Luigifan98 Luigifan98 17 hours ago


Alright, I am absolutely LIVID at you all on the internet. I was browsing Twitter TODAY, when I saw this DISGUSTING twitter thread criticizing Minecraft, calling them awful things such as 'anti-consumer.' I am FURIOUS. STOP CRITICIZING COMPANIES AND CORPORATIONS.

Think about what you are saying. What if innocent workers, perhaps your favorite media creator EVER, saw these comments? What if they got DEPRESSED and maybe even COMMITED SUICIED because of these hateful comments they get everyday?

Corporations are people too, you know. I see a lot of people criticizing Disney for having a lot of money. What the fuck is wrong with you all? If anything, they should be PRAISED and CONGRATULATED for working so hard to get to that point. But know, you …

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.peachfuz .peachfuz 2 days ago

Fantendovision November 2020 - RESULTS

Hey gamers, we got results! As a note, Latvia was disqualified from the competition for not submitting their votes on time.

Congratulations to JAPAN for its second win (albeit under a different user)! Thanks everyone for playing, and see you for our December edition!


Wild Side
by ALI

B.O.B. (Bombs over Baghdad)
by OutKast

The Hounds
by The Protomen

by Fever the Ghost

Morning Glory
by Tatsuro Yamashita

Dear Wormwood
by The Oh Hellos

Please Use This Song
by Jon Lajoie

Feet Don't Fail Me Now
by Queens of the Stone Age

Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)
by Train

Bongga Ka'day
by Hotdog

by Allie Grace

by Tobu
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Bnbhfujbdtu Bnbhfujbdtu 2 days ago

If I created a Cenntenial's Dating Sim spinoff

Tell me who yo would go for, I just gotta ask.

Cenntenials: The article in refrence

Cenntenials/Story: Heres the story for personality refrences

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Bnbhfujbdtu Bnbhfujbdtu 2 days ago

So like

Someone explain to me what Math is

Wrong Answers only

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MrYokaiAndWatch902 MrYokaiAndWatch902 2 days ago

What's The Likeliness + How Cool Would A Ben 10 and Y School Heroes Crossover Be?

yes it would be normally impossible to make blogs with a question mark as a title. anyone baffled?

Okay, you may ask me why exactly I made this blog. Well, Y School Heroes and Ben 10 similarities... but mostly centering around the entire "watch" aspect. Nothing like, extreme Kevin mutants. Oh, and I also made this blog out of sheer boredom.

So let's get to the point already: Yokai Watch and Ben 10 were completely different things, but they both focused on something that goes on your wrist (or a wristwatch, if "Hero Watch" is really what the Omnitrix is) that can do something (Omnitrix, transform you into an alien, Yokai Watch, summons a Yokai or whatever it was made for. IDK, RNG for the Dream model?).

Of course, there's multiple types of Omn…

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Thepuddlecat Thepuddlecat 3 days ago

Secret Santa 2020 - Sign Ups!

Howdy everyone! As I'm writing this it's November 22nd, which means that December is right around the corner. With December comes seasonal holidays, and in particular, Christmas and Secret Santa. For anyone new to the site, we have a long-standing tradition on Fantendo to hold a Secret Santa gift-sharing event every Christmas (since 2014, if my research is correct :P). I'll essentially summarise what that's all about:

  • Each user who signs up will randomly be given the name of another user who is participating. That's your giftee, i.e. who you'll be preparing a surprise gift for!
  • Meanwhile, someone else, your Secret Santa, will prepare a gift for you!
  • Your gift can be in any form, but popular choices in the past include fan art and Steam game g…
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Luigifan98 Luigifan98 3 days ago

scene vs EMO

For far, far too long, the subcultures of Scenecore and Emocore have been fighting. We much put an end to this once and for all. Which side are YOU on, Scenecore, with it's trademark bright lights, flashing colors, and nostalgia for the late 2000s. OR Emocore, with i's signature dark, edgy themes and negativity?

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MetaNite64 MetaNite64 3 days ago

Surprise Announcement

So... it’s been quite a while since anything of importance has gone on with Mario & The Purple Wind, as I’ve been spending a ton of time working on the internal code. I really apologize for this, but this is just gonna take quite a bit of time as I push through the mess of code I wrote. The community poll thing I mentioned... holy shit, that was 2 months ago. Anyway, that poll won’t be happening until the code rewrite is done, which'll probably take a while. So, if this announcement isn’t about that project... then what’s it about?

(roll trailer)

A dark gray, abstract and chaotic pattern appears on screen. A deep voice seems to come from above, sounding somewhat alien and metallic.
Voice 1: So, you were cast out because of these... blemishes?

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TheFazDude TheFazDude 3 days ago

Project Cape Direct


Tune in this Friday, November 27th, for more news about Project Cape, including new heroes, arenas, and a special crossover event!

But first...

Voting ends November 25th

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Luigifan98 Luigifan98 4 days ago


Let's face it, Nintendo isn't doing too hot, a bunch of ungrateful, horrible, people are flaming our beloved gaming company, saying such horrible things such as saying they are 'anti-consumer,' 'transphobic,' or 'against the fans.'

I feel as though the Nintendo community needs to do better and be more positive. As such, I will be kickstarting a new hashtag: #NintendoPositivity.

Here's how it works, on Twitter, in the replies of this blog, etc. State a POSITIVE ONLY memory you had about Nintendo. It can be any memory, it just has to BE POSITIVE, NO NEGATIVITY. Afterwords, please put the hastag #NintendoPositivity somewhere on it.

Hopefully, this will make the Nintendo cvommunity a bettter place. Let's get #NintendoPositivity trending! :)


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