ACNH Coley2 ACNH Coley2 22 hours ago

Galaxy of Animal Crossing art request

You may also ask for the posters of the two movies

Info: Galaxy of Animal Crossing Galaxy of Animal Crossing 2: A New Galaxy

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ACNH Coley2 ACNH Coley2 1 day ago

Letting people use my ideas!

Enter your username in the comments and 6 lucky users may use my ideas such as Galaxy of Animal Crossing. You can’t edit the pages though. This will end on 12/31/21 so you know.

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Luigifan98 Luigifan98 1 day ago

Anyone else think they should add Crona from Soul Eater into Friday Night Funkin

I really want Crona Gorgon from Soul Eater in Friday Night Funkin. Friday Night Funkin is one of my favorite games ever right now, and Crona ismy favorite character from my favorite anime ever. I think if Ninjamuffin adds Crona Gorgon into Friday Night Funkin, either as a boss or a playable charater, the popularity of the game will skyrocket. Imagine them being in the same game as Pico or Skid & Pump from Spooky Month. Anyone else agree with me? Please do

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Savingraiden Savingraiden 3 days ago

The FANDOM higher-ups do not think about the general public

Look at this crumbling badge section. Who reset the names into something boring? It's got to be one of this senile fools.

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 3 days ago

Wild Ask & Answer Blog

I don't remember the last time we had one of these (also I don't really check recent blogs that much) but let's have an Ask & Answer Blog. Pretty simple premise, in case you're not familiar, in these blogs people post questions as comments and people reply with their answers to said questions. General courtesy rules, if you're going to ask a question please also be willing to answer other people's questions and don't ask personal questions.

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Homdertalia Homdertalia 4 days ago

How would you have done the SSBU DLC

Don't question why I'm returning to the wiki to post this but I have a fun little challenge for y'all. As a certified "15 Year-Old Smash Fan with ADD", I have created a template for creating variations on the DLC released for Super Smash Bros Ultimate so far. My challenge to you guys is by using this scientifically genius template, create your ideal Fighter's Pass 1&2 (excluding the final 2 dlc characters obviously).

The Template:

  • A character from a game known for its unique visual style.
  • A character from a franchise more popular in Japan.
  • A character from a franchise more popular in the West.
  • A fighting game/beat em up rep.
  • A character from a franchise already represented in Smash (Excluding Ultimate DLC Characters).
  • A character from a franchise…
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Lumoshi Lumoshi 5 days ago

Congrats to new staff members!

Following the recent elections, , , and are now sysops, and and Lotto Havoc are now chat moderators. Congratulations!

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Tassosamu2 Tassosamu2 5 days ago



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ACNH Coley ACNH Coley 6 days ago

Character art request in the Animal Crossing series

My style of drawing. Look at my profile picture. I drew that. Also my style of drawing

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Wingletta Wingletta 6 days ago

I made something for ACNH Coley’s page. Should I put it on the page

I made this picture for the Animal Crossing: New Life page. It’s my avatar picture. Should I put it on the page?

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