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Zekons Zekons 17 hours ago

Godzilla: Super Unleashed

Hello, this is an updated recreation of the original Godzilla: Unleashed made by Pipework Software, which I decided to revive and evolve into one of Zekotendo's games launched in 2022 only for the Nintendo Switch. Its gameplay has been upgraded over the original version, including switchable game controllers and different endings. The story mode in this game is a reboot of Godzilla: Unleashed, which shared minor plot aspects with the Godzilla PS4 game, but with links to earlier installment titles. Monster designs are based on each series, much like the original version, although some of them have been hybridized into one original design. Battling monsters against one other is the finest method to demonstrate to the gamers that they are hav…

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WikiaisSpy24 WikiaisSpy24 1 day ago

Rewrite this

Can someone rewrite this, i can't do it myself but i need your help, is list into a table! anybody, somebody else?

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Niarbehtdnayknip Niarbehtdnayknip 4 days ago

I am FanonFixes. Please block this account and delete all of my contributions

Hello there. A long time ago, User:FanonFixes made LOTS of FANDOM accounts, including this one. Because I am her.

I now under undergo an new identity on FANDOM, (Which I'm not going to reveal. But one thing is for sure, I don't vandalize anymore. I learned that lesson.), and I just discovered a list of all of my accounts that I ever made on the website that were still up.

So I'm going to delete them all, including this one.

I will NOT edit this wiki anymore, because I have changed since then. And I'm sending requests to the staff to delete all of these accounts I no longer use.

Oh, and one more thing. I am also User:Banned Dana. I made that account a few years ago, from the word "Bandana." I noticed prior to making the account, that even the most…

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Coral0excess Coral0excess 5 days ago

"Guess Who?" Community Characters Edition

Hey y'all!

It's time for your Fantendo History lesson - PART 5! Yes we are back!

A few years after the opening of Fantendo, things didn't get as smooth as they should have been. , the founder of the wiki, was already pretty absent, and old users started to call it the "End of Fantendo". It changed with the Nintendo 3DS. Despite no significant proof that the console release relaunched Fantendo, it is undeniable that 2011 was a year of renewal for the wiki (that will be only outclassed in 2015).

The community got stronger than ever with the creation of the first Fantendoverse but also bigger community events including the one we will talk about here: The Community Character Creation. This event consisted of a collective creative effort to design…

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 7 days ago

Coral0excess has been promoted to administrator!

Upon consensus from the staff team, has been promoted to administrator! Congratulate our newest staff member when you get a chance.

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MrYokaiAndWatch902 MrYokaiAndWatch902 10 days ago


So, you may have (less than likely) remembered that I announced Super Fantendo Smash Bros. Storm, right...? Well! Tell you what. I've actually formed part of the roster, so you get to have a sneak peek at what it's going to be like.

Aside from the inevitable question of "Your thoughts on this roster", what game franchises do you want me to represent, and which characters aren't actually free to use? I'm all up for your thoughts! You can request anything, two!

Anyways, questions to answer (or not) about not only the roster but the game.

  • I will be reusing some movesets but I'm going to get rid of the "Every fighter has a gimmick" gimmick since some gimmicks were too gimmicky.
  • Toon Link (Redux) is basically Toon Link, but he uses his own moves rat…

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Pikapatch Pikapatch 11 days ago

Somethin about Happy Home Paradise

I know this is probably the most awkward place to ask this here out of all places, but for some reason I feel nervous uploading it on the official Animal Crossing wiki (probably because I'm not at all active on there besides viewing). So today I decided to buy the DLC for New Horizons, but for some reason nothing happened besides a cute little photo of the Happy Home gang. I'm not sure if something went wrong or if it's related to island progression, so someone please tell me: How do you unlock it?

Also another thing: when we first bought the game, my brother said he'll test it out for me. Turns out, the first person to play the game is the one who manages everything on the island while the rest becomes residents and couldn't improve the to…

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Salty Suicune Salty Suicune 12 days ago

Salty's January 2022 Direct

Nintendo Direct style opening. You can see a beautiful night sky, an unidentified object comes flying at great speed. You can hear an old man's confused voice. "What is this? I’m sensing a... disturbance, the radars shut down on their own..."

Some car noises can be heard, and the object’s blurry silhouette crosses over the screen once again. "Gooigi! Hold on to anything"

Yellow text appears on the now empty screen. "Things ain’t like they were before..My life wasn’t going so great anyways… But it was still better than now. Those things, they are everywhere, I don’t know what happened there, but mushroom kingdom doesn’t seem the same, neither have I seen any Koopas lately. We all thought that red fat plumber would’ve appeared already…"

A grumpy …

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Buttermations Buttermations 13 days ago


Y'ALL REALLY THOUGHT I WAS GONE HUH?! *ahem* anyways hi i'm back!!! been workin so much on fnf n other stuff I forgot to keep active here! i might not be on as often but rest assured i am back for real this time!

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Fantendo Community Challenge - Super Mario Megapalooza

To kickstart 2022, I think what this wiki needs is a burst of activity... so... let's have an article-making challenge! Since this is the first one, I decided to choose a vanilla theme, that being of course, Super Mario. The plumber is celebrating his.. okay there's no real reason for this but everybody likes Super Mario so

  • 1 What is this challenge?
  • 2 But I wanted to make a Zelda/Kirby/Pokemon/Original etc. article!
  • 3 I haven't got the time to make an article
  • 4 Do I HAVE to take part?
  • 5 Is this cringe?
  • 6 Let's get making!
  • 7 Articles from the Super Mario Megapalooza

The rules are simple. Make your own article, about a fan-made Super Mario game, series, item, whatever. Any sub-series (Luigi's Mansion, Wario Land, etc) or spinoffs (Mario Kart, Paper Mario) …

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