CrakaboLazy4090

    Ah yes because who doesn't love these!

    I'm doing a character contest for Super Slam Jam! However, unlike my other character polls, this will go a bit differently.

    Instead of creating an original character, you must create a character that is made up of multiple characters!

    What do I mean? Something like SansBob, Uzaki & Dio or Crazy Hamburger Joker. Just a dumb fusion of two or more characters into one absurd mess.

    Once I get a bunch of requests, I'll post a seperate blog just like my other character blogs, then you guys get to vote your favorite. Whoever wins gets to join Super Slam Jam as a DLC character!

    • You can only request one character.
    • Your character should be a fusion of 2 or more characters characters from media (video games, tv shows, …

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  • PersonThatDrinksJuice

    This is the new game, its coming out 6/9/20420

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  • OrchidSomnium

    if you didn't read that block of text up there... you should. I put a lot of work into... no that's a lie. It's just rambling.

    alright anyway so That One Crossover With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember (a totally original name) is basically a FSB game, but I just didn't want to call it that.

    so anyway, this project was somewhat described above, but here's a better description of the bullshit story that this will be based around:

    The story of That One Crossover With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember revolves around characters from Fantendo being brought into the real world and learning about the reality that they are in fact fictional characters. Knowing that their creators are the ones at fa…

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  • Somebody495

    Hello Fantendo Users!

    It's been a while since I hosted one of these, so... I'm raring to make more Fantendo Movesets.

    Present to my a link to your character, or a page the character is on, and I'll try to make a Smash Bros moveset of them.

    1. They must be fanmade or fan interpretations. If you want a moveset done of a pre-existing character, they must utilize new stuff you came up for them
    2. There should be enough content on the page to make a moveset out of
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  • TheFazDude

    DUDE DIRECT mini

    September 2020

    It's that time again; Another Dude Direct Mini is upon us! Just like last time, there won't be any big, major reveals; Just some updates on a few projects and such. With that said, let's not waste any more time and jump right into the updates!

    In case you didn't see it already, the base roster of CrossClash is now fully complete! All fifty fighters are now in the game and have full movesets! I had a lot of fun coming up with movesets for these characters, and I hope you enjoy them as well!

    That said, there's still quite some work to do before the game's truly finished. Here's a small to-do list:

    • Add the final stages (won't take too long, I'm planning to do most, if not all, of them tomorrow)
    • Add Arcade Mode routes (…

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  • Shadow Inferno

    This is Round 3 Voting. Winners from Round 2 go against one another in this Round, 16 Games remain.

    Polling will conclude at 6PM AEST on Tuesday (~72 Hours from this blog's creation)

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  • JayOkumura

    And so, we go with Round 5! Shark's Beheaded won last round and will be added to Aftermath, while Vivi has been sadly eliminated. But anyways, let's go!

    Round 5 - I Hate You, I Love You: Create a moveset for an character from your least favorite game of all time or your least wanted character for Smash. Remember: no fourth parties!


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  • Salty Suicune


    September 24, 2020 by Salty Suicune

    Both Quote's gun, Shovel Knight's shovel, and Guppy's head can be seen on a black floor under a spotlight. There are a bunch of black familiar silhouettes in the background. The place seems to be some kind of ruins with purple walls and floor. A white speech bubble suddenly pops in.

    So, at last, you have arrived...heroes.

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