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Blitzkrieg (KillGames)
AGE 56
Yuki (adopted daughter)
WEAPONS Mjolnir Ultima (KG1,KGR)
Sturmfaust (KGR)
SERIES KillGames

Blitzkrieg (Known as Adam pre-reboot) is a character created by CrakaboLazy4090. He made his debut in KillGames, appearing as a major antagonist.


Adam is a cyborg with white skin, gray unkempt hair and a beard. He wears a green jacket, light brown pants, brown shoes, and a brown belt. His upper body is almost entirely mechanical, and his back is equipped with structure that are said to attract electricity.

In KillGames 2, he has a drastic design change. he is now almost fully mechanized, wearing a black jacket, and a black captain's hat with a red brim and a yellow emblem. His face is covered by a mask and he has some kind of breathing apparatus. Much of his armed is a gray, black or red color.

In KillGames: Rechained, his overall design from KillGames 2 was kept. His hat and coat are now more similar to German military officer outfits, he now wears pants and boots, as well as a large cape on his back. His mask is somewhat simplified, with his breathing apparatus now going along the back of his head.


Adam sees himself as an outcast from society for the sins he has committed in the past (accidentally killing hundreds of soldiers). He created the KillGames as a way to find people who he could relate to, that is people who are willing to kill as many people as he can, which is how he created a pretty good friendship with Soul and why he wanted Yuki to train to become a powerful fighter. Other than that, he is gruff and even somewhat cheerful, enjoying a good fight and always wishing to entertain his viewers.

In KillGames: Rechained, he is portrayed in a much more antagonistic role. He is more sadistic and bloodthirsty, showing little to no care for the well-being of others, unless they benefit him or the KillGames. Notably in this portrayal he is much more cruel towards Yuki, being responsible for her experimentation and the murder of all of her friends.



Adam is the creator and owner of the KillGames. He is a former war general, who went insane after he killed hundreds of soldiers in a powerful electric blast. He found himself in Neo York City and set up the KillGames, in order to find people who were willing to kill just like he did many years ago.


Adam makes his first appearance in Chapter 2 of Redge's story. It's revealed here that he is Yuki's adoptive dad, watching her and being angry that she isn't killing anyone. This prompts Soul to put a bounty on the three.

Adam is seen until the Final Chapter, where he fights against the final opponent (either Redge or Storm depending on the player's choice). Adam is defeated, and the character is crowned the champion of the KillGames. Adam walks away, but Yuki catches up to him. Though Adam tries to push Yuki away, Yuki persists, hoping to show that she knows that she forgives Adam for what he did. Adam smiles, happy that his daughter loves her. When Soul attempts to assassinate Yuki, he decides to sacrifice himself. Though he dies, he dies happy knowing that Yuki is still alive.


Adam is equipped with incredible strength from his cyborg body. His most powerful ability is Mjolnir Ultima, a device housed in his mechanical body that allows him to summon and manipulate thunder.

In KillGames: Rechained, this weapon is replaced with Sturmfaust, two electric turbines that are attached to his arms, allowing him to fire wind and tornadoes, as well as thunder.


Canon Appearances


Adam appears as a playable character in 2019's KillGames. He appears as the final boss in Arcade Mode.

KillGames 2

Adam appears as a playable character in 2020's KillGames 2, working for the A.K.A.

KillGames: Rechained

Blitzkrieg appears as a playable character in KillGames: Rechained. He appears as the game's sub-boss, and as one of the three unlockable characters.

Non-Canon Appearances

Erictom333's Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat

Adam appears in 2027's (real timeline 2020) Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat as a boss.

No Man's Timeline

Adam was planned to appear as a playable character in 2020's canceled No Man's Timeline.

Ultimate Showdown


AKA Adam

Adam was added as a DLC character in November 2021 to Lunatic Entertainment's 2010 battle royale game, Ultimate Showdown. Here he appears as a multiclass character as a Brute + Elementalist (Lightning) + Diehard. When selected he will begin the game in his original KillGame appearance and has his attacks seen in the canonical series. When killed he is treated like a Slasher character: The controlling player will be immediately taken back to the Character Select screen but will be able to select the newly-unlocked version of the character, AKA Adam. The player who was controlling him has first choice in returning as the character again though if they do not choose to use him, he will be available for all other players.


Official Art


  • Adam's design is inspired by Max from Anarchy Reigns.
  • His reboot counterpart was primarily inspired by M. Bison from Street Fighter, as well as Von Twirlenkiller from MadWorld. In fact the creators ended up using the latter's signature weapon and giving it to Blitzkrieg, simply because they thought it was such an awesome weapon concept.
  • Blitzkrieg was one of the characters that was renamed in the reboot. The creators felt that Adam was a bit of a silly name for a main villain, and so they decided to change it to Blitzkrieg because:
    • They felt the name was cool as it means "lightning war".
    • It fit with his German heritage in the reboot.