• Darth Phazon

    So since my latest DirectCast is going to take me a while, I thought I'd make up for that by doing another Pokemon discussion blog; but this one would be a little different instead - usually I discuss the Pokemon themselves, but after being inspired by one of the two Poketubers I watch, I thought I'd try to do something different.

    Just like the blog says, we're gonna discuss our fanmade evil teams; whether they come from a pre-existing fangame you've done or are just on the spot doesn't matter (you're welcome to plug your games where they appear if you have one) so long as you elaborate on their motives, development history, and any important faces in their ranks, especially the leaders.

    Post yours down below, and be sure to keep things civi…

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  • KirbiMiroir

    It was inevitable. With every roast blog is a compliments blog waiting to happen.

    The title speaks for self - make an initial post, and people reply by saying nice things about you!

    The Mirror Samurai (talk) 07:38, June 16, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Galactic Gecko

    Roast others, but dont get too rude

    i swear if someone makes a compliment blog i will presonally go to your house and cancel your xbox live gold subscription 

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  • Simpson55 clone

    First of all, as you may know, in North America, Luigis Mansion 2 was renamed Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This might indicate that Luigi's Mansion 3's name will be changed as well. What do you think it could be called?

    Also, the art style in the three games seems to greatly vary. Which game has the best designs according to you?

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Sometimes whenever I go to this page, this happens:

    It's simply blank sometimes. Anyone know what's causing this?

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  • Galactic Gecko

    So, The Sequel to Breath of the Wild, aka TstTLoZBotW's trailer came out on Tuesday, and i am honestly extremely hyped for it. so, what were your thoughts, do you have any theories?


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  • .lennongrad

    Nintendo released a graphic on their twitter account with every game coming 2019 that's been announced so far, as well as the games set for 2020:

    Obviously this isn't "news" but I thought the graphic was helpful and that we could discuss. Personally I'm interested to see how many of these games everyone here is interested in. I think this is shaping up to be a great year for almost any type of Switch owned, just like they said on the Direct, although a few niches and wants may go unfulfilled.

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  • ObeseCity

    Yeah this is a more positive version of that other blog about the Direct being disappointing. And a lot more opinionated.

    Luigi’s Mansion 3 looks like a worthwhile entry. I’ve personally never been huge on the series but I think my brother is hype. And again, I’ve not been a fan, but every Luigi’s Mansion game has definitely been good. Pokémon SwSh has Nessa. Wasn’t expecting a BotW sequel but it’s certainly not an unwelcome surprise. By the looks of the trailer, I would guess they are doing a creepy sequel like Majora’s Mask. I never have to see Grotesque Steve again except ironically thanks to the biggest BTFO in Smash History. I don’t even like Banjo but that revea was satisfying. No More Heroes 3, a TRUE sequel. Let’s fucking go, boys …

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  • Kirby X-NEO

    Howdy! It's finally time I announce this here. I'm making a Plants vs. Zombies mod! It's called Paint Pack. It's purpose is to replace all the sprites in the game with horrible MS Paint versions, and replace all instruments in the soundtrack with piano. I recently uploaded a trailer on YouTube!

    Origin version: June 30th, 2019

    Steam version: July 2019

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  • SuperSm4shWarrior

    I've been noticing something about the recent images.

    Why are there so many bad Bowser, Koopaling, and Peach recolors being uploaded?

    Is this spamming? I'm sick of seeing terrible recolors in the recent images feed.

    And should we ban the uploaders for spam?

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