• Gold-sans mobile

    Ok so I'm making a Smash game Super Smash Bros. Dokkan and it has an original character in it named Heikin. I'm looking for someone to draw him. If you do, I'll give you full credit for it. Also if I somehow end up with more then one drawing of Heikin I'll find a way to use the image and give you credit. His robe should be red, with his shoulder pads being black. Heikin fights mainly using a staff with a jagged smash ball on its tip. He mainly casts spells like opening portals for skeleton hands to come out of or summoning fireballs that home in on enemies, Hellzone grenade style. Thank you :D

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  • Freddythecute

    thank you for 100 edits i will think to all of fantendo for me and frogive everyone thir also i like the mii update from 2043 also i like fantendo also soon fantedo ultamete custom night realse date 11 4 21

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  • Freddythecute







    titus the fox

    ardy ikeafoot





    levels best buy sotre

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  • Freddythecute

    how do you like me

    January 21, 2020 by Freddythecute

    how do you like me with memes of course

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  • SharkLord1954


    As the title says, I'm trying to put together a page. Unfortunately, I'm new here and I have no idea what the heck I'm doing. For example, how the heck am I supposed to put an image in an infobox, or... Well, I've basically halted all progress because I can't put the image in there. A guide to what colors I can use would also be nice.

    Yeah, I generally need some advice, because I'm new here and have not made a page in my life. Anyone have any tips?

    Edit: In hindsight, this was completely unneccessary. Just disregard this blog post.

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  • Pokerninja2

    Considering this site has a slew of New Super Mario Bros. games, especially during the early days, I figured it'd be fitting to have a discussion about the official titles - New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and New Super Mario Bros. U.

    How do ya'll think of them? Are they good? Are they bad? How do they compare to the rest of the series?

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  • SharkLord1954

    Well then. It appears that everyone's putting out their ideas and predictions for the next six fighters of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I guess I'll do the same. Buckle up folks, this might take a while.

    Now, without further ado, here's my predictions (In no particular order):

    One of these two. Someone from Capcom, basically. They're close enough to Nintendo to give 30+ songs to their two franchises, a Monster Hunter boss, and a continuous string of Mega Man costumes.

    On Dante's side, he's the face of the stylish action genre, the direct inspiration for Bayonetta and various other PlatinumGames creations, has four different movesets to swap between, and is big enough to appear in a metric frickton of crossovers already. It would also give us a…

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  • Freddythecute

    we have new characters hat look good like us but will we make a update with goo office and a new me 

    ME i will start at the prates cove if you dont watch the comras i will run and kill you

    thinglynothingy he willl be in your office of he is here were the mask thats will keep him out 

    Enigima  he will sent is brid at you jus close the vent if the brid is here 

    Ary lightFoot if he thors is sside kick close the door that will help 

    if he is in your office he will sent you a rost call from him and that will be bad

    he will sent a game like space infadres if you shoot he will give you points  navybolt he will be the timer he will help you if you lost all of your door power and thats bad and if he is helping you longer he will be mad and kill you   Exo…

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  • Freddythecute

    i am back

    January 19, 2020 by Freddythecute

    hello fantendoers its freddy i am back for 1 month because of blocking and nonsense like me being a bully but i am sorry for it i was just over reacting and i am sorry to fantendo i will be nice

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    I kind of feel that for most of you I'm like an unknown spirit because you've never seen me before around here. Maybe because I have been missing for a few years, time flies hahaha!

    To the people who have joined this messy universe before my vanishing: I have been user for almost 9 year, although my activity decreased to zero a few years ago, partially because of motivation and because I had to start college, I finished college and nowaday I'm an expert in whatever I'm an expert (if there is something in what I am). My activity at this page was mostly my main series, Battle of Bracelets. If you surf on the fossile pages that flood Fantendo, you may have found some of these pages, maybe some of their characters, maybe some of the games I've …

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