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StellaStardown StellaStardown 2 hours ago

Lunchtime… 2!


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Ryan sinbela Ryan sinbela 7 hours ago

SSBSE roster mockups

I made a series of roster mockups for Super Smash Bros. Something Else by CrakaboLazy4090

Here they are

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Coral0excess Coral0excess 1 day ago

"Guess Who?" Classic Fantendo Edition (redo)

Hey guys!

It's time for your Fantendo History lesson - PART 1 (again)!

There is that was drawn by with "nearly all of the notable Fantendo protagonists. Even a few antagonists." from the Classic era of Fantendo (or Old Fantendo, or Fantendoverse, or Golden Era). I made a first History post about it (here). BUT as suspected, there were some not really notable OCs added randomly there.

So, after further research, I made a "better" selection with OCs that received at least a little amount of notoriety during the Classic era. Then, I added some colors on it because it's fun and will also help you to recognize them.

It's peak Classic Fantendo, you can recognize the OG mascots here and there. Most of them were first Nintendo Characters recolored, …

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Somebody495 Somebody495 2 days ago

Fantendo Smash Bros. The Re-Smash-Bros-ening

Hello Fantendo Users!

It's been a while since I hosted one of these, so... I'm raring to make more Fantendo Movesets.

Present to my a link to your character, or a page the character is on, and I'll try to make a Smash Bros moveset of them.

  1. They must be fanmade or fan interpretations. If you want a moveset done of a pre-existing character, they must utilize new stuff you came up for them
  2. There should be enough content on the page to make a moveset out of
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Coral0excess Coral0excess 4 days ago

Is it the End of Fantendo?

It is? It is not? Not a rant, I want your opinion on this question.

It's a tricky one because the Discord group seems (I think) pretty alive but at the same time Fantendo was first this wiki and its projects so do it count for you if Fantendo is now more of a chat group? Also, is the Discord that active, I left months ago?

I know there are new pages created basically every day but they don't seem to be as moderated, commented, or polished as much as before. I don't think new creators here feel that their projects are seen by anyone but themselves.

And you know, maybe this blog won't have any comments either... would it be proof that Fantendo is on its end?

I don't mean to go against users and this is not a new blog lamenting about the communit…

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BlazingMammoth BlazingMammoth 5 days ago


Ik I haven't been active in quite a while, but there's a part of me that still wants to edit and express ideas on this website, although there's not much I can do as 1 person, which is why I'm asking if anyone reading this would like to begin collaborating. If interested, hmu here or on Discord! (Blazing_Mammoth#5903)

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Rowdx Rowdx 5 days ago

You Don't help edit this page

Fine you not help edit page i can do it by myself Thank you for not helping Smash fans

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Rowdx Rowdx 6 days ago

Guys i need your help Super Smash Bros Fans

I try make the game super smash bros fire but i don't know how i edit so if you can help super smash bro fire you better help edit the page or in 14 days it is deleted and i have no longer be on that page @CrakaboLazy4090 @Ragtoppy @JovanniUribe07 @TheProjectXZoneFan1997

If You want join to help edit super smash bros fire. you can but you gotta help us, otherwise it is deleted In 14 Days and i have no longer be on that page. So Help us Please

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MrYokaiAndWatch902 MrYokaiAndWatch902 7 days ago

We Haven't Really Done A Community Project in a While

Title basically explains it; we haven't really had a community project as long as I remembered, excluding the Art Swap that was held earlier this week. I just wanna do a Cuphead Community Project with y'all. Anyone up for that? The reason I'm doing this is because:

  1. I want to re-motivate myself. Pretty self-explanatory. Lately, I haven't been doing much, despite constantly telling myself that I'll work on the projects I have up in store. I believe that if I set up a community project I'll be able to get some motivation and such.
  2. I yearn to meet up with community more often. This should hopefully be self-explanatory, since everybody's just moved away to Discord, and, well, let's face it: It seems as if me getting a Discord ain't gonna happen.
  3. Nobod…
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Oofasaur Oofasaur 10 days ago

What character would you like in Smash?

Answer this poll: It's fast, and takes only 1 minute. (or even less!)

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